2 Hours of Super Unicum Gameplay in the New Lights & Others – Also 2 Marked the CGC xd

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Source: LemmingRush

Stream Information:

Friday Evenings at 9:00 EST to about 11:00 EST

[Day TBA] Stream on 11:00 AM Mountain Time, or 7:00 PM CEST for Eurofa I mean European viewerbase

My Stats

Tank Requests
Are 2$, ask before you donate because If im trying to 3 mark a tank or something that requires specific tank play I probably wont play your tank even if you donate.

You definitely don’t need to donate, but if you’d like to you can do so with link down below 🙂

SuperChat Donators:
Vidar Hook 50 SEK
I_Like_Tuwtles 20$


  1. I like how you refer yourself as Super Unicum constantly on every Vid or stream..

  2. GymLeader_Giovanni

    Nice content nerd ❤️

  3. that cynical small laugh at every end of sentences.

  4. so many German viewers?

  5. i actually think it’s important to try to eliminate lights asap in battles so i like it when arty focuses the enemy LTs if possible

  6. I love how LR finally got some comeuppance for greedily taking vents over optics on his light tanks. He could have a ridiculously good viewrange in the Blackdog but he uses vents for a 2% buff to DPM and aimtime instead.

  7. Marco Payri Garcia

    do you stream on twich or on youtube?

  8. Smooth ride is called biological V-stab in my country. It definitely helps IS-7

  9. so 2 marks on the CGC… will there be a 3 mark stream soon 😉

  10. What is Lemmings min rate?

  11. Andrew's Pitiful Life

    Out spotted by his 390 view range…

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