13,000 DAMAGE – World of Tanks

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  1. You need a script to read the tank’s speed, then apply some EV sounds as part of your commentary. Just as some wholesome replacement audio

  2. All the TVP had to do was sit at the back of the map to win the game

  3. 0:38 with regards to views

  4. Would be curious if you could create an alt parallel universe and switch out the T110E3 to see if the playing as a Badger, Jg Pz E100 or how an Obj 268 fairs.

    I feel mobility plays an important part of combat and the 110E3, though a fine tank, there are more agile tanks. Maybe the armour matters? Because the 110E3 at least absorbed over 1x of its own health. Which means the 110E3 is better for having armour AND mobility? (That an Jg Pz E100 or Obj 268 would have been eaten alive before dealing anything near 13k damage)

  5. What a disgusting p2w player. There is literally no need to load full gold. This is just pathetic. Not much skill involved in this game, just holding down the 2 key. What a loser.

  6. Caliban sucks though, especially against anything with armor. stupid long reload and stupid low accuracy paired with stupid long aim time. paired with HE nerf

  7. “A surprising low roll there against the Chieftain” – nope, not surprising at all. Not to me at least. People be one shotting me when my HP was way above their average damage roll and I constantly low roll (like disgustingly low roll) when I need to finish off an enemy that’s WELL BELOW my average damage roll. I have a folder full of replay clips (about 100 of them) where I consistently leave my enemies within 1-10HP, so they can f*ck me up for an extra few seconds. Sometimes I even lose my tank because of such low rolls. You low roll and they high roll you and you go back to the garage. I can’t be the only one. RNG in this game is simply too rigged, it’s not even RNG at this point.

  8. Realy, your now posting replays of pure gold shells only. If this was done with normal rounds i would be proud…

  9. If only that TVP has a brain this would have been a lost for the E3. If he would have came from behind when fighting the JP E100 and STRV it would have been over for him.

  10. All prem? Nope, not watching QB. Find better replays.

  11. What really impressed me was the amount of high rolls

  12. that strv though xD what a gamer

  13. No third mark for 13 k damage ???

  14. Always gold spammer and premium consumables in this kind of replay.


  16. irrelevant. thats what this video is. any noob can do freaking lot amount of damage with gold ammo. let me see someone who is not “cheating”d

  17. Impressive result, but agame of hardly penetrable TD shooting only gold is boring. One of few videos I didn’t enjoy. But the most of others are great. Amazing job QB, thanks for that.

  18. The tvp could have run

  19. Zero the Wanderer

    There’s a lot more people who could get much higher damage games if they loaded nothing but premium. Yeah it’s a lot of damage but the skill was loaded.

    • much higher than 13k? lol what? Try finding one where gold is not shot, you wont find one…

    • Zero the Wanderer

      @Janis Karklins I’m not talking about higher than 13k, I’m talking about games that ended at 6k, 8k, etc. If the shots they bounced were standard ammo, they may have penned with premium ammo, ergo higher damage totals.
      I’m also not saying premium cannot be fired, but from loadouts like 45/45/10 instead of 0/94/6.

    • @Zero the Wanderer alright I get what you are saying, long term there is no denying that gold will increase dpg and winrate, but in this particular replay, you say skill was loaded, like billion of other comments, but there wasnt single shot which have not been a peneteration if he fired 100% ap.


  21. I hate the Assault game mode, too many games where people don’t push if they are attacking, or if they are defending they all go 1 side leaving the other wide open.
    I’ve turned it off in the game settings.

  22. dont like full gold type players

  23. I give thanks to WOT I have 3mill silver just from being a user at tier 4. My account is old. I play on Xbox but on pc on my pc account im near QB.

  24. then enemy aren’t trying to advance they are holding the line given the type of battle it is, his first shot was also a ghost one

  25. Enemy team was just STUPID!!! The TVP as last player JUST needed to go into the field and HIDE!!! Dumbass

  26. @QuickyBaby
    Have you ever thought about going over to console again and make a video, especially after cold war has been out for a while

  27. I call them Chea(f)tins. Nice game for the E3.

  28. shit game

  29. That was a crazy game.

  30. I off my engine sound effect so I can hear six sense better

  31. All gold rounds in a t10 td… They don’t deserve to be featured on the channel. Scummy scum scum scum. Those type of players are the reason why a lot of people hate the game and especially playing in tier 10 now.

  32. Thank you for clarifying your criteria on the tanks.

  33. Oh look almost 100% gold load out. number 1 reason this game is a joke

  34. Gold spamming pig E3

  35. Γιάννης Κουρουμίδης

    8 km/h backwards is my opinion of the T110E3

  36. Full gold, not watching this one, thx.

  37. QB, watch and learn! Damage above 10k 🙂

  38. That expression “like a deer in the headlights” should now be rephrased “like a TVP in a E3 headlights” lol

  39. I have a question about the E100 if anyone can help me out with this. Yesterday ive been playing the game on ps4 (been doing so for 5 years) and I saw a E100 from my team doing INCREDIBLE reload time. It was like 4 seconds ! How on earth is this possible !? Did the person managed to hack the console version or something ? Some type of swapping ammo hack ?
    I have the E100 and my reload time is like 15. something.

  40. QB, make WG add Peregrine style optional instead of permanent

  41. A bug that the wz doesn’t earn bonds or bp? Nah, it’s a lazy copy and they forgot to check. Like they did with the Consalo.

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