152MM Shotgun!

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. hello circon, nice play/video , keep up the good work 🙂

  2. Are those chinise tds worth it?

    • not really( if u want the same/similar tanks in your garage starting at the t7 su152 if use (122mm) to the obj 268 then sure go ahead ????

  3. So… are Chinese TDs better than the 268 line or worse?

  4. Marthijn van Oorschot

    I think every tier should only be able to play against their own tier

    • yes, there are enough players on all tiers,so it can happen easily. Queue time will increase just a few seconds, but everyone prefers to wait for 10 secs more than to be put in unfair match. Sadly WG are sadists, otherwise they would have made it like that years ago.

    • No, just balance tanks accordingly and the 3-5-7 will work.

    • Balancing 3 5 7 is not possible for heavies. Super heavies are immune to tanks 2 tiers lower, while some heavies are made of cardboard.

    • Bottom tier in 3-5-7 is AIDS if you don’t have mobility or high pen and top tier is completely broken, when you have some kind of armour or alpha dmg

    • 3-5-7 is not AIDS. Being the only -2 tier tank (or one of few) was the real AIDS. Sure, you can’t do much against +2 tiers tanks but at least there are 7 tank of the same tier as you and 5 one tier higher so you can do something instead being utterly useless.
      The real problem with 3-5-7 is that you get it waaaaaay too often compared to +1 and +0 battles and this is what needs to be fixed. Also, they should add more templates (like 2-4-9, 3-12, 1-3-11, 4-11, 1-6-8, etc.) so MM can more flexible and battles have more variety.


  6. I’m the 1008 veiwer

  7. Circon the part of the strv 103-0 that you shot at (the edges at the side of the front) is where the external fuel tanks were located irl, it’s spaced armour in wot, shooting in it at this angle means that you just go through it without hitting the fight compartment so you won’t do dammage

  8. the noises you make during the vid r fcuken hilarious

  9. I am subscribed to literally thousands of channels, and this is the only channel I watch everyday. Well almost anyway

  10. Yo wassup

  11. Rocket League Watafak

    Awww, thought it was the SU-152 D:

  12. Dat frontal armour btw.

  13. the part u hit on that strv isn’t part of the tank,check tanks.gg,it wasn’t about overmatch there 😀

  14. 1:57
    you didn’t hit strv but it’s spaced armor on sides 🙂

    • Chex1389 no, there is like a 10mm plate above the tracks, so spaced armour above the tracks.

    • Was gonna say the same thing. That part on each side of the tank doesn’t count as primary armour so no hp loss if you shoot its top like that.

    • at some point there are 6 layers of spaced armor with 110mm total

    • Tharaka Wijerathne

      Yeah that’s only the tracks. No git box there. Same thing happens witb Sheridan too. I get away alot of time because people hit me out of the hit box

    • Sheridan’s track is more fun for trolling just because it’s a turreted tank. You can literally “”side-scrape” (well not truly side scrape using armour) and fool people into shooting your track and then return fire. GOOD DESIGN WG lol

  15. hey Circon do you know anything about the premium tank exchange? like how it’s gonna work?

  16. you’re killing me cir XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  17. 0:50 no circon, the jagdtiger cant hit shit, literally, i have a worse time hitting something in the jagdtiger than i did in the obj 704, and i usually am at less than 200m from the enemy

    • Dreadnought's Nightmare

      Mauro Wolf same here mate. All shots are rng based(aka fck german guns in general) you miss fully aimed, crit something useless, punish the ground etc, and in return you get slammed with gold shell in the superstructure with the possibility to get ammoracked

  18. Swedish TD’s have only spaced armor over their tracks. You have to hit them anywhere between the tracks or it’s just a crit, look at 3d model on tanks gg.

  19. Neanderthal tank LMAO

  20. If only WT Pz IV had at least 0.4 accuracy…

  21. 2:00 i think you shooting a space armor on strv .

  22. How do you get those numbers below your crosshair, then pen counter things

  23. Wow Saltyflexes

  24. It’s not just that Circon is a very skilled player. It’s that he makes it seem so easy.

  25. We meet again. Mother fucker! XD

  26. Кристиян Митев

    None in chat noticed 1337 HP.

  27. Like a guy in the stream chat said, this should be Circon’s Hulk mode xD call it the CircHulk or Angry Circ

  28. Nice play man 🙂

  29. Nice!☺

  30. Timon Luka Højgaard

    Where do I find Circons modpack?

  31. (ok I like derp guns and all but the original derp gun td are best,I still prefer the russian 152 or td (derp gun line…su152) because for me the hole russian td line is great, for me the su85b tells the story of both the lines except the armor part .. obviously, big gun and good dmg 4 the tier/pen, okish mobility then right when u get to the su100 or su152 if go that line u take a look at the Chinese td line 50-80%([my random guess]) of the people/players will not play or they will but with a different mindset tho the chinese td line not to say there bad it’s just nothing new although there are some,little,slight differences between them like why would u want another isu152 at t9 and the stock 152 gun look to it the only thing it kinda trading is slightly better better armor,? but that’s just me ireally thought when the chinese td line came in the game it was going to be different like the swed td nope samo 750 Alfa 152 not that I don’t like it, it’s just getting a little bland…like samo 5-4 arty ingame ??????

  32. Cicon needs to be the new commander voice! Wg sort it out please:)

  33. Two of the crew know Da Wei… 🙂

  34. 1:57 strv`s sides are all spaced armour…. nothing behind on that angle…

  35. Hes fucking crazy LOL

  36. >Casually carries entire team

    This is why Circon is a legend.

  37. 3:00 Claus would be proud 😉

  38. Fake tank
    Real armor
    Only in Wot…

  39. Circon should download one of the mods Dez showcased recently, it shows models of the tanks and shots they recieved. Just a thought

  40. What mod is that where you can see the armorthickness??

  41. The first shot on that 103-0 hit the area over the tracks which is all spaced armor and wont cause damage. Overmatch wouldnt have helped either way.

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