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  1. KV 2 shots at the Tiger “dude that arty is doing good work”

  2. 152 memes is the perfect amount of memes in a wot video

  3. SU-152 low rolls a lot for me… Guess I didn’t sacrifice enough to Stalin

  4. Nooo! Not 152 MEMES! The nightmares!

  5. Legitimately one of the funniest WOT games I have ever watched! Could not stop replaying the clip when I watched it on stream! Bravo, sir! You are one “Lucky” man!

  6. How about those inaccurate russian guns, eh?

  7. Why would someone donate 350 euros? Don’t get me wrong. I’d love to donate that amount to Circon if I could but It just seems like a waste…. I mean you don’t really get anything out of it. 350 can buy you a ton of games or whatever…

  8. that is2 lmfao

  9. Anyone have advice on how to play the bulldog effectively besides the obvious? Thx in advance

  10. simone morillon

    men shooting Gold everyone Is good

  11. 152.4 memes*

  12. XLNT

  13. the SU 152 is the best tier 7 tank in the game

  14. I did say to myself “If I was sat there spotted I would of been shit on by Arty – Then BOOM!. Ah there it is lol”.

  15. You know it’s going to be good when “MehMes” is in the title!

  16. wtf is the “Leo” at tier 7?

  17. Wow, a game without getting trolled by the BL-10. 😛

    An epic one, love the laughs as you escape the (not-so) sure death 2v1 situation.

  18. Title is extremely misleading for people that do not play WoT lol

  19. never thought i would see him playing a turretless tank

  20. what mod do you use meme dad?

  21. i actually thought we gonna see 152 different mems lol

  22. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    With HEAT that Thing is so easy to 3 Mark^^

  23. 5:09 Best Moment xD

  24. Marinka Michielsen

    Where is Circon from?

  25. amx arty name: karl. lmao

  26. BL-9 1/2 gun at tier 7 basically

  27. Ha that’s funny, I just bought my SU-152 back yesterday

  28. “that arty did do work” – 369 damage lol
    but important executions tho

  29. one lucky sob.

  30. NinjaMonkeyPrime

    And that boys and girls is why uncle Circon plays WoT. For all the faults (and there are tons) it does deliver some funny moments. Big thank you to the IS-2 – without you this isn’t nearly as entertaining.

  31. i penetrated maus with this shit, set it on fire, did 1k damage

  32. Nice to see you having some fun again Circon 🙂 gg

  33. Claus Kellerman

    Love the Canadian Flag. Canadians and the Dutch have a great connection and war history. Cheers from Canada…

  34. When the IS-2 shot the Comet… That’s probably the only time I’ve ever actually laughed out loud from one of these videos. How stupid/unlucky can you be?

  35. Turrets are overrated?

  36. I like the Canadian flag, nice.

  37. Sir Cornflakes wrecks face.

  38. stupid clikbait

  39. One could say that that was a HEATed battle.

  40. coolbreeze12013 z

    LOL that IS2 lol Nice meme sir 🙂

  41. Why does he has in every stream different flag? what does it mean guys? Thank you 🙂

  42. So im playing The Last of Us and I’m taking a break cuz Im at the part where youre dangling from a rope…. AND I CANT KILL THAT ONE FUCKING CLICKER… Lol, “clickers” suck in wot too.

  43. Oh how I love the SU-152.

  44. The KV-2 used to have this same HEAT ammo, loved it back then. It was at the time when the KV1S was still an overpowered PoS tank so it felt really good to one-shot those assholes with the KV-2 🙂

  45. I have third marked this beast firing nothing but HE. even penned the Chrysler K firing it from the font, roof is terrible. so sad seeing circon abandoning the HE ways ?


  47. imagine how polite enemy chat after that tk….

  48. Wow that IS-2 lost them the fucking game haha

  49. Dude…. I made an unicum guide for this. Dont be a bitch. Watch it

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