14 KILLS in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today ALEKLOZANOV will show you the power of the Vz. 55 in World of Tanks trying to obliterate nearly the entirety of the enemy team!



  1. _It truly is one of those_

  2. I’d jump into the water as the last tank because I’m a bitch

  3. How about the arty being a team player trying to help him get the 14.

  4. Here you can see the game is all about “gold shells” and skill comes later. Kinda sucks that isnt pointed out.

  5. I got 14 kills but it was in the Loltraktor so no medlas for me 🙁

  6. Justice to the German Tier 8 🙂 QB, you deserve a Community Contributor medal for carrying WoT community, thank you as always

  7. Ok ill go out on a limb and say it. Not impressed. Enemy team were trash as well as his own team. and 10k damage in a 14 kill game is actually quite low. But he did more than I have ever managed so Kudos.

  8. Well he waited until 2 Tanks died(tvp one of them at the start) he could hold them back this play i find it selfish for damages at it would bother me

  9. And henceforth the VZ shall be known as “The Bish-Bosh-Tank”

  10. Imagine if the last 2 enemy tanks we petty, and just jumped off the cliff so that Alek couldn’t get the 14 kills for the medal. I was actually scared when the Samoa was unspotted after the arty was killed, I thought they decided to go for a swim.

  11. I like how the longer the game goes on the more op the tanks get

  12. Yahh gg but all Gold loadout, that’s just a shame ! It just encourages new players to do the same. I’m putting gameplays with good results on he’s webside eith no gold fierend, but he is showing only unicorns with gold spam.

  13. I’m heading up the czech tree this christmas

  14. Mm the sexiest tank in the game too

  15. Bravo 🇧🇬💪 Lozanov and thank you QB for the entertaining commentary .

  16. This is like the yoh in blitz, 2 shot autoloader are a really strong meta both wot blitz and pc

  17. They keep referring to the player as “they”. Its confusing

  18. I just move on if I find an enemy fully loaded with gold but oh man thats really how someone ruins my game. Not spg’s. Sweat sweaty…

  19. @4:25, I dont think the kitty II not being fully upgraded is a problem. Like maybe they just picked up this tank and trying to grind through hell

  20. I saw this replay already have the same set up on my vz 55 i always watch out for Damage videos for vz 55 to get better . I have had 8k damage with 4 kills in random battle but never recorded it and i have one game in a clan wars recorded 7126 damage and 6 kills vs vet clan wars players .

  21. Notice these days that tier X always has these total team collapses on flanks. If this guy didn’t get those kills, the enemy would have absolutely sweeped. So common these days in tier X

  22. I thought this was same game as skill’s 14 kills that he replayed couple days ago.

  23. not excited with 98% gold rounds carried 😛

  24. oh that tank looks like my tank on war thunder the T-55AM1

  25. the most kills ive gotten was only 9, in the tier 2 Pz 38H 735, waaaaay back when it dominated low tiers.

  26. t10 vs t8 and t9.. sure rng.

  27. “The one that everyone wants!”

  28. Complaints Department

    Gold spammer. Thanks, I’ll pass on watching the video.

  29. This was quite possibly the easiest Raseiniai Hero’s medal I think I’ve ever seen. Full premium loadout, idiot enemies (and even worse teammates), good map. Absolutely disgusting. This kind of result wouldn’t have been possible 3-4 years ago. GG

  30. Presently playing lower tier, but learning to improve. Tanks, ha,ha.

  31. Great battle and commentary. Ty, QB

  32. Not very thrilled with this game. Overpowered tank with only premium ammo in a top tier game. 14 kills is still impressive but meh.

  33. Heh try doing that in a tier 10 game

  34. Just goes to show that in WoT Pay To Win Pays.

  35. Also better CPM. 😛

  36. Showed good tactical awareness but being Tier + 2 and full premium shell loadout made it less difficult.

  37. I really respect. Quickybaby, the simple fact that he shows some of his LOSING ,gameplay videos.?😎👍 and doesn’t. always Pick pick all his best content? as many youtube wot gamers , seem to think that they. have to win, everything going.?quickybaby knows how to lose and is a real gentleman ,😎👍

  38. full gold ammo vs tier 8…

  39. Origami Paper Planes And Tanks

    14:20 I got one before with the KV1.

    in wot blitz

  40. yes, I have seen a fair few Raseiniai replays QB, not the least on here this very channel 😀 and I got mine, well two actually I think, one in the old school D.W.2 and the other in Vk 45.03 which was just as epic as this game, might I add 😀

  41. dddd

  42. Just an average guy

    Trying to build up the suspense is a bit wasted when the thumbnail tells you the final number of kills!

  43. great game and great gold spamm

  44. Auto aim is superior in situation like this, because it centers your crosshair at the dead center of a target. This results in RNG having less chance to miss completely. It is actually a superior method in engaging long range targets which are not moving.

  45. why do you keep undervaluing yourself? 🙁 I absolutely love your commentaries, I don’t even play anymore, but still love to watch your videos almost daily, like a series. Can’t even imagine the “world of tanks part of my life” without you! This is my favorite season of the year, daily QB videos haha.

  46. Um…there are 4 marks on his barrel at the end close-up…would that be his 5th mark, or do they always paint extra marks on barrels to instill fear in opponents?

  47. gosh tf is that

  48. Yeah, OP tank and Gold ammo… GG

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