15.08.2015 Q&A

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Source: Rita Sobral

Here it is:

– There are no plans for WoT skill MM in random ;
– Only like 100k people on server have winrate higher than 57 percents and like half of them are rerolls;
– New CW? “That is for various e-sportsmen who don't enter random battles anyway”;
– Q: “So, it's not okay to make a special skill MM mode for 100k people but okay to make a played by 50 times less” A: “You have to ask the team that made the game. I am not working on WoWp for more than a year now and I stopped liking it even before it was released. 1700 battles in beta and 7 after release do hint at something.”
– German 128mm having 490 damage and Japanese 127mm 450 damage? “Damage does not completely depend on caliber”;
– Developers confirm: there is some sort of “modifier” that makes vehicles actually turn slower than they should: “all things being equal, a tank with only one engine (premium) and tank with more engines (regular) will behave slightly differently. Therefore their numbers are different but they behave the same” (the background of this is that B behaves just like regular Cromwell even though it has different hull traverse rate);
– The rumor that the FV201/A45 has some hidden parameter that makes MM put the same number of these tanks to both sides is just a rumor;
– Developers are planning to improve fighting illegal .

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