14.08.2015 Q&A

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Source: Rita Sobral

Here it is:

– Q: “I got chatbanned and that’s why I don’t play WoT!” A (Storm): “Then don’t write in chat. I never do.”
– Contrary to popular belief WG mapmakers actually do play WoT;
– Patch 9.10 has a bug: players quitting battle when killed but with the battle not over are getting punished as if they did quit battle prematurely, this will be fixed;
– Artillery being stuck for very long time in Domination queue is not a bug;
– There is a new garage tutorial but it is only for newbies;
– AMD graphic cards have issues on standard graphic settings in 9.10, this will be fixed;
– Some players are not happy about the new 9.10 loading screens (too cluttered with info), according to Storm the screens are fine;
– It’s possible the new loading screens will be optional but it’s also possible they will be removed altogether or enabled only for players with less than 1000 battles or even left as they are;
– Equipment window does not have functional scrolling, this is a bug that will be fixed;
– The exact explanation of new tier limits for maps will be given as the patch comes closer (on Tuesday);
– The map limits were implemented to make the game learning process easier for newbies;
– Tier 6 vehicles will “have almost all the maps available”;
– The 9.10 test is functional even though it takes place during x5 period on RU server;
– Artillery will apparently be able to play Domination in 9.10 but Storm thinks it wont be viable anyway;
– Players are complaining that in HD the T110E5 armor is worse than in 9.9 (especially the cupola penetration), Storm states that it’s the same – or actually even a bit better: in 9.9 it was 241 to 247mm thick, in 9.10 it’s 259 to 265mm;
– Some players pointed out that in gamemodels3d the Japanese tanks have 0mm areas where the driver’s viewport is located. This is not a bug – the 0mm viewport is there so it can be damaged but there is regular armor behind it;
– The “fight to the last” (“Rampage”) modes are considered “endgame content” and are intended for tier 10’s;
– Chieftain and Action X will come “until the end of the year”;
– Tier 8+ vehicles will be playing on all maps except for Mittengard and Widepark;
– Storm confirms that WG is already supertesting circular render range;
– M48A2/T54E2/T123E6 is really a name for ONE tank;
– 9.10 test M6A2E1 model and armor is the final version;
– Ingame M46 Patton does not have M47 turret but T42 turret;
– HD models released in 9.0 and 9.1 are incorrect and will have to be fixed.

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