15k Subs / Tiers 7-8 / “Nobody expects the Spanish Tanquisition!”

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And so we come to tiers 7 & 8, where the guns get bigger, the gets tougher, and the winners get… more surprising?

Seriously, if you guessed any of these tanks were going to any prizes…


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list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Locastan’s Minimap & Extended Stats, Kodos’ Hitlog+Damagelog, Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sounds


  1. FURST wait no… Phj was first

  2. First

  3. Afcorse it was a Ferdinand i expected it it is the best T8 TD good armour
    great gun and mediocre speed enought to be with the action 

  4. Why Borsig they are the same gun but ferdi better armour and the ISU 152
    has a very trolly gun so you cant rely on it to allways hit 

  5. Captions always crack me up! :D

  6. uhm ure top isu result shouldnt be 5508, i sent u a 6.3k dmg replay,
    nevertheless it wasnt enough for top 3

  7. Ferdinand pride, yaaaas! :3

  8. wow all 10k damage for the tier 9 and 10 winners? wow i bet 1 is a waffle
    and 1 is a russian medium not sure about the tier 9 though maybe a tortoise
    or an e-50?

  9. i guessed the ferdi in top 3, its the best all around tier 8 td
    armor+good gun, and not that slow

  10. Didnt see that one coming! :D

  11. The IS-6 use of ammo was ver very good

  12. Looking at my old replays (and i mean really old this one’s from 7.2) it
    seems ive gotten a better game than the winner in an even more unlikely
    tank. 7,4k damage in a m26 pershing. For thos that dont beleive me follow
    the link.

    Also I really want a t49 now and its nice seeing the ferdi doing well.
    Loved that tank when I had it

  13. 7k dmg in an IS-6? Geez… Well, at least I dont have to be sad about my
    own 6k dmg IS-6 game which couldnt be sent because of it being 9.2

  14. The Ferdinand was the only one shocking to me, the other two were as I

  15. lol I got a spanish ad because it says spanish in the title xD

  16. Caption guy on fire today

  17. Where’s the Duck?

  18. jedi you have eyesproblems saying 46 to 48 u can’t see that he did 4k dmg

  19. I’m glad that my replay got through.:) I’m not going to lie, there is a lot
    of luck involved on my part 😛
    As for T69 fight, explanation: i was worried more about enemy arty
    “clicking me to death” without me being able to retaliate, than T69
    itself(him not loading HEAT from the beggining like many T69 do was a
    signal for me). And since i couldn’t just turn and leave him unattended
    behind my back, i had to take him out ASAP, working around arty reload.
    That’s why i charged at him just after the second arty shot landed next to
    me. (plan was to facehug him between reloads and stick my barrel in front
    of his gun, so he would shoot the gun instead of the tank. Works pretty
    well on is3)

    As Circon would put it out:
    “It was calculated risk”. ;)

  20. Damn I missed out by 300 damage in a T-44.

  21. ferdi is better than JPII in my opinion. 

  22. If people are interested: IGL has his own youtube channel: iglhamm 

  23. My heart still hurts from that game..

  24. the op mobile arty getting top damage wow i saw that one.

  25. If there was no patch limit i would have won 0-0
    its arty though.. much skill :S
    congrats to all the winners, you guys earn it! 😉
    and congrats to jedi for the “15k” subs.
    soon to be 20k, contest to celebrate? *trollface*

  26. Surprised by my fellow ISU-152 drivers. 8k Is relatively easy in that tank
    compared to the IS6, Ferdi and T49…..

  27. No honerabelu mentions?

  28. Anyone else pounding there head on the table for not uploading a 7k isu
    game because you thought it wouldn’t be good enough?

  29. theSwedishTankDriver

    Will it derp? Hell Yeah!

  30. Congrats all. T-49 (and many of the lights) a bit OP. :)

  31. yep, i’ve done better in the IS 6 than the featured replay aswell….. fml

  32. I expected a Ferdi tbh :D

  33. I just wonder if the players have gotten worse, or if the game has just
    changed, cause in Jingles’ damage contest the tier 8 winners all did 9000+
    damage :p

  34. Derp guns win all.

  35. Congratz to that T49. Having gotten it recently I know all too well how
    hard it is to get shots like that, and how frustrating it can be. His prize
    is well deserved, gz. The Ferdi was a textbook TD gameplay example, and the
    IS-6 was just clubbing seals.

  36. Congratulations to all the winners. Awesome battles.

  37. A T49! Haha..wait he’s not joking. Holy mother.

  38. IS6 so lucky

  39. T49 reload should be around 18s not 20s :/

  40. Next up
    20k sub special!

  41. I feel sad about my replay i sent in getting 6.7k dmg in my E75… >.> 

  42. Noooooo way! I send in a replay with 6883 damage D:
    Well, too bad, congrats to the winners ^^

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