17-Pounder Simulation (War Thunder)

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TOYOTA IN | 57HP/TON Sam Launcher (War Thunder 1.99)



  1. rendered this video at 60,000,000 bit-rate let me know if you notice a different! *ENJOY!*

    • I had too much fun using this tank…..till people started dropping arty and aircrafts right on top of me

    • New bitrate definitely makes a difference. Not so blurry anymore on my end. 1440p crystal clear now.

    • Phlydailys guide to war thunder
      Spend 500 pounds converting rp and golden eagles
      Buy all the premiums and packs and don’t actually use the vehicles
      Play war thunder for 8 years and get a crappy skin
      Don’t take this personally

    • Riccardo Manina

      Much more image detail when in fast scenes! It’s almost watching a bot playing on my pc

    • I noticed that they added Achilles to Hell Let Loose. That’s weird, the Brits arent even in the game yet.

  2. Grizzgaming 422

    Hey here’s an idea just do clips of you going super sonic with that song in the back ground for an intro of a super sonic jet

  3. I dunno if you read these phly…. But do you have any speculation on if they will put the ZDZ99 In the Chinese tech at maybe 10.0 later down the line? Hopefully sooner rather than later. Chinese tree is slacking to say the least.

  4. Phly I shit you not I was just fighting a Achilles and I didn’t know it had a 17 pounder and I BOUNCED HIS SHOT in a panzer 4 F2

  5. Tip phly if you take max 24 rounds you’ll only have ammo rack on right side of m10

  6. 17 pounder. Good gun. Achilles. Terrible TD. That turret rotation has gotten me fucked a dozen times

  7. wait did you just spend over 1,000,000 GE from your last video..?

  8. Blitzkrieg_Unending

    I can safely say Phly is living my dream

    He plays war thunder every day and gets paid to do it, i wish i had the money to start streaming and do competitive gaming for war thunder and cod/battlefield

    My broke ass hasnt had a job since 2017 tho, guess i can only dream

    Live the dream Phly i love your content <3

  9. Ανδρεας Μαζαρακης

    88mm simulator

  10. Phly… Maybe this is about time to play PaK40 Simulation right?
    Please play Marder III H and maybe you can bring in high tier as well it’s has been buffs quite a bit.

  11. Legend says phly played wt for eternity

  12. phly needs to make a “rolling thunder” event in custom battles on vietnam where on one team you have f4 phantoms f100s and f104s with full bomb load against a soviet team of tank and tunguskas and mig 21s
    attempt #2

  13. That t34 detonated ammo you didn’t even have XD

  14. That puma was just trying to be friends

  15. Why aren’t there more sim battles? Phly explain

  16. Phly, playing WT: I don’t wanna get engaged with wirbelwind
    Me, playing metal waltz: I’m engaged with wirbelwind, soon we will get married

  17. Ive played all tiers, but the Achilles is my absolute favourite

  18. HappyJack Sparrow

    Loving the unloved:
    PhlopyPhly i challenge YOU to take out t44-122 and t44 and get 3 kills in the t44-122 with HE only and 3 kills in the same battle with t44 but with 135mm of pen aphe, let Stalin guide you to victory Comrade.
    Attempt #1

  19. Виктор Фирсов

    The best guns in war thunder:
    5) russian 125 mm
    4) german rh-120
    3) acht-acht
    2) 17-pounder
    1) soviet 85 mm

  20. İ tought u play sim battles it would be good from you pls play sim

  21. KV 1 doesn’t care ? I shot a KV 1 side and it did nothing , the fuel tank eat the whole round !!!! The russians are sometimes completly OP , you can’t pen them .

  22. Tennōheika Banzai!

    Bruh I play tank destroyers like any other tank. Just go in and have fun. It works usually.

  23. Phly playing Achilles : kills everything with one shot
    me playing Achilles : struggels to kill a Chaffee

    How I imagine a talk between the different nations discussing their tank grenades

    Bill : we use armorpiercing grenades with an explosiv payload for more damage
    Ivan : we do that too comrade
    Hans : increase the lenght of the barrel for even more penetration
    Pierre : Charles what Kind of shells are you using?
    Charles : Shells? Bloody hell mate what is even that. We are using canonballs.

    Everyone else : WHAT
    Charles : worked against the spanish fleet back then

    Ivan : Hans how exactly did you lose against these guys in north africa?
    Hans : ze transmission broke
    Bill : so the usual
    Hans : verdammt nochmal

  24. Apparently, at 09:44 when you got killed you still had a full ammo rack in the kill cam. It even got blacked out. I just wish War Thunder would fix things like that and other more dramatic things before adding content to an almost dead game.


  26. -17 pounder best gun
    meanwhile IRL:
    _88 so powerful it could be used against tanks as well._

  27. I am like, how the hell can you see enemy tanks at that range.

  28. PHLY! if youre still doing combo lineups please take out the object 279 and the IL-28 with any bombload you like. Ive played this and its absolutley wonderfull

  29. 4:25 F for that guy’s spare tire, that thing aint ever gonna be used

  30. Dear warthunder,
    Make white phosphorus rounds work against AA and APCs. I dont need little animated crewmen running around on fire, just semi-realistic survivability for pumas

  31. Can you use the WZ305 tank

  32. So phly, quick question, how do the ammo racks even work? Is it like a 50/50 thing or is it more random?

  33. Only thing I don’t like about these (same as the M-10) is that their turret traverse so sooooo daaaaamn slooooooow, still use them though, they are BEASTS!

  34. Yup, the Germans got raped again. WT balance.

  35. Hi Phly, for the next video, can you please demonstrate how to use dive bombers effectively in Naval Realistic Battle? Because there aren’t many videos on youtube that shows how to use them effectively.

  36. Phly i was in your game couse the tank you shot at intro was my squad mate and also in your second game you killed me

  37. Clemens Zimmermann

    Challenge time: get a kill with the Italien sm92 and its glorious buttgun

  38. The render is very good phly

  39. what about the FV4005 its just a monster

  40. Loving the unloved ARL-44 (ACL-1)

  41. Jonas Grosspietsch

    You need to do a b17 vs flak 88 video again ( proximity fuze)

  42. Yeah I can relate to artillery and the m10

  43. 14:30…. a LOT!

  44. M50 ontos × b57

  45. So to be clear, gaijin just made the 17-pounder’s APDS more ineffective, by reducing the amount of spall created by a penetration.
    _”For shells below 100 mm, the after-armour effect (of APDS) has been _*_reduced_*_ “_ …

  46. Hey Phly! Here we have a French long range bomber, the N.C.223.3 with the bomb load of 52 piece 50kg bombs! Its enough for a base to kill, and its pretty Phun. Can you play with it? Attempt #1

  47. Bring back phly-daily takeout hidden soviet gem I-225 SUPERPROP

  48. Living on a Dollar

    Just think the Mosquito “Tse Tse” had a 6 pound 57mm auto firing Cannon strapped to a wooden plane. If that was not Your cup of english earl grey tea In 45/46′ They threw in a 96mm 32pound auto firing gun just to see if it would work in the air..it did They noted it And scrapped it to make way for the jet age …Flying tank anyone?

  49. YO PHLY that Marder 3 H was me and I was so close to killing you and I Didn’t even realize that it was you 😂 Edit: you killed me, I’m Junker Man!!!!

  50. And I play on a potato computer that can hardly run minimum graphics

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