2 Hours of Super Unicum Gameplay – Had an 8K Damage 30B Game

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Source: LemmingRush

Thought id put my super unicumness in the title just to incase no one has seen my other titles :))

Friday Evenings at 9:00 EST to about 11:00 EST

[Day TBA] Stream on 11:00 AM Mountain Time, or 7:00 PM CEST for the Eurofa I mean European viewerbase

My Stats

Tank Requests
Are 5$, ask before you donate because If im trying to 3 mark a tank or something that requires specific tank play I probably wont play your tank even if you donate.

You definitely don’t need to donate, but if you’d like to you can do so with the link down below 🙂


SuperChat Donators:
Vidar Hook 50 SEK
I_Like_Tuwtles 20$
1110jessee 15 Euro’s
Duncecap64 5$vv


  1. Dammit just missed it

  2. RelativeGravy 2

    Is MAHOU cancerous with some of the BULBA guys there now?

  3. you don’t have the 121. Are you planning to, though? If not, why? Time, or is it a bad tank in your opinion?

  4. Why i slept? (missed it.. damnit..) :/

  5. howe cant u shie how match u jabe 2do fore a marker not only the % but what els

  6. and wg destro the fun fore matche players how are not to good . i dont like that idee frome better stuf fore a al good tank white thate even better stuf

  7. 30B has good turret dispersion than leo. use camo and snipe. if u poke and shoot , its dispersion on move is bad. That why u saying 30 B has bad gun handling. It is not.

  8. Kingfish Gaming

    Nooooo I missed it!

  9. Christopher Estes

    :/ I missed the stream!!! when are you streaming again???

  10. Kingfish Gaming

    If you use a a large repair kit and you use it twice, like you use it then it cools down then you use it again, does it cost 40000 credits or 20000?

  11. Lemming how do you have constant games if your computer crashes right before the game starts or that the ping is ****….

  12. canada has 6 time zones

  13. Lemming they should add it where if you don’t move within 5 seconds then your tank explodes :O 1:12:12

  14. Is the 30B better than LemmingRush?

  15. Why play for stats instead of for fun lol. Who has ever heard of any game that isn’t more fun when you win, or at least try to. People who say they just play for fun probably try to win but don’t. How much fun could it possibly be to play and not try to win?

  16. I always miss your streams ;_;

  17. Do you have a schedule for your streams anywhere? Had no idea you were streaming today

  18. do you prefer the amx 30 or leopard 1?

  19. About 18 minutes into your stream you said most Canadians are extremely patriotic, yet your Prime Minister has said that there is no such thing as Canadian culture. What do you and/or other patriotic Canadians think of this?

  20. Hey lemming, a member of your clan was playing with us in tier 6 strong holds, and he fucking made mence meat of the enemies, and write writen apologies to wargameing for installing. so yall are welcome to help teach our plebs in our clan, its TROH. leader is lagikill, its supposed to help the new players and it carries over into world of warplanes 😉

  21. How do you feel about the leopard 1

  22. I used to hate medium tanks ( not understanding them at all ) then I made the grind for T57 Heavy but T54E1 got my attention and started to like how versatile it could be , I really started playing and enjoying mediums not long ago and that was thanks to your videos ( it’s easier for me to learn by watching ) and you play so peacefully that I can relax and learn , I won from reward the T-34-85M not long ago and enjoying that tank so much ( VI ) under 400 battles in it and got 2 MoE so far, I get call a stat padder and stuff , but how can it be wrong to play a tank that makes me have fun ( win or lose ) ?
    Anyways all this poop just to say TY Rush for the help !

  23. Love the vids Lemming! Quick one: whats your opinion on the CAX? Dunno if you’ve done a review, my bad if you did 😛 PS anyone here play on the RU servers hmu, I must be the only english speaker there XD

  24. the frenchies swear like sailors in wot. I love it. “il est foutue” means “they’re fucked”

  25. the Lee is great. it has great pen and okay DPM, just no turret

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