14,000 Damage in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today Knur__Kryminalista is going steal the show in driving their E 100 to whole levels of EPIC! Check it out!



  1. How he connects those ill aimed snap shots is insane. Me I miss fully aimed shots on a leopard, let alone t32’s weak spots

  2. Sr.Leôncio Almeida


  3. Haha Skill made a video of this same replay xD

  4. Knur in Polish means a boar/pig do we know where this player is from? Hahaha anyway, cool game and cool video, thx qb

  5. Spoiler: E100 loses and the Tornvagn wins

  6. Finally a miss after all 3:26

  7. Dude someone has been broadcasting your twitch streams live on YouTube

  8. Luckiest tornvagn ever

  9. This game shows full well how much of a joke RNG is in WOT

  10. Imperial lockdown

    Is the the one with kajjo

  11. Skill4ltu showed this replay in a matchcut between the Thornvagen and the E100, very entertaining too!

  12. We even see his shots miss but targets still got damaged, like wtf is this shooting. Unreal luck with hitting weakpoints.
    Still well played.

    • @chems explained it well in one of his vids.
      The game is trying to mitigate the effect of lag. If you fire at a moving target, connection latency may delay the firing of the shot by, let’s say, 100ms. In that time, the tank could move just enough for the shot to miss. So the server will use the tank’s position from 100ms before the ‘fire’ ping calculate damage.

      The game will still show the shot fire 100ms late and miss but the actual outcome of the shot will as if there wasn’t any lag.

    • @Thot Slayer 420 W

  13. … a tier 10 super heavy shooting tier 8 tanks.. o ya real skill. if it was a all tier 10 would have turned out different.

  14. 2 fires, an ammo rack and it feels like almost every shot went straight. that was insane rng but still well played

  15. God I am from Poland and this name this name is beautiful XD

  16. 2:21 wtf is this rigged shot

  17. Wow the roles have finally reversed, used to seeing replays in your content before Claus’s

  18. MuhammadAli Uppal

    I was actually surprised to see only a single mark, during the battle. That guy’s a monster. How has not already gotten 3 marks?

    • his rng is a monster*

    • i really wonder what it’s like to live with your brain if you see this guy play and think he’s good at the game lol

    • MuhammadAli Uppal

      @ghrutz Except the end, he made good decisions. Enough to indicate that he is actually good. Yeah he had some luck going on in there too. But that doesn’t make him an average player either. Why is it so hard for you to accept?


    *8:26:21** Can we just take a minute to appreciate how many time and passion she placed on the video!?*
    *It’s great, and I think they deserve much more than that*

  20. guy plays so slow, like he’s drunk lmfao. how can you play the e100 so much yet be so bad at angling its armor? he hits every shot 10% aimed with premium rounds, truly a showcase of skill this replay was

    edit: and then he doesnt even fully aim the game-winning shot…

  21. About that Tornvagn, you know what they say: “every villain is the hero of their owna story”

  22. No sympathy, he lost the game for everyone

  23. That Tornvagn player should buy a lottery ticket, those bounces were filthy.

  24. Skill4ltu made a better video on this battle with a 2nd angle view.

  25. Κωνσταντινος Κωνσταντινιδης

    well, i am going to be the black sheep but its ok for me. Every one can get 14.000 damage if you pay some money to the boost rigged companys.
    Let me know if you need the link.
    P.S. I love war gaming 😉

  26. That’s a heck of retarded enemies like the 430U LMAO.

  27. Tier 10 tanks spamming premium in tier 8 games.. come on man :/

  28. “Remind yourself that overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer.”

  29. Unlike the JP replay, this one doesn’t seem rigged

  30. last 3 shots was were throws

  31. A very fitting quote from Ace Combat for this particular video,

  32. Clearly a good player with some serious luck

  33. Am i the only who enjoy gr tr?

  34. have the vid paused then u got on 2:22 the hell was that shell

  35. I’ll never forget my greatest game it was proll one 7 years ago on console I had the kv1 in a tier 5 game and was able to get 14 kills the last few minutes was a 2v13 with just me and arty I had the I think its the 57zip gun and had the game of my life and my arty was doing a ok job but it was on a heavy city town was amazing tho

  36. Ouch, I think I’d rage-quit if that happened to me.

  37. That tank destroyer was terrible lol

  38. German WoT YTer and streamer MouzAkrobat recently made a video where he (correctly) stated that the only reliable constant in a random battle are you, the player. As soon as you die because you threw your tank away in a misguided fit of “heroism”, protecting your “comrades-at-arms”, you’re essentially leaving the outcome of a battle to exactly those comrades.

    An observant E-100 player would have noticed that it is not normal to have 13k damage, and from this alone, he should have concluded that his team has to suck hard. Therefore, getting knocked out by the Tornvagn player (the secret hero of this game) by coming around the corner LFP-first was pretty much the worst thing he could do, as this indeed meant he would make the outcome of this battle dependent on said terrible team.
    And guess what? Along came the (nigh-full health) WZ-111G FT nearly slipping on his own drool to successfully lose the day against a one-shot Tornvagn, a very apt confirmation of Mouz’ words.

  39. When rngsupport and protection work together, u gonna lose a already won round, gg finito

  40. This replay is what WOT is all about, you have to do your %150 for all instances in order to win a single game.


  42. Ramiro Víctor Eduardo Paca Chumbes

    Im so proud of that Turdvagen! Respect 10/10, on my way to get the third mark.. Great video QB

  43. Enough with the heartbreak videos I get thoes every day lol

  44. 2:21 what is that shot mate

  45. Finally A E 100 Reply With 1000 Damage
    Superior German Engineer Best In The World

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