14,000 Damage in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today Sigmato going to smash one of the greatest high calibres of all time dominating with the FV4005 in World of Tanks!



  1. Two shots in and this man has done enough damage to have had a great game by most peoples standards.

  2. QB, serious question: how can you gift a tank to another player? What are the prerequisites? Bc I want to do the same on my channel… Thx

  3. I had the FV4005 Type II until the latest major game modification made these tanks ridiculous: 8k shells, 30 seconds reload for no more dmg than an avg T10 mid… no thank you. I sold it and don’t miss it.

  4. I can understand that people like Mines because it develops quickly, but it’s a TIER I map. Even tier IV is really pushing the limits of the maps capabilities to provide any fun factor. If Mittengard was an all tier map, it’d be horrendous, and I feel that Mines is the same way. It’s way too damn small to be hosting battles between prototype MBTs and Cold War tank designs.

  5. 16:13 14358

  6. STRV player was very good as well.

  7. Well, he juste camp in the same place for a while, he just got lucky with his shells and the enemies being paid actors

  8. Me : saw a barn turret then, click (without reading the title)

  9. Lines just disappears after more than half of the video, nice done. So good game, I almost all the time play TD myself, do to my handicap from when I was born, shaking hands.

  10. xD

  11. This time my like only goes because of the good commentary, nothing else. I have the 183b and every time I play that td there there are always at least 2 arties in the match on both sides and my mates never play counter and at least one enemy arty player always has over 1.5k wn8 and looks immediately to get me out of the match first.
    P.S.: I don’t use anonimizer.

  12. My grille 15 misses more than my 4005, wchich is kind of better at last chance snapshots :)))

  13. Everyday Back's Broken

    Wot isn’t fun anymore, but QB’s commentary still always stay on top.

  14. Wow! Both to Sigmato and you for gifting him premium account status

  15. I mean his name is SIGMA-to. No wonder he had such a battle.

  16. Very nice

  17. I love these daily videos please do them for as long as you can 馃槄

  18. Siddharth Uthayasankar

    Anyone wanna talk about how quicky baby got the same map in the previous videos?

  19. Sold mine a few weeks back. Just got so bad with the nerf to accuracy , reverse speed and the final nail was the shell damage. It used to be ideal for dealing hull downs. Now the game is just hull downs and ambush vehicles. All my British tanks have been ruined with the hesh nerf. So much so that I cancelled my premium acct.

  20. Very nice. I personally would not fire premium playing this tank. It’s just ridiculously expensive.

  21. Lol I was watching this on one of the replay channels but got bored and stop watching and now here I am watching this replayed being featured by QB. I鈥檓 so happy rn

  22. The FV4005 is still op as fuck compare to the FV215b 183 .

  23. Jetson Reginald Baltan

    Mines again. Wow Hahaha

  24. I’m tempted to quit when I get a Mines map battle. Bigger maps…. Please WG.

  25. You have to fire from above with the FV, than you can almost overmatch everything.

  26. GG, outstanding battle!

  27. I have never used gun rammer in my FV after equipment 2.0. There are far better equipments to use than a rammer on that tank.

  28. 馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦

  29. Anjasmara Hakim Abdullah

    Did he just say 4 thousand?!?!

  30. Lol he has premium acc, check again

  31. Imagine that the JG PZ could have heartbroken this if he kept the shot and didn’t shoot the dead body of the FV… damn, the RNG and the bots… nice match after all xD

  32. Wg sucks if you don鈥檛 give your mom credit card you don鈥檛 have game like this

  33. Alternative title: 8 pens dmg

  34. Great game! Even if he played against noobs. I mean, how can nobody the whole game didnt shot a single shell in that position or just blindshots. It’s insane. Also, he had RNG on his side.

  35. Thank you GOD he showed equipment at last but not crew oooo well may be next time Quicky Baby

  36. I hate mines at mid-high tiers. Should be limited to tier 1-6

  37. Royco Cup-A-Soup Gaming

    haha big shell goe kablooey

  38. All my shoot are the 200 damage only range WOT hates the USC server stuck there changing NA

  39. A guy could literally be named “TheManliestMan44” and QB would address him as they/them lol

  40. That barn 1v1 explains WoT RNG issue. You can do everything right but RNG can rob the credit from whom deserved it the most

  41. The almost seems to good to be true (even though it is)
    I played the barn a couple of hundred battles now, and I never get as many high dmg rounds in a row. I feel lucky if I manage 2 shots dealing 1750+-, ecstatic if I get 3 full penns in one battle. Getting a 1750+- dmg round on a Stallinium tank (read Soviet) is pretty much impossible, even for a shot straight into the side of a tier X tank.

  42. And he can’t use double bush mechanic… yeah really pro

  43. It would be nice to see reloading time on this replays.

  44. Bcs he is on high ground

  45. Outstanding!

  46. Would rather play 4005 than a 103Boring.

  47. The first time I played that tank on a friend鈥檚 account I did around 6k dmg.

  48. I am sorry to say but this was one of the most boring, unimpressive matches I have ever watched. Sniping from behind and in the same position for nearly the entire game.

    Fortunately QBs explanations were interesting to listen.

  49. My 4005 does 300 damage with every shot…………………

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