16.07.2015 Q&A

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Source: Rita Sobral

Here it is:

– There is a bug in 9.9 that apparently makes the graphic settings not save properly. Storm will investigate.
– Storm confirms: 9.9 brought a large number of crashes, WG considers this issue critical, it will be fixed soon;
– The crash issue was not identified when the patch was released due to the fact everyone focused on “zombie tanks” bug. Now the amount of reports has reached such a level that the bug can be marked as widely spread, a hotfix will be made soon;
– The game crashes are not generally related to XVM – it’s true that after 9.9 XVM caused crashes but the crashes caused directly by XVM were fixed by XVM developers while the WG crashes were not fixed yet;
– M46 Patton model will be fixed in 0.9.10;
– There is no way how to specifically disable the chromatic aberration effect in WoT without switching the graphic details one step lower. It was implemented because “all the cool games have it”;
– Putting the render distance setting to lower (to minimum) influences the display on enemy vehicles; – Setting it on minimum you will simply not see enemy vehicles rendered even at shorter distances.

Humm.. so sexy isn’t it?

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