15.07.2015 Q&A

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Source: Rita Sobral

 Here it is:

– Tracks are not “eating” damage as some players claim;
– API mantle (AMD) will not be supported in WoT;
– Multicore support in 2015? “No promises”(RG: Well… at least its not a no. 😛 );
– Storm confirms: SLI conflicts with new TXAA anti-aliasing;
– It’s possible to completely disable explosions and smoke effects in the client;
– RU players are still complaining about the chat spam when players enter dynamic platoons. WG devs discussed adding an option to disable it but so far no conclusion yet;
– Storm sent a three page letter to the modellers and historical consultants regarding the issues with the tier 9 Patton model;
– Storm regarding why WG knowingly released a bugged model: “Let me say it like this: issues in communication between departments”;
– Storm responds to an accusation that the 9.9 shadows look like shit by stating that the shadows this way are realistic;
– There is a bug in 9.9 where the shadows of some objects are simply disappearing under certain circumstances, Storm knows about it;
– Storm is asked whether as a developer he thinks the 9.9 patch should have been released at all, he says that yes but only after fixing the zombie tank bug;
– Today Storm is dealing with the matter of thick mantlets (T32 possible fix);
– Do you have extremely long loading times in 9.9? Storm’s answer is to defragment your HDD;
– Many, many players report continuous crashes of 9.9 client, Storm is collecting feedback and investigating;
– Storm does not agree with a proposed artillery “solution” to cut its alpha to half and to hardcap it to 1-2 per team;
– +/-2 MM is “an essential part of the game”, it won’t be reduced;
– For now there are no planned changes to monitor frequency system in WoT;
– EU server will soon have the opportunity to get the A45 premium tank (RG: This brings me a smile!)
– Training rooms for one person will not be implemented, nor will client-only game modes (that would require a transfer of a part of the server code to the client and that won’t happen);
– The RNG accuracy spread inside aim circle is identical for all vehicles;
– the current T110E3 armor is final, there will be no more changes;
– In 9.9, the M6A2E1 rim around the gun (where the gun meets the mantlet) became bigger and thinner. This makes the mantlet very easy to penetrate. It will be fixed;
– Storm is a real fan of the Fallout series.

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