2 NEW Maps and Object 268 V5 Buffed on Supertest | World of Tanks News

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Source: DezGamez

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Version 5 Preview, Tank Destroyer. Maps – Invasion and Norge. World of Tanks 2022, Update 1.16+ Patch News.

00:00 | Introduction
00:25 | First Map Invasion
03:07 | Announcement
04:45 | Announcement Details
05:30 | Second New Map Norge
09:55 | Object 268 V5 Preview
12:00 | Conclusion

► Information from:
– WG
– Wot Express

Today I bring you a news episode featuring 2 new maps and 1 very interesting tier 10 tank WG buffed recently… Tank which we do not know about – Object 268 Version 5.

What do you think?


  1. Take the BUFF List, imagine a GERMAN Tank and exchange “BUFF” with “NERF” but the same Values…. 😉

  2. The maps looks quiet good but i’m a bit scared because dont forget it’s WG
    Thank you for your gifts Dez
    Nickname: ChakalySH4FT
    Clan: Kazna Kru
    Server: EU

  3. As of first looks, Invasion and Norge, they seem very open. Seems like Wargaming want light tanks and good spotters to thrive. But you never know, after all, we did only get a few camera angles. Anyway, thanks for the content Dez and Happy Dezmas.
    Doomsnake11, EU

  4. I like that wargaming are adding more maps so we can experience more diversity and beautiful scenery.

  5. Any maps that aren’t corridors are good for me and my Mediums! 🙂 Zer0_F0chs, EU server

  6. The first map is like a more open safe haven without the water IMO.

    IGN: Rasetsu8
    Server: ASIA

  7. The invasion map looks interesting (still the hulldown monsters will dominate it completely…) server: EU username: boriszhu

  8. Hi Dez. The maps looks nice as they have a lot of open areas so it will not be possible to camp for a lot of time. The tank looks amazing as it’s a russian version of E4.
    ilias910 EU

  9. I like the idea of new maps, even if they might not be that good. Always a chance for improvement, and it’s a breath of fresh air to paly on new maps.


  10. In order to give my humble opinion about the maps i need to test them like we did for the previous 9 maps, but definitely those maps aren’t for super heavies vehicles + they are making less and less covers in those last maps.
    For the obj 268v5 I don’t think it will make a big impact in the battlefield like the v4
    Username : sidalistrike
    Server : Eu

  11. Bublajdo001

  12. Can’t wait for the new maps, they really look amazing. EU server, Alfpit

  13. Username: Spartan_12
    NA server

    Maps look interesting and hopefully will play better then the current rotation

  14. First map looks okay second need more work in my opinion and the new tank interesting but i will need to try it before i have opinion.

    Username: Brawll
    Server: EU

  15. Always cool to play on new maps , even if I’m a bit nostalgic of the old ones like komarin or port but maybe one day 😉

    EU Server – CodexOmega

  16. That first map looks nice. They should add new maps more often
    Name: Lehdan

  17. Both maps look like more cookie-cutter mirrored maps. Very, very, unimpressive. Why can’t WG up their map game? It can’t be that difficult.
    slickmo NA

  18. alexeduard username EU , its nice to know they bring new maps , 268 has a huge spot on comander view were it can be distroyd before he has chance to relowd

  19. Both maps looks good but WG should focus on fixing the Match making.

  20. I doesn’t like too open maps. In slow tanks you have extrem problems.

    Pf_Tom @ EU

  21. I’m always looking forward to new maps! Makes the game new and challenging! Thanks Dez! EU: Warmo

  22. The 2 new maps looks nice
    Server: eu

  23. My honest opinion looks more of the same, but not so bad as safe heaven tho.

    Fad3_to_Bl4ck, EU server

  24. I really love those new maps, the first actually reminds me Save Heaven a little bit.

    EU server

  25. The two maps look like they don’t add anything new to game-play. Same old corridor maps with one-dimensional game-play. With that said, I’m all for adding more maps to the game. I’d really like them to add a desert map for Frontlines.

    IGN: Darkbee2bee
    Server: NA

  26. Honestly I really like the idea of just any new maps coming into the game. 30 maps can get stale.

    Server NA
    user: __silkysmooth__

  27. New maps are always welcome, but I feel you have to play a lot of games on them before you can have a solid opinion on how they to play them correctly.


  28. Glad to see some new maps. There is so many tanks now not sure why they need a new one. Maybe for people playing for 10 years? I haven’t been playing that long. So still learning where to hit all these different tanks.

  29. Both maps are fine. But i hope that tank will be in tech tree.
    Nick: coffyy

  30. Norge seems more open better for light/meds… Invasion of heavies i’d call it the first map is more heavy friendly
    Username: thrabardun
    Server: EU

  31. If the Obj 268 version 4 is a Tier X tank then surely the Obj 268 version 5 should be a tier XI tank….right? If not then it looks like another Tier X OP reward tank, only available for the clan players able to take part in global map wars (ruling out a lot of players in sub ranking clans who are not able to come up with 15 Tier X tanks)

  32. Dang, i want that tank, it s a russian 268 at the end so… Give it to meee

    Nickname Lupurus
    Server Eu

  33. EU server – sgyurika04

  34. I like bouth maps I appreciate that wargaming make new maps that look beautiful.
    EU drtikol2_cz

  35. Username McRhesus
    Server Eu

    I thint the Object 268 5 is gonna be a tech tree bc we got carro 45t like one month ago

    The new maps lokk quite good they look a little to open for my opinion but like you said ther still not finished

  36. I always welcome new content and love the idea that the terrain will have some undulations to counter the russian tanks with their OP alpha but poor gun depression.
    Server: EU

  37. Norge map seems familiar… wasn’t there an old map similar to this one? i can’t remember what it was called.

  38. I’d say Norge map looks interesting sofar, although I suspect there are still a lot of work to go in regarding details and vegetation elements. I’m not so sure about invasion. It looks a bit too open. First to the top wins, sort of… Always fun with new maps though.
    Baudric1, EU

  39. Server: NA
    Username: HAZZARD313

    Both maps seem to have the standard 3 column style of game play. Would like to see more maps like Safe haven were there is a bit more diversity in the way you can play them. Also would be nice to see wargaming redo a some of the old maps that they removed, South Coast, Swamp, etc. But a new map is better than no map at all so I guess we will have to wait and see.

  40. new maps are good as long they are not unbalanced or campy…
    name: alezago88
    server: EU

  41. These maps are the same concept as most other maps with three main directions. Seems like the developoers ran out of new ideas. However, every new map is welcome in my opinion.

    As for the V5, I can imagine it as a black market item in two-three months. A new td branch would be cool in the tech tree but there’s no chance for it, I guess.

    username: nani_1995
    server: EU

  42. Any new map in the game decreases the chance to get mines so im happy. Would be even better if we could choose more maps we dont want to play on, since there are more and more maps and im sure people would like to not play on more than 2. I would personally ban like 5 maps. Maybe we could get something like weekly map rotation with community choosing which maps to get rid of for some time.
    Bimber_Man_ on EU server.

  43. The first map looks promising, the second one might be a bit too open. Maybe this means they will bring back recon missions so we can test play them?
    Wokkes from EU

  44. both MAps look interesting and i am excited if they will be added, but I think they have to make more cover against arty, pesonally i think its to open and arty can shit on you everywhere:)
    EU Server – Mark_Comanns

  45. more maps in which i can be useless on…great
    Anyway the maps are interesting but the amount of maps there are already i don’t see myself playing on it much
    EU – adamplayz23

  46. opened maps are allway welcome. we will se more when we will test them. User name : adrian_ciotor server EU

  47. The new maps are interesting. Hope we will see it in another season of “Recon”. Personally quite enjoyed the mode and the quite relaxed pace of the battles there. Hope we get many more maps in game, there’s a lot already but map rotation often works like crap and you can spend a week without seeing some of those. Not even once.
    Katrinza NA

  48. Finally some new maps
    Karkkilaatikko, Eu

  49. Hope that maps will be better than the previous ones, for me maybe it would be better to fix some of the maps that already exist. And this tank(blyat) russian td its to early to say, but I hope that this isnt a some kind of a new obj279

  50. The_Un4g1ven , EU

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