2 Hours of Ranked Battles w/o Gold for the most part

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Source: LemmingRush

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  1. Nice gameplay and good tips. Thanks mate!

  2. Damn cuz of ur ranked battle time i sleep

  3. What was he talking about before he mentoined 4 tsnkers 1 dog ?

  4. bert van TWESER-G YouTube

    wg need more maps New maps spec. nice stream

  5. Nice

  6. 1:13:21 so thats the reason I could not find lemming on my map later in that game.. I was the grille on the enemy team.

  7. Teletha 'Tessa' Testarossa

    Tankers is awesome <3

  8. love these no gold sessions, it is closer to my poor ass reality 😀

  9. Since u did the t62a and object 140 comparison, which do u preference, as I have no idea which one I should get

  10. “without heat for the most part”

    *loads heat at **4:40*

    no offense just a joke

  11. Thank you for catching yourself before calling someone autist… I would not have complained if you did; it’s a free country. I actually work at an organization that supports people who experience autism, and it’s been a privilege to be called friend by individuals we serve.

    Also, tipping up on your side and being “hull down” on a vertical corner was hilarious. Sincerely, keep up the good work. Respect. 🙂

  12. Thanks Lemming for posting the stream. Wish I could get a schedule of the live events. These are great tutorials.

  13. 32:48 26k credits w premium vs -3k non-premium. This is why so many ppl have left this pay to win game. It takes way too much effort for a free player to advance in this game. Good vid tho. Always like them.

  14. Credit-grinding shutup setup 😀

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