150MM JAPANESE DERP TANK – Ho-Ro (War Thunder 1.65 Tank Gameplay)

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150MM JAPANESE DERP TANK – Ho-Ro ( Thunder 1.65 Tank Gameplay)


  1. Horo means whore in Finnish XD

  2. This is the Japanese Su-100y

  3. why did you aiming up trough fence ? just chop them with MG

  4. actually friend has ho-ro but in fact cannon can one shot KV-1 and t-34
    very easily but cannon compresion sucks bullet is like grenade not like a
    tank bullet because in real life the Type 4 Ho-ro was something between
    artyllery and TD also the splash damage was soo big

  5. I want M36 for cristmas phly. Make it happen.
    Atempt #20

  6. That dude behind the gun breech must have an interesting life.

  7. WTFDoesThisButtonDo 《REAKT》

    Phly. Drive up to a wall and fire he and see if it kills you

  8. hey phly i think you use the sniper view in gunner view

  9. Wish they had the BT-42 tank.

  10. Ta154

  11. 120mm chi-ha is goooood

  12. Huntenboy TheSniper

    Phly u can actually get onto the eastern dam I did it with my leopard LOTS
    OF FUN

  13. Fly out the Ta 154!! I’m on the fence about buying it

  14. Boring

  15. Attempt 1:
    Take the Japanese version of the Ferdinand, the Ho-Ri.

  16. I’d love to see the new Russian bomber

  17. play whit the sunderland mk 5

  18. anyone… else in tier IV japan tanks and dissapointed

  19. His name is general LEE bitches….

  20. 11:54 Boomm. Vooauuvvv. :)

  21. play with Baron again

  22. I love this tank!!!!

  23. stupid, why is the brummbär still limited to 800m in the scoperange…-_-
    so stupid to decrease/increase pitch via extra buttons for the scope…
    even this shit does 1200m in the sights out of the box….

    Tsk Tsk gaijin

  24. Please do video with TU 14

  25. vittu mikä horo

  26. Phly take out the STB-1!!!!!

  27. Why did they nerf its hilarious recoil

  28. Well just came over from playing war thunder using 3.7 realistic battle
    rank US tanks and all I want to say to Gaijin is….. FUCKING INCREASE BR
    (especially ostwind), thankyou now I will see you guys probably never
    because knowing Gaijin they never fix the bias, also Russian bias is
    bullshit if you know how to use German tanks, also the team I played with
    when playing as Americans would agree with and the worst part is the tank
    is payed so it’s fucking disgusting

  29. IS THAT THE NEW MAP 38th PARALEL?!?!?!?!?

  30. Type 60 SPRG!

  31. Владимир Медведев

    26 sec?((( I remember 8.6 sec (((

  32. Alexis Bierque de Birka de Fauville (Vratrix)

    Sake powered gun!!!!

  33. Alexis Bierque de Birka de Fauville (Vratrix)

    Japanese Kv-2

  34. I played as a rank one tank, and one-hitted another tank a kilometer away!

  35. +phlydaily on a scale of 1-10 do u think this can 1 shot a king of derp
    kv-2? and can you do a video on that i think it’ll be a great thing for the
    intro 1 shotting a kv2 like if you wanna see

  36. Na-To half track

  37. In My language (I am from Finland) Horo means slut.

  38. that round starts dropping right when it gets out the barrel :p

  39. PLs fly the Tempest Mk V, or I rip myself of trying to figure how to fly
    that thing

  40. ta154 or n1k1

  41. Ric william Romande

    If you know stan lee

    Replace stan with M3

    There M3 Lee

  42. B34 + m4a1 🙂 ?

  43. The chi ha

  44. i want to play that game again but i dont have the motivation to play 50
    games to unlock a tier 2 tank …

  45. 8:03 OMG that bt-5 shot right trough the little open space in the front of
    the tank XD! that guy was so lucky!

  46. Christi_infinitul 01

    try the sexy He 100


  48. Do a tu14t formation plz

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