150 Ton German Super Heavy Tank | E-100 ( War Thunder)

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  1. Sorry to bother again if you fire the gun while your on the airfield your aircraft actually moves?

  2. t55 with apdsfs hes no right to face a 1945 tank like E100
    …..but is a russian game X,D

  3. Wow. The only thing a tank like yers caint destroy was that coffee mug that had usa on it. Wooooooowww. :/

  4. Phly is truely the Meme Archaeologist

  5. Backwards smoke? Wtf

  6. I love theses types of videos

  7. Phlee, Soviet High Command has ordered you to take out the T-50 Light tank.
    *Defend the Motherland until your last breath!*

    One twist ;> you cannot Reverse. At all. You stop out of cover, you cannot reverse back into it

    *AtTeMpT # EiGhT*

    (Credit to Perma Grin for the Idea)

  8. A Pe-8 once drop a bomb on me
    My M4 went flying and the entire forest is gone

  9. arvind ramachandran

    PHLY : we gonna play maus today with E-100 as backup

    played only E-100 today

  10. Colonial Gutentägen


  11. The game sucks now, but it’s cool to watch. Haven’t played the game in a year or so

  12. That intro was beautiful.

  13. When the e100 reverses faster than a cromwell.. u got a problem

  14. Gordo The Tanker

    Hey guys! I also make war thunder videos! Take a look if you can! Thanks!

  15. Otto Ernst Lindemann

    Raiders: Look! I got an alien from Area 51!
    Me: I got a drunk German Do 335 B-2.

  16. I really like E-100 , hope oneday Gaijin will puts this tank in to Germany tech tree.?

  17. Yo phly could you chill with the ear rape?

  18. Is this game less p2w than WoT? I loved playing but didn’t like having to spend actual money per round to be competitive above tier 7

  19. 0:05 was that a caernarvon?

  20. Ol’ Phanzer Täglich strikes again

  21. Challenge – In honor of Top Gun 2, I issue the following challenge. Dont leave your wingman!

  22. i wish i tried to get the E100, my computer was broken during the the time it was available

  23. Not maus in top tiers all ready but E-100 in top tiers

  24. M2 de best AA in the game.

  25. MADDOG the PC Gamer

    New Meme of the day : Whooooaaaaa! Good lord!

  26. How’d did he know where these guys were?… around a corner…and exactly where to shoot?
    seems to me Phly may be slipping to the fact that he may be using cheat mods.

  27. 8:22 …I’m not alcoholic… =D

  28. Yagiboo

  29. Extra THICC tank

  30. Come on phly play the sherman Firefly and the corsair mk II.

  31. Does anyone know what song is playing when the do 335 b-2 does a 360

  32. Nightraven7723 7723

    When you were talking about that shell going through your angle plate and your armor you forgot that the plate had been shot off earlier

  33. Enrique De la Cruz

    Your armor plate flew off that’s how he got threw the second plate

  34. Babushka4lifeWithStronkTonk BlinItIsGood

    Whats the name of the Music from the start?

  35. >Be me a german tanker casually invading the USA, blasting any resistance we meet

    >all of a sudden a drunk luftwaffe pilot flying a jet blasting eurobeat flys directly over me tank and crashes behind me

    >this is why we’re losing the war gott damnit

  36. hallo from germany

  37. Object 120 says hello

  38. Phply getting rekt by 7.0 british medium tanks colorized

  39. Hey you guys requested the Maus so we’re just going to play the better super heavy tank that isn’t available to everyone because thats totally the same thing right guise? Its not as if the E-100 has a better armor profile, better traverse speed, and can actually turn while moving unlike the Maus.

  40. When the smoke cleared in front of that one guy I saw the look of “Oh F***” come across his face

  41. Phly that apcr round that killed you 15:50 didnt went to a sloped plaate, if you look at 14:55 you can see that this plate is already missing, thats why he could pen you there

  42. Крок Крокодил

    Вартандер – быдлопроект для быдла. Следовательно, 80% игроков – конченное быдло, включпя администрацию, модераторов и автора ролика. Качественной игрушки нет – есть навоз. Быдло навоз устраивает. Дизлайк и пшел нах, гондон.

  43. Could you, for once, stop yelling every 5 minutes, it’s not funny, just obnoxious and annoying.

  44. Phly daily pls Play the [Panzer Befehlswagen VI (P)] because I earned this Tank and dont know how to play! D:

  45. that RU 251 helping the E100 is heart melting :>

  46. Idk and idc if u lately played F-82E, but you need to play it again.

  47. Yeees finally

  48. 16:51 you kinda sound like big smoke

  49. Make a video were are idk 10 BT-5s drag the Maus

  50. Panzerkomandant Fencer

    May i use the GeRmAn fLuGzEuGbAu part from the beginning for coub?

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