2 for 1, ACES!

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Source: Circon

馃摵Twitch! https://discord.gg/vnVP5FK


  1. Circon my Guy.
    I’m thinking you forgot to close a window while editing…
    Just a Hypothesis.

  2. yay new Circon

  3. First! On a more related note, good to see you uploading regularly again. Hope all’s well with you Circ!

  4. Nice to have you back. Hope you good. 馃憤

  5. no views? lies youtube ive just viewed this poggies video

  6. Holy cow he’s BACK

  7. Circon; enjoying these videos; keep them rolling. Thanks

  8. Since Circon started uploading again, YT cant stop recomending all his older videos and I can’t say no, to some quality Circon content. So I’ve probably watched around 30 circon vids in the last 4 days.

  9. I’m so happy to see you posting to YT again.

  10. Very nice to see you uploading again…
    Thank you sir

  11. I’m pretty sure kill team and apocalypse have both become alternate activations, so there may be hope.

  12. Gun game where you start out at tier x and finish at tier 3 lmao. Gotta get 2 kills per tier and it’s just random tanks or maybe choosen selection.

  13. He’s back! CIRCONFLEXES Wasssupppp

  14. I missed Circon, welcome back mate!
    Get Jingles and HighFlyer15, people forgot what proper WoT entertainment should be! 馃槈

  15. The bests tanks aren’t fast on flat open ground.
    The best tanks are the ones that only go fast downhill…or off a cliff.


  16. Circon good to see ya on yt again, now I gotta watch the vids I missed 馃檪

  17. Esports being shoved into games is always a beautiful trainwreck. You can see it happening from so far away and it’s so very clearly not going to work.


  19. Does anyone know Circons keybinds and settings? I used to play on console but stopped playing for years. Picked it up again on PC and I’m just looking for some beneficial settings to help improve.

    • i mean u dont have to bind a lot of stuff in this game. i know im not circon, but im an unicum as well so u can take my recommendation as well.

      on your doublebarrel tanks bind the doubleshoot on E so u can always be prepared to shoot normally.

      on wheeled vehicle bind the switch between the mods on the mouse wheel (when u push it down) so u can drive around a lot more comfortably

  20. Can anyone tell me what the tank is in the first half of the video? Not played WOT in quite a while and well… It looks like a soviet people carrier…

  21. Dude I thought that was the Kunze Panzer for like 30 seconds at the start – That’s the exact way I used to paint mine when I still played lmao

  22. Quote of the year: “What am I going to do against an AE Phase I? Absolutely fucking dick!” lmao 2:12

  23. I feel bad for only watching on here thing is id love to watch on Twitch but im not sure if i can afford it. Ill look into it as i love your content, i always look back on your HE Foch video/review (with the sunglasses) and i was in stitches

  24. Circon, as someone who loves your content i would personally monetise your YT videos. I’d love to follow you on Twitch but the same reason i can’t watch another WOT streamer (NOT QB SEESH) its hard to afford. do what you need to, you are a popular and loved streamer and once i can afford to ill twitch you

  25. Can’t think of a better place to say….whats up with having to download another gigabyte every time I load up WOT. No other game on the planet could possibly require this much extra downloading. And does it add anything to the game? This is the main reason I delete the game every year. Enough..

  26. -脽携尧- Commando

    Good to have you back, buddy.

  27. A Waffle E100!? When did they bring that back?

  28. cant wait to see you golf again! you are the commander in my VK 28 01 105 for a reason 馃榾

  29. Guillaume Lemaigre

    Hey Circon, have you seen the last LinusTechTips video about AVI encoders in the new Intel graphics cards ?
    馃槈 wink wink*

  30. For the 40k stuff I don鈥檛 understand why they don鈥檛 do a battle tech kind of 鈥渢urns鈥 with each units having specific turns of use

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