2 GUNS 1 TANK – Type 60 Recoilless GUN (War Thunder Japanese Tanks Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

2 GUNS 1 TANK – Type 60 Recoilless GUN (War Thunder Japanese Tanks Gameplay)

War Thunder Update 1.65 Notes – https://forum..com/index.php?/topic/341614-preliminary-update-notes-war-thunder-update-165-way-of-the-samurai/


  1. Good vid phly.

  2. those machine guns are meant for rangingtargets, thats why the mag is so

  3. Do the ho-ro! Jap derp tank ftw!

  4. Its like the Helsing Ho on wot blitz on war thunder?

  5. play this tank more please

  6. attempt#9 Tiger 1 and Bf109

  7. wtf happened to your voice

  8. I wonder if they will add the m50 ontos if they are doing these style tanks

  9. 60式自走106mm無反動砲
    reads wiki…
    ‘hopes for M50 Ontos too’

  10. Phly you need to do a podracing custom game where two tanks drag a third
    and only the third can shoot.

  11. Franklin D. Roosevelt

    10:20 that definitely needs to be fixed

  12. Pretty sure those .50 cal are spotting rifles for the gun. Which i wonder
    why how the hell can they fire full auto ? ;v

  13. a recoiless rifle has the gas of the round expanding through the back of
    the cannon barrel which gives the round a higher velocity. it was used in
    many ways either mounted on a jeep, tank chassis, and by hand by U.S.
    troops in vietnam and are still “technically” in use by the army.

  14. The MGs are probably there for ranging, so you don’t need many rounds.

  15. 246th attempt drive the pz 38t and he-51 cause Heil.


  17. Phly play russian awesome combo Yak-7B and T-26-4

  18. when is this update coming?

  19. The M4A1 and the M60 toward the end. XD Congrats on being War Thunder’s
    first podracer. ;)

  20. classified classified

    I have finals and midterms tomorrow instead of getting sleep and preparing
    for them I’m watching phly lol

  21. Now we just need to see the M50 Ontos!

  22. I smell American retaliation. The M50 Ontos shall rise!

  23. Jean Alphonse DeBoisMonté

    i call type 60 the next bush tank

  24. leopard 1 leopard 2

    phly look at the gunner 6:40 there is no gunner xD

  25. Now I want Ontos.

  26. Not sure if the spotting 50’s are meant to fire in a machinegun fashion but
    at least they work

  27. Everytime he says “Fire one”, I dislike the video tbh.

  28. i bet that tank is come from the cold war xD

  29. Attempt 6:
    Yak-1 and T-50
    Russian bias is born!

  30. The MG’s above the 105’s are actually there for ‘spotting’ basically the
    crew would fire a short burst with the guns, if they hit their target then
    the 105s were on target as well and could be fired a moment later :)

  31. Play the 1.7 BR 150mm howitzer tank

  32. PhlyDaily go whid best Japanese tank Type 74 STB-3 please please!!!

  33. #Attempt9 ..Mercia bias M551 Sheridan and some American muscle the B-57.

  34. The .50 is a spotting rifle,when it hits the target,you fire the 106mm.
    That’s how they got the range in real life.

  35. Hey phly I love your videos and watch all of them. I have been thinking
    about a challenge and i bet it will take you a week to do it. Find a PBY
    and try to torpedoe it with any plane.

  36. If i’m right those .50 cal on top are for ranging your shots.

  37. this will be an interesting tank to face in tank RB

  38. Why this tank wasn’t stated in war Thunder Dev blog.

  39. Huh. I thought they could carry only 6 rounds.Plus those .50 cals are for
    spotting the target to unsure accuracy.

  40. If people think this is redicilous, you should take a look at the M50 Ontos

  41. that was so fun to watch and great teammates to help u too :)

  42. Finaly,IJP make CCCP cry

  43. This vehicle shoot two samurai Yari-spears as armor piercing, they have the
    steel tip folded over 9000000 millions time, that’s why this vehicle can
    EVEN PENETRATE glorious soviet armor biased by Stalin himself… Also is
    protected by an armor made by special and rare nipponic metal worked by
    master artisans and his crew is all formed by expert ninjas and samurai
    with superior senses… And when the engine die, the crew bail out from the
    vehicle, do a strange magical transformation and ravage other tanks with a
    Super Sayan energy ray…

  44. Wolfänger 1943EST (Delta)

    hey phly did you watch the greatest movie “2 girls 1 cup” ? cuz ur title
    remind me that awesome movie

  45. I think the idea with the .50s mounted to the recoiless guns was to fire
    single rounds from them to check you are on target with the 106’s. The .50s
    can be loaded with a tracer round with just enough powder to give the same
    trajectory as the main rounds. If I’m right. Wether they’ve modelled it
    this way in warthunder or not I have no clue. But it would make sense on
    the real thing, especially given the low ammo count.

  46. The coax guns look more like spotter rifles used for aiming the recoilless
    guns. If so their ballistics should be near identical to the recoilless
    shells to a certain range at least.

  47. Those .50 are for range finding

  48. I just wanna know what the actual dick I just watched phly if you would
    please inform me

  49. Паша Блинов

    Why do they actually have some recoil in game?

  50. guys how to play test server?

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