1,320 Alpha MEGA AUTOLOADER | World of Tanks Kranvagn Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks Kranvagn Epic Gameplay. World of Tanks Kranvagn, Tier 10 Swedish Heavy Tank, Best Heavy Tank in World of Tanks or The Best Autoreloading Tank?

Alright, let me tell you something… This tank is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and today I am going to play with it.. Am I able to get 10,000 Damage!?

Enjoy the show!


  1. Grudge is correct Dez.

  2. 1:00 Japanese Tanks Like 🥺

  3. 👍💪

  4. 2:50 I did that!


  5. Que Groso!! Dez speaking spanish!!

    Greetings from Argentina

    PS: “Groso” in Argentinian dialect is “Awesome”

  6. Botond Csörsz Fekete

    I tried it on test server a couple days ago and I got almost 6K damage wich is huge for me because I am a newer player. On the regular server my top damage is 4.5K. Maybe the next line will be this

  7. 0:39 If you aren’t going Rasha’n, you are doing in wrong. Too good xD

  8. Does anyone know how to penetrate a hull down kranvagn?

  9. black market is gonna come when i waste 5 million credits i bet, should i take one for the team?

  10. dez pls make a buffed guard video

  11. this tank for me has shown me the best rng. i average damage per penned shot (that isnt a kill) 468!
    Turret is amazing, i have 1 singel heat clip loaded which i never use (unless i ran out of normal ammo. (i carry it for type 5 or similar, but still end using ap).

    Biggest minus of the tank is it really cant sidescrape and artas can deal even more than 600 from a splash. But in general it is one of the better nalanced strong but also weak non-op tanks and i love it.
    It has the potential to give u 1/3 over 4.5k damage
    and 2/3 good games.
    and the above is for me (with pretty average statistics, 1500wn8)

  12. YESSIR!

  13. All the way at tier 10……

  14. Awesome battles and video Dez. But you have to admit that AEG commander helped you. 😛

  15. I am grinding for kranvagn because the turret can bounce everything except artillery…
    Also dem Swedish commanders in the Swedish tank 🙂

  16. Damn nice score, I have 9,5k dmg as a record at Obj 268 v4

  17. Me: _I see 3 guns_
    Also me: _[Annihilator flashbacks]_

  18. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    AEG commander on Kran, i see what you did there Dez lol

  19. I have the AEG guys in my T9 Polish medium. Their voice overs are a lot of fun and I play the tank mainly to hear them.

  20. I finally left this pay to win trash

  21. do love my swedish tanks though it is interesting how alot of streamers well the one’s i have seen how they seem to hate these tanks it is almost like they don’t know how to play them 😛

  22. All it needs is Russian armor and it’s a meta tank

  23. No one likes any of the chinese tanks though =/.

  24. I also like Swedish tank I have all of 3 tank of Swedish

  25. And you have aeg on sweed tank i see that as absolute win

  26. 6:35 Ah yes, the global language of “London” XD

  27. Tanks like this make me wish i could mount as many things as i wanted. It’s so fun to play. Also wish i could afford mounting food every battle

  28. I love the Swedish tech tree. Had fun grinding it to Emil I (unless 3 arty game) and Udes 16.

  29. I have Kran unlocked, but i am keeping Emil 2 because its more fun to have “Kran” in tier 9, and while Marathon its one of best tanks to play

  30. They seriously need to bring the T-57 heavy back into competitive standing with monsters like this. It’s slow, has shit armor, and only a mediocre gun. It needs its turret seriously hardened, or it needs a lot more accuracy on its gun to be a solid second line support vehicle. Because, right now, it’s outrun and outgunned by the 50B, and can’t do anything hull down whatsoever because its turret is butter.

  31. I have both, and I prefer the T57 Heavy hands down.

  32. Well I got my E100 yesterday and I tried to do t55a missions but OOOOOOOOF it’s just so slow and everything goes through the turret even when I angle it 🙁 so imma go ahead for another heavy…but should I go for 60tp, Kranvagen, st II or IS4 ?

  33. Its funny to watch this video with auto generated caption, kranvagn is translated as “crown one” or “grandma” 🙂

  34. I have kran, I love kran, I recommend everyone to try kran.

  35. @Dezgames: if you go to the position you were at 10:38 from the start you have full control and can peek the ridge without the guys on the edge shooting you. Do it only without arty in game ofcourse…. nice game!!

  36. Best autoloader it loads so fast and armour is so good i even bounced jpanzer HEAT many times

  37. why the enemy team is purple not red?

  38. CrazyTactics / Dave

    Nice free equipment. Instead of selling destroy it instead hehehe.

  39. thank lord for this video, im playing the emil 2 and im really enjoying it, i cant wait to unlock that sexy kranvagn thx dez

  40. german tech tree not mentioned 😀 some things stays the same in wot 😛

  41. The fact, that AEG is in his Kran is epic

  42. The second game just showed, how awesome games can be in wot, when there is no arty in the match. It took almost 8 minutes, until the game was decided. Usually with arty on that map, 3 minutes and gg. For such a long time it was 0:0 or just 1 or two dead tanks on both sides and everyone was doing something.

  43. Hi Dez. there is no Czech line in the game, but a Czechoslovak line

  44. You’ve gotta put the subtitles on there’s some great words coming out

  45. is all chat still turned off in game because the community was too toxic?

  46. I grinded Krangvan before the buff, so I quit after Emil 2. But now when its buffed… I think I get one to.


  48. I don’t even own the tank yet, but in a rental I got my highest dmg game yet at 8.5k… cannot wait for it.

  49. that cammo is very nice, i missed that one completelly “:D

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