155MM DERP TANK | ARTY INBOUND (War Thunder Type 75 155)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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155MM DERP TANK | ARTY INBOUND (War Type 75 155)

Thumbnail Credit – https://live.warthunder.com/post/888669/en/


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  2. Michael Semyanovsky

    Hey PHLY how about you play SPAs the way they are intended to be used in real life. Get yourself a squad of 2 SPAs, one ground unit (tank or tank destroyer) and 1 flight reckon for correction. You will stay at base and try to shell enemy units.

  3. Cool a ball mower

  4. alexandros papadiotis

    I dunno why War Thunder puts Artillery in their game?? The Sturmpanzer the Lorr. 155 and the Type 75 are Artys in real life…
    What’s next M53 or the M55??

  5. Hey phloppy. Do a 64 player custom battle with only the type 75 155 but no-one can leave their spawn. Only the longest range yeets

  6. Can anyone tell me if stickers are client side? My friends and I all have the PhlyDaily decal but can’t see it on one another?

  7. War thunder must add submarines

  8. Phly you should do the m22 locust a top tier that would be jokes

  9. Wow, phly finally plays my favourite tank.

  10. Tank: go sneaky time

  11. Covert_confederate

    Absolutely loved the binocular transition from desert to woodlands at 11:44. Completely threw me off for a second, thinking a different video had just randomly started.

  12. OnlyPhans69 … ice 😀

  13. The “manscape” ball razor explains your interest in the “use of bushes”. LMAO.

  14. M22 at high tier?

  15. If a SP arty piece is having to engage in direct fire, somebody’s made a career-limiting choice somewhere… It would be nice to see it being used as a howitzer for indirect, plunging fire (when 59 mm of penetration would be more than adequate). Perhaps with terminal guidance (a team-mate’s scouting AFV painting the target with a laser?) or a homing sensor (eg, BLU-108).

    Would highlight two of my favorite military rules of thumb:

    Suppressive fire doesn’t
    Friendly fire isn’t

  16. Play the t34 100

  17. Funny thing is: I’ve been a witness to this sponsorship *TWICE*
    Also requesting petition to give this thing a name or to preserve it: 1:52

  18. they should make a system so u could actually use it as arty, kinda like wot but that is a little too arcady to me

  19. That Stalker Noises

  20. Даниил Щукин

    LoL, that’s not AA shells, they supposed to blow up above enemy’s tank, that’s why they has radio-destruction!

  21. 0:13 me Literally evrytime when the music comes even though its kinda annoing


  23. There’s some salty revenge killing in this video I see

  24. 666 Ho Chi Minh 666

    Drewski be running tho

  25. Challenge: only smoke shells whole game, attempt #1

  26. Amirulhusni Azman


  27. “That was the quietest 183mm I’ve ever seen”

    ConPHirmed, Phly has powers we can only comprehend.

  28. That thing go 57km/h?

  29. Dere de de de de dere deeee dere deeeeeee de de dere dere de de de

  30. 0:22 How to make a brake sonud with PhlyDaily

  31. You are the campiest camper that ever did camp!

  32. At [17:12] lmao moment, when he killed that Puma when his shell hit the wheel

  33. Gaijin should add horns in tanks. I wanna spook tanks from behind before killing.


    Me: First time?

  35. I thought the proximity shells were for firing over a tank and then they went blamo.

  36. Challenge: play the b17 as a glide bomber
    Attempt 1

  37. get il2 flying circus

  38. Will you make a video on the F11?

  39. so why does japan get an M109 Paladin but america doesn’t?

  40. imagine having millions of golden eagles and not giving me any 🥺😔

  41. Phly, you should play the AB 43, you haven’t made a vid on it and it needs a ‘loving the unloved’.

    losing hope, day 31 of trying

  42. I’m wondering how Phly even sleeps at night. He must be so paranoid from all the War Thunder he plays. Probably scouting for Panthers in his bedroom at night, trying to be sneaky sneaky

  43. patologia

  44. I hope War Thunder/Gaijin implets the “Artillery Mode” on these kinds of vehicles that are purposely built to be that way. Like you could fire at a designated place even if you’re far away like what are these designed to do.

  45. Nice maslina, awesome tank

  46. What they done to this game? Heats stock ? HAHAH 600sl per shot? After 2000 hrs of this game- I LEAVE !

  47. U need to take a helicopter and go on a low run down a street 😂

  48. MBT-70/KPZ-70 but only with its 20mm cannon

  49. the real crustypastry

    Hey phly. I want to get the amx30 super premium tank from France and I probably will get it. But I was wondering if u can do a video about it please? I get most of my information on tanks from ur videos and I get the chance to play them so if u can do the amx 30 super premium I will be super happy. Cheers

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