17.07.2015 Q&A

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Source: Rita Sobral

 Here it is:

– In the deathmatch mode (“Steel hunt”), players are “teaming up” in teams of 2-3 people who do not shoot each other. This is not an issue according to Storm.
– The Sherman suspension visual model is incorrect (it does not show the bogeys working properly), it will be fixed in the future (WG is working on it right now);
– Advanced suspension (dynamic) will not work on SD models (“we are fighting to get every bit of FPS”);
– Patching your client on HDD can result in slower client operation: when a patch is downloaded and unpacked, this process can “spread” the updated files all over the HDD, resulting in slower loading times, this can be improved by defragmentation of the HDD;
– Q: “World of Tanks not working well after 9.9 with XVM and Radeon! If I pulled such a “trick” off, I’d get beaten across my hands!” A (Storm): “Well, catch the XVM developers and Radeon developers and beat them then.”
– Q: “Do you consider it normal releasing a patch with two massive bugs to live server with such online numbers?” A (Storm): “It’s not normal. But shit happens. Rockets fall, planes fall, cosmic probes go missing, even highly protected systems fail.”
– Malinovka has a small piece of bugged water, it will be fixed;
– There is a bug in 9.9 that displays white silhouettes around tanks, it will be fixed.

RG: Had this bug during last Wednesday stream.

– Storm will not start a topic asking players what they would like in the game now in general: “We have more than enough info on that topic. We know what players want, we know what they consider to be problematic. We just don’t know how to implement all so we please the players, don’t screw up the game and don’t lose money at the same time.”
– There is a 9.9 bug where players see clouds of smoke on some maps near the ground just floating around for no reason, this will be fixed;
– There is also a bug where smoke appears as large rectangles, this will also be fixed;
– The crashes of WoT client in 9.9 are not tied to insufficient memory;
– Tier 5 Sherman track model in WoT is correct;
– There is also a bug with invitation settings – players are now receiving invites even if they have invites set to “from friends only”, Storm knows about it;
– The shadow twitching under tanks is also a known bug and will be fixed;
– Storm confirms: old XVM causes a whole number of bugs in 9.9.

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