18/10/2015 Q&A

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Source: Rita Sobral

Here it is:

– IS-7 model is historically correct currently
– Regarding the KV-220 engine change and terrain resistance nerf: “We installed the historical engine. We compensated it with the terrain resistance. Everything’s really simple – nobody wanted to buff or nerf this tank when it came to mobility”
– KV-220 will not get a 90mm frontal turret armor because it would have to be completely rebalanced (most likely shifted to higher tier). “Nobody is ready for that – not us, not the players.”
– Same goes for the historical turret side armor. KV-220 armor is therefore unhistorical and the players consider Storm’s claims about armor historicity to be false
– Decals increasing crew values are unrealistic? “And silver for battles is realistic? And the silver multiplier for premium account is realistic? A tank repaired after an ammo rack explosion is realistic? It’s a game with a lot of game stuff. Why is this worse than the others?”
– The changes to decal system will make the decals not only attractive visually but also practical
– Storm: “Everything’s fine with gameplay variability”
– Developers will now start working hard on fixing the current gameplay problems
– Why was the new decal system implemented and not for example perk rebalance? “Because it’s 50-100 times easier.”
– Regarding perk rebalance: “Everything will come in the future. But we need time.”

Storm addresses players regarding the new decal system in 10.0:

“I will repeat myself – your whining about these bonuses is caused first and foremost by the fact that they aren’t fixing the known issues in the game that have accumulated in sufficiently high amount and that exist for a long time now. The “it’s not realistic” argument is just a surrogate reason to post negative stuff. If we added the bonuses 2-3 years ago, they’d be perceived quite differently.

It is not our mistake that instead of fixing problems we are adding new features. Let me repeat one more time – we are step by step reorienting towards fixing the most painful issues of the game. Starting roughly from the start of 2016, the development will deal exclusively with that. I hope this concludes the emblem question.”

From “Legiondude”:

“Indy my friend!” 

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