1,440 Clip Damage Premium Destroyer TL-7 | World of Tanks TL-7 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks TL-7, New Tier 9 Premium . World of Tanks Best Tier 9 Premium Tank?

For the first time , I joined the Asian server to test out some tanks which have been tested by the supertest players on other servers. An American autoloader tank destroyer, with quite some mobility!

What do you think?


  1. So what do you think about this one, looking forward to it on other servers as well?
    Subscribe and stay tuned for the other Special tanks from the Asian server! 😉

    • I got all three new tanks in my 30 boxes and is the best of the three, TL-7 with APCR is the way to go and jagdtiger also only with APCR is second best and the Russian HT is exactly like the kirovets 1 so it generally survives the battle buy because it’s so slow in everything it can’t do much damage, so it’s the worst in the three.

    • this will pay for all wg employee christmas bonuses multiple times over coz it will break selling records.

    • Ariliquin Ariliquin

      Welcome to World of Lag playing in SEA. All games have been like this for all players in this region for years, since they closed the Singapore servers. You can play in Australia server, but not enough players to make it worth it, so most play Hong Kong. Your lag numbers are typical.

    • @Ariliquin Ariliquin TRUE HK server is really bad for a long time and I am from India and still I get 100-140ms ping during the game with horrible spikes so the player base is not growing and the players that you see playing are really good players but most of them are frustrated.

  2. Shut up and take my money!

  3. I live with 250 to 270 pings in NZ playing on NA server 🙁 Missed the chance to move to Asia server, and am not starting the grind on another server.

  4. I was thinking the udarny or whatever the Russian heavy is had been available for a long time, just not on the NA server

  5. The Cobra is a better tank destroyer than this tank destroyer. TL-7 has a top speed and turret armor advantage but… that’s about it.

  6. Kind of done with new 9 premium tanks

  7. Been playing with 200 ping for 3 years while station in Japan playing on NA. Fricking blows

  8. 200ms ping is my dream i have avg ping 375 🙁

  9. PickelJars ForHillary

    That opening.
    Aiming not required.

  10. Lmao Im still waiting for premium wt auf e100

  11. Don’t worry it will get nerfed so bad before release it is 100% useless.

  12. I have the TL-7 on the asia server myself, best way to describe it is take the GSOR 1008 from tier 8, bump it up to tier 9 with better pen, better armor and a faster reload but a bit slower that is pretty much what you get, good thing is that if you have a T95 American tier 9 TD you can use the crew in the TL-7.

  13. Thank you, Dez. These things are powerful but doesn’t seem broken.

    The broken one is Udarniy. It’s Defender with an even smaller lower plate and more bullshit spaced armor on the sides.

  14. 200ms Ping. Welcome to the standard Australian player game play.

  15. This should be a medium tank, the T9 version of the ASTRON

  16. Hope that they don’t buff the gun handling of these cockroaches

  17. the hong kong server is all i can play the aussie side of it has at most 200 people playing and its tier 5 or dont play so hong kong and lajor mag it is for me. i was very close to gambling away to try get this tank but i play tier 8 and 5 so would be pointless for me great vid though.

  18. Gideonpriyadharsan.W 9012

    I am in India but still got about 300ms ping

  19. I normally get 200 to 300 ping and it is so annoying. The lag means some shots miss or don’t pen

  20. Quitted this game completely. Updates are a a joke uttershit full of cashgrab update.

  21. Dez Welcome to My part of the world I hope you enjoyed your time here.

  22. I would expect for NA they will be in the XMAS lootboxes so that more get sold.

  23. Sheshadhari Hariharan

    I am from India and i play at 200 ping on HK

  24. Asia server got something exclusive for once, but it’s a loot box of an OP tank…

  25. Wow, WG released another auto-loader, what a surprise. Will they ever listen to their players?

  26. Hk lag server wg never fix

  27. Heavy tank gun handling, heavy tank dpm, heavy tank mobility, light tank armor. Sounds like a joke.

  28. welcome to the ASIA server where ping is also your enemy

  29. Hi Dez will u play this press account live on twitch? I’m from ASIA server and I really want to meet u in battle 🙂

  30. Hey. I’m an Asian player. What time did you record this video?

  31. U should use Vpn make Ping tiny better

  32. Pretty rare of you to play from HK server. I play from HK because of low ping. Haven’t won any giveaways and got no tier 8 premiums at all. What tier 8 heavy would you suggest would be good overall as a flexible heavy tank for multiple roles. TIA DG!!

  33. IF you can tell me please, if you have main profile on EU server and i install on another pc WOT asian server, and i buy a tank on asian server, and i log out and i login on EU again, the tanks i buy it is on my account as well or i can play the ones buyed on asian just on asian server? thanks

  34. This is WOT 2022, the most stupid RNG and gunhandling is iffy at best.
    WG has opened the floodgates for the autoloaders very strategically… at least you get to shoot in under 3 second for several times… just imagine tanks these days with 12+ seconds cyclic cannon and the BS RNG in this game these days…

  35. pay2win cancer powerLEAP, usual WalletGaming stuff

  36. Yo Dez you’re playing on my home server

  37. why even bother making it a TD? its a medium tank.

  38. ιиgαяѕ кαlиιи̧ѕ̌

    2:22 play on playback speed 0.25

  39. jeah next stupid op tank

  40. Dude I’m in New Zealand and I play on Hong Kong server and my ping ranges from 280 – 330, so your ping from Estonia is actually impressive.

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