130 mm mUlTiPlE RoCkEt lAuNcHeR (War Thunder 1.83 MEME MACHINE)

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130 mm mUlTiPlE RoCkEt lAuNcHeR (War Thunder 1.83 MEME MACHINE)


  1. Ok, I am legit excited for this vehicle now. I honestly thought it would be tougher to use, but seems like you can still be a productive combatant. Plus, it just looks like a ton of fun to use which is the most important thing !!!

  2. So, when do I get my BM21 Grad, I want my glorious soviet Rocketruck memes

  3. It’s all fun and games till you need to reload the stupid thing!

  4. Also, they Do use the MRLS for Urban combat. In Soviet doctrine, the doctrine for MRLS use is to park it about 15-20 Kilometers away from Urban Area, and then proceed to remove Urban Area

  5. please,challenge to take down 3 aircrafts with the most SPAA: Crusader AA MK2, attempt #2

  6. koomrade ply shilika again

  7. Artillery only

  8. Challenge time phly use hs 129 b3 in air realistic using only the main cannon. Attempt #12

  9. IcedVenom Nightcore

    Just move it to rank V and it would be fine when it goes half-off.

  10. Nothing beats Russian bias katyusha is better

  11. it’s a fucking mlrs like the katyusha. Not meant to be used as a MBT

  12. Oh japan, what are you doing?

  13. learn the range to enemy spawn and then just dump rockets. see if you can get a kill that way,

  14. Not gonna lie, I thought it was a mod from the thumbnail

  15. Combo request atempt #32!! do the do the su 5-1and mig-17

  16. Now i don’t mean to be that guy, but please don’t make half of your video the instant skip part and just get on to the gameplay…. please

  17. Ok seriously how does he have more eagles than lions

  18. Type 75 vs bombers, planes, and or helis?

  19. Why ya’ll hate the Abrams?

  20. BM-8-24: You see Bt-5 that’s my great grandson

  21. Try making raindrop…?

  22. Funny when an arty can call in arty.

  23. They need to add a “conquer the city” mode or objective where artillery units have the job of destroying HQs, Airfields, and strategic positions. This would make these vehicles far more effective in game.

  24. 4ichpich

    katyuschka looks so modern

  25. So basicly a high tier panzerwerfer 42 😀

  26. Illuminatusgod garay

    Is it me, or does holy sound like woody from toys story at 9:11

  27. M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System the one and only real MLRS 😉 .

  28. Demon if the River Styx

    Play Hostile Skies in roblox! It’s just a War Thunder ripoff. But i enjoyed it. Attempt #1

  29. Gaijin needs to add range markers to rocket vehicles in arcade like tanks have, and change the sights for them so you can aim using elevation in rb.
    Kinda ruins it for me since I play rb most of the time.

  30. Phly out the IAR-81C and show those low-tiers the might of the MG 151/20mms. Attempt #26

  31. do you like pain
    do you like suffering
    play the late pz3s J1, L, M at their own tier

  32. Stop using the aLtErNaTiNg CaSe MeMe it’s dead

  33. Modernized Hwacha. Lmao


    is it MLRS or MRLS?

  35. 00:05 Allahu Akbar

  36. I wonder if they’ll ever give rocket artillery artillery type gameplay. have it so you aim with the artillery map. would be interesting

  37. 4:25 “katyusha modernized” be like

  38. feels like a big tank shotgun xD

  39. MN Gaming & Tutorials


  40. MN Gaming & Tutorials


    Gaijin: **TRIGGERED**

  41. Phly sounds like Woody from Toy Story whenever he says why.

  42. あたご あたご

    Why Japanese people!?

  43. MN Gaming & Tutorials

    Special spawnpoint for like spaa, heavy tank, light tank, mlrs, like they have for helicopters

  44. I wish they had the land cruiser p1000 Ratte in the next April fouls.

  45. *very honorable intensifies*

  46. looking forward for the add of BM-21:)

  47. Wh40K whirlwind confirmed

  48. @PhlyDaily:
    Now just think how much more deadly this thing would be: loaded with ATGM’s!!!???!!! *_>:)_*

  49. Hey is the no rp cap live now in 1.82 or is it coming in 1.83???

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