15,000 Gold Black Market Mistake, The SU-76I… | World of Tanks Black Market 2020 Sales

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Black Market Auction 2020 – Special Offers, Rare Tanks, Unique Tanks, Premium Tanks for Credits, Special Styles. World of Tanks Чёрный рынок. World of Tanks SU-76I Black Market Offer Mistake.

► Update 1.8 Patch Notes: https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/1-8-common-test/

► Official article about Black Market:

Long-awaited Black Market aka Чёрный рынок is finally back. They teased with Black Market at the end of 2019, didn’t know when it arrives, but here it is now! 🙂

So, another day, another Black Market offer, but this time with a little pinch of Oopsie in it… did a little oopsie, selling SU-76I, of the rarest tanks in the game on the black market.
On the top of that, let’s take a look at all the other offers what we saw as well.

Let’s talk about it!


  1. I hope you have one fantastic weekend, my friend! May the Black Market offer be in your favor. <3

  2. The weirdest thing is that I bought it and then the notification said (15,000 gold deducted, one garage slot recieved and later 14,700 received), which made me very worried, because the gold is back minus the garage and on the black market screen saying that I have this Tank. so I did not know and checked the forums and they were saying Chinese Tier 3 and sometimes Ties 4 so I was confused for few hours until I got the Russian tank destroyer. I think I was lucky in compare to other people who got the Chinese tech tree version

  3. For me the time cycle is at 10:00, i woke up at 9:56, and saw on the discord it was the FV, i sold my badger and udes and converted some gold since i was only at 4 million. I won. I love it a lot.

  4. Yes men i’m one of the lucky ones!!!! This was the 1st deal for me!! 22Mil in the legendary Death Star!!!!! the best 22Mil that i spend in the game lol that is crazy tank to play! I barely had time to sold tier x german scout and T110E5 just like tier 8 T69 and T44 to get the necessary credits to buy it lol

  5. So here’s the real question. From the time that the sale finished, and the time when the tanks eventually made it to player accounts, how many employees were taken outside and never seen again?

  6. Im not even tank collector… but i bought this tank… cause who care about over rated wte100 and type 59 gold

  7. Today on asia server, they sell 2200 FV215b (183) for 23m credits and you know dez, it sold out only 5-6 second, i wasn’t even touch the buy button… 🙁

  8. i put 5500 and won too

  9. This situation is actually normal.
    Because black market has no rule.

  10. At this point all im looking for is e25, i wouldnt be able to afford a waffle if they did decide to put it out. I grinded the death star before they took it out of tech tree.
    What are some OP tanks to be looking for?

  11. Back then ITS already a backlash when they sold E-25 again,how TF selling the most OP tank in the game is a smart move???

  12. Fuck wg

  13. What’s the difference between SU76i and my SU85i?

  14. SUCKERS! wg does it again

  15. Rule Number 5. We’re free to do whatever we want, whenever we like

    We set the rules for this game. Not to your liking? I think you know the way out! We reserve the right to introduce new rules whenever we want, so you’d better stay tuned!

    They can sell you a tier 1 tank for 10k gold and you can do sh*t about it!

  16. Dezgames WOW you surprise me.

    World of premium tanks. Who would play tech tree vehicles after this. Look at the matchmaking. You don’t think this is breaking the game? And i am surprised At streamers like dezgames a respectable streamer who is OKAY with this?!! Seriously? Just because they gave them that streamers’ event right before the black market thing. WG really gave them a lollipop.

    So this will in essence eliminate the poor players who cannot afford these tanks but who played purely for their skill. Now the angling of the tank wont matter cuz rich kids will be throwing APCR AND HEAT. And the poor kids wont be able to pen the rich kids cuz they got the blackmarket badass tanks.

    Way to go WG and worst of all endorsements by streamers such as yourself. Disappointed @dezgames

  17. I actually got it las well but i went for the Refund through the Support Ticket System, but i kept the tier 4 SU-76 G FT anyway. So I got my 15k gold back and made 70 k credits. Worth it!

  18. hahahahahahahahahaha thank you for service 😛

  19. Black market happens on the East coast of Australia at 3AM and 3PM not sure how we are going to get anything, 3am I’m LONG ASLEEP and 3PM I’m at WORK, get real WAR GAMING!!!!

  20. I bought it and didn’t even get the chinese TD.
    I only got a garage slot and lost 15K I thought I was screwed but the day later I got it on my account randomly

  21. my store page (like the whole page) says service temporarily unavailable, NA server, is this right?
    can someone please help me. is this a everybody thing or just me or just na server?

  22. WG could be an awful government

  23. Sounds like someone at WG hq is getting fired:)))

  24. I got the fucker for 5.1k, not sure if worth it tho

  25. WG has the foresight of mr magoo. Tier 10 event going on so let’s sell deathstars!

  26. Man, I have a bug that shows the IS-M for 2. Something million of gold in the tech tree.

  27. clear proof that this sale is just impulse purchase and nobody cares what they actually get, this is dumb, people are dumb

  28. i just placed a 23k gold bid on the type 59 gold. pray for me boys!

  29. gonna credit you in my wall , ty for this , and lets thank Wargaming aswell , since there are lots of fappening in game industry atm

  30. The writing was on the wall for me after I woke up early the first morning just to catch the black market only for it not to happen. Screwed up my whole day for nothing and I swore off the entire clusterfrak.

  31. Rrrrrrrroooooooottttttttttffffffflllllll haha sucker for a tier four lmao

  32. I loved playing wot, So glad i stopped playing this cash cow . BUT still watch dez videos .

  33. The leaf blower sold-out in about 5 seconds.

  34. You got fucked up, they got fucked up too ??? they fucking everyone ???

  35. It is not mistake it is black market.

  36. Commander Serviland

    Thank you for raising awareness of this su76i mess. I am one of the sad collector individuals who happens to try and collect all the TD’s in the game. I am now 3 tickets in trying to explain my displeasure as you guessed it I have the su76gft in my garage. I love this game but wargaming are really starting to take the piss out of the ppl who pay their wages.

  37. I am a player from asia server and WG only releasing 2500 unit of fv215b 183 only and sold out in 10sec.

  38. the auctions are fucking unfair
    thx warGAYming

  39. And then they say WOT is no “pay to win” uninstalled it 2 years ago, never going back,.

  40. WG should let players sell tanks to each other. That way you won`t sell your tanks to half of their price, but to better one. And the players that buy them won`t buy them for the max price. This will be a real “black market”.

  41. Maurice von Brietzke

    I have aswell won the AX But it isnt in my garage jet ?

  42. Through some magic I got this caenarvon AX for the lowest bid possible : 5000 gold
    And I was like whaaaaa?

  43. In my case the caenarvon went for 5k luckily 😉

  44. Omg for dis 15000hhahaa??

  45. just say 60 euros !

  46. I paid 6k gold for the cearn ax. and I’m happy with that. After I kitted it out, it reached 2965 dpm.
    On NA we could only bit in 100 gold increments.
    {edit} The current offer is the Type 59 G, 20 000 gold min bid and only 300 available. That’s insane.

  47. $78 Canadian dollars for a tier 4 pixel tank? REALLY? Most of the money I have spent is on premium account because it helps a lot while grinding. But this is just ridiculous. People are really crazy.

  48. Can wait to see how the Type 59G sells this morning, Seen some people putting up 50k gold and I’m not even sure that will do it.

  49. Hahahaha type 59 G lowest bid 20k gold… 🙁

  50. Was the funniest thing – but only cuz it wasnt my money

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