1975 TeChNoLoGy VS 1943 German Steel | Ikv 91 (War Thunder)

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1975 TeChNoLoGy VS 1943 German Steel | 91 (War Thunder)



  1. *live streaming live right now when im alive and im living my best life or live* https://www.twitch.tv/phlydaily https://www.twitch.tv/phlydaily https://www.twitch.tv/phlydaily

  2. I really want gajin to make an update just for map and bug fixes

  3. Remember when the IS-4 was the meta **sigh**

  4. JPz 4-5=Ikv 91=Tiger 2=> “balanced”

  5. germany at 6.7 just doesnt have an answer for that, too slow too big

  6. Esports Ready😳

  7. that thing should be 8.0

  8. The Standard Gopnik

    Why would I play 6.7 Germans when they face tanks that have 1) Better Guns 2) Better armour 3) Better maneuverability. I love the long 88 but dam the Prem Tiger 2 SLA is on the edge of competing, you gotta carry that armour everywhere that can be penned from 2km away, slower than average reload for a gun that needs to be aimed at weak spots on bigger tanks.

  9. Hey Phly can you try out the new Swordfish Mk II, it has 8 RP-3’s that can be launched 1 at a time.

  10. Insane power-creep is just one of the reasons War thunder is so fucked up. It almost seems they hired a guy or two from Wargaming. Post-war tanks against WW2 tanks is just miserable. Zero spawn protection.

  11. Swedes ruined this game.. change my mind

  12. Is this thing basically the T114 with a smaller profile? Seems kinda like it to me

  13. Watching PhlyDaily is awesome especially during quarantine

  14. Gaijin needs to remove the Tiger II from the game. It can’t be balanced anymore Kappa

  15. I love War Thunder and rarely agree with people’s criticisms of Gaijin. But yes, this vehicle does seem like a bit of a game-ruiner if you’re facing it as Tiger 2s etc. (Still, I guess Tiger 2Hs are a bit of a game ruiner for a lot of 5.7s too.) I’ll stick to playing as the coolest vehicle in the game – the M60A2, which can deal with anything except fences.

  16. Type 61 and Kikka combo please

  17. Sweden was a mistake

  18. Gaijin: we can’t balance Maus, so we shall remove it

    Also Gaijin: *shit like this*

  19. Ppl forget but all the British 84mm stabilised guns are right at this br, so is the type 61 with its heatfs, and honestly even though this vehicle is alot of fun it easily gets shit on by CAS and any American tank with a 50cal. Everyone bitching but forget that everyother nation has an op tank that’s straight up cancer to play against

  20. We used to have a russian bias. Now we have a sweden bias. This is just not fair and only will lead people further from playing for example our olimpic masters in racing – italians. It’s… It’s… It’s just a huuuuge bs

  21. I am again remined why I quit the game for a while.

  22. Cause swedish dont have good tank during ww2. So Gaijin added some post ww2 tanks into ww2 era

  23. This tank makes me sick

  24. Im so tyred of the Gayjhon bullshits.

  25. can you do video on ab43?

  26. Shock and Waffles

    Attempt# 39: can you phly the xp50

  27. Daniel Vedberg Sekulic

    Well in defence of the ikv if anything sneases its general direction its fucked

  28. András Kőkúti

    Forget the tiger 2, this thing can (and will) face tigers, panthers, sherman jumbos….

  29. but Maus, PantherII and 105KTiger cant be balanced

  30. Chicken Dinner Gamer

    Just the usual bias against the Germans. You go Gaijin.

  31. And again German players are left over it’s so disgusting why do we have to fight with 1940 tanks Vs 1970 ones gaijin really is a pile of shit

  32. Light tanks are undertiered in WT. 6.7 Light tank vs 6.7 T34 HEAVY TANK in a hull down position and you just shot him straight through his turret. Light tanks should not have better guns then their medium and heavy tank counterparts at the same BR. These 6.7 light tanks should be at 7.7. They’d be just as effective.

  33. so dont play anything that might vs sweden….. that shit could easily be at 7.7

  34. I want to play REALISTIC tank battle.. But as you titled, 1980s’ vs 1940s’ .. This BR thing sucks.. It must be about time-range.. not pen not armor not any others.. If one nation’s equipments are more powerful at those time-period, then CHANGE maps, change objectives, design all maps or new maps, to balance the power, maybe change number of each side , who said it has to be equal ??? I dont know but i’m getting bored of this game, so soon, like thousands

  35. 7.7 tank easy. it should go to br8 along with the leopard

  36. Lucas Pereira Lima

    So, Obj 906 has been enraging people for like ages – that thing is gigantic for a light tank, though, and at 7.7. What do they do? Bring a smaller version of it, faster reload, good mobility, and make it 1.0 BR lower. Gee, no wonder I stopped playing this game last week or so.

  37. And the Japanese is J for J out

  38. I wish this stayed at 7.3 with higher rewards, and more specifically still in rank 5.. instead I bought a talisman for a tank that got shafted, since I can no longer use it for grinding due to the low rank. thanks gaijin

  39. Thats the reason i dont Play 6.7 as germans its just a bad joke

  40. Ikv 91 means: Infantry cannon wagon 91

  41. I was really thinking about coming back to war thunder.. I’m not sure anymore

  42. has phly ever played the A.C.IV if not please play

  43. i have to say this but why d the sweeds at 6.7 have like what 2-4 tanks that have 400mm pen HEAT-FS like really

  44. The balance was relatively fine until a CERTAIN nation was added….

  45. Allright… i guess im done for good with wt… so sad how shit this game has become…

  46. Damn give Germany a break, this BR is killing my love for the game.

  47. I can see the future of tier 11- alien planet destroyer multi talented vehicles vs WW2 tanks.

  48. thanachat lertwiram

    Finally Gaijin find the solution to solve *BALANCE PROBLEM*

    ᴵⁿ ᵗʰᵉ ᵒᵖᵖᵒˢᶦᵗᵉ ʷᵃʸ…

  49. Hey Phly, question off the topic, what do think of Men of War II Arena? Have you tried it yet?

  50. 【Aesthetic Kitty】

    Hey we gave the germans that steel so we are just taking it back.

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