15k Subs / Tiers 5-6 / “The Elephant of Surprise”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

Next up, it’s tiers 5 & 6! With no old-school -1S’s to run around scooping up the damage these days, just what kind of a tank will it take to take the grand prize?


World of Tanks free-to-play online, multiplayer game – you can sign up here: http://play.any.tv/SHL9q

For more information on the Specialist Global Tank Academy training clan (for which I’m an instructor), check out their website – http://www.sgta-clan.com/ – and official YouTube channel – https://www.youtube.com/user/SGTAVallu01

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Send me your wotreplays links to phj.wotreplays(at)gmail.com, make sure to tell me something about what you’re sending!

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Mods list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Locastan’s Minimap & Extended Stats, Kodos’ Hitlog+Damagelog, Gnomefather’s Historical Gun


  1. first:)

  2. Just making this comment so no one can say first

  3. Daaaamn, i knew my KV-220 replay will be not enough good against KV-2’s,
    but i hope you enjoyed it Jedi 🙂
    Anyway, congrats for the winners, quality replays

  4. The highest roll I got with my KV-2 was 1050…from a TOG :3

  5. Wow… and I thought 2998 dmg in my VK2801 was good…. o.O . Congrats to
    the winners! Awesome replays and damage

  6. wow these replays make my 7500 damage e-75 game look crap…


  8. Guess; kv-1s/ kv-85

  9. Man this just sucks. he shoots 5 times and got as much damage as I did in
    my cromwell with 30 shots.. Like at least stop taking medium/heavy/TD
    together. its 100% another caliber..

  10. so my kv2 with 4.4K youldnt have made it any way :/

  11. Balls! I missed out 3rd place by 191 damage 🙁 Well done to the winners,
    some great games there.

  12. Echo-y, roomy, empty feeling. Lol….

  13. Sigh, I guess I should just go uninstall World of Tanks now; if this is
    what good players are like then I’m just crap and never will be good.

    Can hardly wait to see that KV-1 replay you mentioned. XD Unless it’s a
    Derp KV-1. Derp KV-1 is for people who can’t aim, 85mm or bust. Besides,
    derp is so much more fun on the Sherman, where you can use mobility to pop
    up in unexpected places and shoot higher tiers in the arse.

  14. “gotta love AP rounds” – after shooting a WZ-131 in the back for 29 hp.
    next time better shoot one more AP at the wreck to make sure.

  15. Actually it wouldn’t have mattered if the tiger 2 faced him frontally,
    since he can auto-pen the top platen of the turret :)

  16. ah what no dicker maxes?

  17. DreadlockedDreadnought

    What was the point of sending in tier 5 replays then ? Maybe next time u
    can base it on Wn8 or eff. so it rewards good game play more than just
    grabbing the biggest gun u can find .

  18. i onced penned a T34, tier 8 murican, in the side with my kv2, full dmg,
    and burned for the remaining of its hp, 1500 in one shot, quicly followed
    by a one shot full HP hit on a KV1S. 2.3 somehing in 2 shots ^^

  19. well shucks, got really close, 4,311 DMG still isn’t bad though. Thinking
    about uploading it on my account if anyone is willing to watch it.

  20. alphabetsoupsandwich

    This video should be titled, “WoT: No russian Bias…”

  21. I’ve had a 3,900 damage game in the (old) M24 Chaffee and a 5,800 game in
    my Churchill VII, but it was on Xbox so the replay doesn’t save and it’s
    not the right patch (different game!) so I couldn’t upload to this contest

  22. Damnit I hoped some agressive AT8 playing with 3000 Damage would be unique
    enough to make it to the replays :(

  23. The effects of HE in WoT is so wrong.

    Real tankies know that HE is used to damage buildings and bunkers, to
    destroy soft targets ie trucks and other non-armoured vehicles, and to
    engage troops in the open.

    No real tankie would fire HE at an armoured vehicle unless there was
    nothing else left. HE works very much like a hand grenade. It explodes
    and the broken shell case (shrapnel) dose the damage. Hitting a tank with
    this type of ammo might damage exposed optics, knock bins off, and could
    certainly damage the running gear.. Shock waves may even damage some
    internal equipment and would probably give the crew a headache. But
    destroy the tank – very unlikely.

    I know, I know, WoT is an arcade game and it is not real. But WG go out of
    their way in this game to make other things appear to work
    “realistically”. Things like like armour thickness, slope of armour and
    spaced armour.

    But HE effects are wrong, as with Arty and guns traversing through solid

  24. My kv-2 got treated to vents for that 3rd place finish. Thanks for the
    opportunity! maybe next time my reload will be fast enough to keep that
    last kill steal from happening.

  25. No honorable mentions for my 3900 kv1s tier 5?:p ok I’ll stick with the
    tier 4 mention. Thanks for this PHJ!

  26. 6:37 Unloadonyou[JAV] – best nickname/clan name combo ever?

  27. I really enjoy the contest videos. A bit annoyed though with all the
    butthurt people whining about premium rounds and op tanks. The rules were
    simple; most damage per vehicle class. An obvious tactic move in such a
    competition is to choose a tank that can do a lot of damage. Picking a low
    alpha dealer, not clever. Not accepting the rules, even worse. If you’re
    looking for some utopia fairness, try golf. In world of tanks all are not
    winners. Congrats to the winners! Good work Jedi!

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