15,000 Bonds for The SPEED & GUN! | World of Tanks M60 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

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Today I am going to play with one of the first Reward tanks in World of Tanks, which is available in the Bond Store now for 15,000 bonds. That is a lot of bonds to pay, so let’s check it out how good bad it can be…

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. Do you have M60, what’s your take on it?
    Back in action with some more videos, so LET’S GO!

  2. 121 B is better

  3. What’s going on in my mind… 1x M48A5 + 3x Bond Equipment ***vs.*** 1x M60… how should I choose?

    • Unless you spend the bonds to either get a new set of improved equipment or move your current setup to the M60, its not worth it. M60 gives you very slightly better gun performance in exchange for the bogus weakspot on the turret. A fully decked out M48 performs just as good as a standard M60 setup, so just stick with that.

    • @Kalsyphr but the m60 is massively faster. and it also gets 350mm of HEAT pen instead of 330mm. the m60 is definitely the best tank to go full tryhard mode in

    • @Lexx Play Thanks for the advice!

    • @Kalsyphr Yeah, sounds like may as well spend the bonds on 3 bond equipment on the M48, probably end up with similar performance with the M60 but regular equipment…

    • @Heroninja112 Good point sir if one wants to go full try-hard mode.

  4. Well played Dez, but this tank has NO armor, after 3 games you bounce 440 and got penned after every hit and with my vegetable garden play…I need some armor.

  5. M60 seems good but 15k bonds good? No thanks. I would just get the STB-1 and not look back. GG vid Dez.

  6. I’m not first but I’m still enjoying the video as I were.

  7. I have a lot of bonds and your game play makes a good case but I have the STB-1 so I think I’ll spend some bonds on equipment for it. Keep up the great content.

    • I recommend your intention. When you can boost the DPM further, the STB-1 is just insane

    • This goes for many other tanks too. You should 100% boost any of your favorite T8-10s first before even thinking of buying any of the T10s, a full set of improved equipment makes a huge difference.

  8. let us not forget that having a crew with and average of 10 skill/perks helps….and fully tricked out with those purple upgrades and all of the XP bells and whistles…
    OK Dez Games – try it a again with a just a 100% crew , regular upgrades , and no XP bells and whistles…..should be interesting .

    • well there are no regular players getting in to tier 10 with out at least 2or 3 perks allready… but you got a point a very important one

  9. i like my m60, but i need to stop playing with it like a heavy 😀 and it is so freaking tall for a medium 🙁

  10. As you have shown >> M60 is a scout tank with no cammo but a Great med gun that is a laser with no bloom and it peep shoots like a boss if you set it up AIMING, TURBO, BINO’s (or Vents).
    M48 is a nowhere medium. Can’t brawl, can’t snipe that well. can maybe passive scout.

    • How is M48 nowhere near a medium? It has way more armor than french, italian or czech medium counterparts.

    • This whole comment is wrong Imagine using binos in a tier 10 med. Setup would be rammer, turbo (switch for vents on smaller maps) coated optics. Gun handling is good already dont need stabilizer.

    • @Ama Tmc I’m pretty sure he means coated optics with binos. Nodody’s that crazy to use binos on mediums.

  11. 1:15 look at the chief ? thats new skin for him of what is that

  12. Dont spend the bonds, save them for the rank reward tanks, those are way better.

  13. I want this turbo for xmas

  14. Should i take the M60 or the 121B?

  15. Can”t wait Advent calendar leaks. oh boy

  16. Pink modules are fine as long as anyone finds a purpose built for it, very good work Sir!! Heels clack!

  17. _Was that even three minutes?_ That’s what she said.

  18. M60 or 121B?

  19. Maybe in 10 years, when WG have released the Object Waffenträger EBR ausf. Progetto/Kranvagn Version IV II, maybe a pleb like me will finally have access to the Chieftain 😉

  20. Guys, is the IS-5 any good? Thnx.

  21. I have over 30k bonds atm and cant decide between 121b and m60 😅

    • Depends on if you prefer a second line support vs a brawler. Comparing to their tech tree counterparts, the 121B is a big improvement compared to the M60.

    • 121b all the way if you want a better vehicle

    • Thanks guys, im weighing in all the pros and cons.
      Knowing myself ill end up either buying neither or both of them 🤣

    • @Jan Valko Kristak if you are considering neither, I highly suggest getting improved equipment for all of your favorite tanks. I recommend T8 money makers and your most played T10’s first.

  22. This gun is so much better than the tier X m48 gun.

  23. Someday I’ll get to know how you guys play this game the way you do and get away doing things I attempt and die trying. It’s either I’m the unluckiest tanker in the history of WoT or else you guys must be telling us big lies with your videos.

  24. 121b or M60? Got 15k to spend now

  25. They should bring in old 263 in the bond shop too

  26. 1:13 guys have you seen that tank in the bottom right corner above the T95/FV4201?!

  27. just bought this last week no games yet.
    comments are good for the Yt algorithm.

  28. Hey dezgamez do u know what the season 7 battle pass tanks might be ? Thanks a lot

  29. The tank with a huge cancer on the turret…cmooon Dez

  30. Give regular players the ability to buy bond turbo and bond hardening without playing ranked!

  31. I just bought 121B

  32. 69 😚👌 nice!

  33. SkyLab Zaamslag, the Netherlands. Ufo Research

    1.9 Million on Gold ! Must be worth 100.000 Dollars! Ever thought of that?

    • 100 dollars? Yuck. But people have spent more than that on tanks in WoT before. Remember the T59 Gold? Some people spent north of $1,000 on it.

  34. M60 is my favorite 10 and first 10 from CWs.
    I use max view cap equipment but the turbo looks so useful in “her”.

  35. The Kranvagn (or Cranwaughn as you say) hit your periscope for a penetration. No idea how. I got hit by a T110E3 in my periscope on my SU101 from halfway across the map the other day. It made me pretty mad because I was bouncing every single shot I fired.

  36. Just can’t pull the trigger whether the 121b or the M60 , anyone ? When will the next bond tank arrive ?

    • Yeah I’ve had the bonds for a couple of years now and I can’t decide. I’m not really interested at all in Chinese tanks, but I’ll have to get some for the campaign missions.

  37. “No FV’s have been spotted.” That means they haven’t fired yet, lol.

  38. How do people feel about the Centurion 7/1? It’s literally one of the worst mediums in the game, but now that I finally (FINALLY) unlocked the top gun (RIDICULOUS GRIND!!!!!) on it, I’ve actually been averaging north of 2k damage per battle with it. I have it set up with optics and even though it lacks mobility, it has a halfway decent alpha and good pen, and it has a really good view range. I get a lot of spotting in it. Anyone else doing decent in it? I do better with it than with my T-54 for some reason.

    • If you haven’t ground the Cent 7/1, check it out in the tech tree. It starts with a tier 6 gun (look at the stats) and the next two guns are basically the same gun. It takes 140,000XP to grind the top gun because you have to get the tracks and turret first. Absolutely atrocious grind in a tank that can’t penetrate anything in its tier.

  39. Is that mk6 chieftain at 1 minute mark above the fv chieftan ??

  40. Highest performing pay2win players rewarded with an OP pay2win reward >_>

  41. just got that tank, its a fun tank, its 15k bonds

  42. Day 106 still waiting for meme review 🙃

  43. How do we get Bond Turbos?

  44. if i was you, i would have the first setup as:
    rotation, vent and rammer

  45. You didnt tell us what was the best equipment for your opinion

  46. Well, I just bought the 121B

  47. i only bought the FV215B in the Tier 10 line in bond tanks

  48. Wait it shots 649m for kill shoot off hill I can not see that far or was it a rigg gamer with cheats as he got 7 kills off that hill, not your game 12 hours ago

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