155MM of FREEDOM – T30

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  1. First lmao

  2. Thank you for a 100k subs! Highlight video to celibrate will be up on monday! <3

  3. do you look at your comments?

  4. woah 100k. GG.

  5. Gz on a 100k Subs. Keep the memes going!!

  6. How the hell did the e4 make it to the other side without being spotted

    • boristhebarbarian

      no one in valley below hill, so no spots. did you notice that spagetti driving right in front of that e4. he should have done that right after the e4 fired. he hesitated way to long and it got him killed.

  7. Progetto rushes in to kill the flanking E4, drives right in front of his gun for no reason and dies.  Quality strat.

  8. 100K, get fucking hyped!

  9. ah T30… A shame I have to play the -suicide indicing barn mobile- T28 prototype

  10. Circon I wish you would clip 2 games in a row even if it’s not a good one, keep up the good work!
    It would give the game you clip some context 😉

  11. Hey Whigger.

  12. I’m surprised you don’t load more HE with this tank. It is one of the most effective HE rounds in the game, and a fucking nice meme.

  13. That 140 though…

  14. They are selling leFH again… thoughts?

  15. 6:00 That casual double-bounce of the 2 Skorpion Gs. 🙂

  16. Congratulations for you 100000 subscribers Circon, YOU DESERVE IT!

  17. 155mm of rusting away in a yard in texas.

  18. holy fucking useless 140 tho

  19. Sir, could you please stop 3marking all the tanks I try to ace atm? It would really help me out 🙂

  20. BassBoostedSongs1

    T30 is a lovely turreted TD <3 I love it so much (^_-) nice video Circon!

  21. 155mm of freedom…nice sarcasm there.

  22. Knock knock. Freedom delivery.

  23. Circon sucks at FPS games. So he says wot requires skill. Not really if it required skill he would be good at FPS games.

    • Алексей Сафронов

      Marin3r He said right at the start if the video that WoT reqires DIFFERENT skills, it’s more about knowledge than quick reflexes.

  24. Nice lemming train :V

  25. A game where the T30’s 155mm gun doesn’t badly misbehave?!

  26. That 140 was a tool.

  27. Later Nerd, Lol………..

  28. Congratz Circon. you have to do an un boxing of the plaque

  29. Great game you had in your t30, this is currently my highest tier tank, any advice to what equipment I should put on her ? I suck still.

    • iffy Rammer , Optics , Vertical Stabilizer if you have a good crew. If you don’t switch out the optics for Binos. And running with cola helps the gun a bit but can be costly. Play hull down when ever you can , and as a top tier you can brawl and trade against heavies

  30. I was figuring you would put the 3 moe game up too. Well played Sir.

  31. you can do it better 😉
    gratz on 100k

  32. Yay he’s back and he is not playing a premium!!!!!!!!

  33. My favourite tank!

  34. Hmm, tracked T110E4…lets park in front of it. Nuce teammates circ

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