2 Hours of Bottom Tier Gameplay

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Source: LemmingRush

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  1. I love Unicoms…

  2. I love your livestreams, and i am thankful to be able to watch them afterwards. Sometimes i miss them, i am from germany.
    Love your attitude.

  3. every player with a green win 8 or higher is focused by pieces of sh** clickers using XVM even on EU server.

  4. I have 2mil free exp saved up on my prems that i need gold to convert

  5. Oscar Simpson griffiths

    Lemming do you agree that Paris is the worst map and or they should add old maps back in as placeholders until new ones

  6. “The problem with pushing is you deal with people.” – LemmingRush

  7. Would you be better off playing low tiers for free xp?
    on console T8’s have only 15%xp bonus but t3’s get 50-60%. The reverse is true for credits.
    Same deal or no?

  8. Seriuosly, the last couple of weeks I have been hammered so hard by arty that it has made the game very atrocious. I’m thinking very hard about that SirFoch clip where he goes insane after arty fucks his game. They seriously need to drop the nerf hammer on the arty or remove them totally.

  9. Lemming, please don’t take this the wrong way, I do not mean to be condescending. Not only do I greatly appreciate your videos for the game play, but your commentary is incredible. Very pragmatic, very appropriate, prescient, and perspicacious. It is a shame that there are so many snowflakes out there who wear a “victim” card on their chest, as if to make their position more authentic and all others illegitimate, particularly if one disagrees. Anyway, thanks for the videos. I wish you all the best.

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