1,400 ALPHA or NO ALPHA! ⛔ | World of Tanks JagdPanzer E-100 Full HE

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks JagdPanzer Gameplay, Full HE Gameplay. World of Tanks The Best, Most Dangerous Tier 10 Tank Destroyer E-100, With Highest Damage.

Today I am going to play with full high-explosive E-100, meaning I am only carrying HE-shells. I have actually not played with it since HE was reworked… So let’s find out how useful or useless it is! 🙂 Also, going to finally announce all the giveaway winners from my giveaways hosted in October.

Enjoy the show!


  1. RIP JPZ E-100 and Foch 155 with full HE load-out. 🙂 Anyway, let me know what kind of MEMES would you like to see next time! 😉
    Also, congrats to all the winners and stay tuned for MANY more giveaways! 😉

  2. Now I want to get that TD…

  3. I’ve only played the Foch 155 with the 3 750 alpha rounds full HE.

  4. This video is exactly why i stopped playing, 0-15/3-15 games. Full gold spam and doing 0 dmg to ebr’s. Only the chieftain and 279e missed in this video

  5. I don’t know Why i even try to participate at a giveway. O always win a shit. IT was ok if you recorded the guys who just win. How i know you didn’t have some fake account and write The Name of them just to save money

  6. I stopped playing WoT since the HE rework

  7. That thing is useless with HE now since the nerf, hell even the HESH is jacked on the bigger TDS thanks to the changes.

  8. HE are useless now. Stupid WG… Completely not needed change. Made HE unplayable .

  9. would love to see you do this in the obj 268 DezGamez full HE and see what you can do

  10. I hate the new HE shells. So many 0 dmg shots. Just imagine putting a grenade in your mouth, pulling out the pin, it explodes and doesn’t even leave a scratch! Yeah, welcome to WoT new HE!!! Lol

  11. TX Russian TD obj 268 or Czech TVP T 50/51

  12. Well gratz to the winners, maybe i win next time.

  13. it’s a Jagdpanzer HE-100 now

  14. WalletGaming killed poorman’s gold….HE

  15. Congrats to all participants!!

  16. Wargaming ruined this game. HE blows up on impact!! Done nothing but introduce money grab after money grab. No real rewards for playing the game or being around since the beginning. Wargaming has literally become a joke. This game needs to die.

  17. 3:16 Why everyone hates EBRs in a nutshell

  18. Gun mental? Dudeeee metal.

  19. Sick of EBR’s absorbing big rounds. The sheer kinetic force would split that ferrari open like a tin can in real life!
    You think steel rims that are 50mm thick will absorb that? Wg fix it!

  20. Ensk map be like: 00:50 minutes and game over

  21. Did you make credits towards the bully goal Dez? 😀

  22. Epic shot on that EBR!

  23. Simply beautiful

  24. Thanks for the chance to Win on YouTube

  25. Hi Dez!! Greatings from Lisbon!! And thanks for the 2.5K gold just see my Nick on the list and i have just accepted it!! Thanks for every thing men!! We love your work men!
    About the game-play today …
    Welcome to WG’s HE F*k Fest!!! The biggest Imprevisible Rolercoaster of RNG ever made by the Humankind… If it was dificult to predict how HE worked before try to understand it now…

  26. Dez, it’s the little things in life. Like hitting a wheelie on the run from distance 🙂 Fun video.

  27. So fucking painful..damnit wargaming the one thing that was actually good in this game was the HE. The ability to guarantee damage but less damage (very helpful to have HE on your American 155s) is nice for heavy targets, especially tracking..light targets are fun of course.

  28. With the caliber of this gun, EBRs should be obliterated even by a glancing blow just by the amount of energy that smashes into it. Gg WG… 🤦

  29. I believe I dealt less damage using HE only in my Deathstar XD

  30. After the HE rework I had a match with my Deathstar where I did more ramming damage than with the gun.

  31. The invincible rubber wheels are such BS. That shell should rip an ebr in half!

  32. 😂 Holy s…. S….. 🤣😂

  33. “Holy shnugget “ lmao 😂

  34. Sad me not winning lol

  35. Good job to Wargaming, ruining the JP HE-100.

  36. Day 95 still waiting for meme review 🙃

  37. Hey Dez. Many thanks for the giveaway, I couldn’t believe that I’ve won. I’m from Germany and the email I received was in English. You got a gift… Realy? Nice fake. But suddenly I realize that it’s true. I won! That feeling was awesome. Thanks again. MrGSi

  38. I have buyers remorse getting the JPZ E-100 and the FV40000000002, used to be monsters and HE nerf killed them

  39. Moureau Pierre-Olvier

    OMG I won! I finally won something in the giveaways!! I never thought it would happen!!! Thank you so much for this amazing month Dez, we love you all!!! To the others, keep participating and keep believe, luck always happens when you think about it the least ^^

  40. Like the EBRs were not powerful enough before the HE change.

  41. Deam, i never win anything

  42. Congrats to the winners…that was epic October but still no reward for me (and the rest of the guys) 🙁 🙁 🙁 anyway, gg 🙂

  43. That FV was pretty mad lol 🙂

  44. Big problem is 0 dmg with he and hesh and biggest cr.p is that you with fv hit a medium tank on side, one shot it and you don`t do anything to any crew or modules!!!! What wg made from that is pure rubbish and campaign missions wasn`t change…..they change all but missions nooooooo stupid wg cunts.

  45. It all started with crying cause of arty, they all wanted to sit in some hole with op tank on hull down and cry cry cry why arty demolish them! Now all nerfed and still you see t95,60tp,e100 etc. behind jerking to each other and do nothing in battle!!!!!!!

  46. Dez, you should play with a fully tricked out churchill III, its basically an infinte autoloader

  47. Thanks Dez for the 5k gold , how about adding battle hits mod , would love to see where you first shot landed on EBR to zero damage
    love your channel 🙂

  48. BanjaLukaEasy8 here! 🙂
    Love your videos and keep it up, I was actually surprised when I saw myself on the list.
    That EBR shot man, I was like.. seems like EBR has more armor then maus.
    Btw thanks for the gift !

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