2 NEW MAPS + Player Completed The Marathon in 26h! | World of Tanks 1.11+ New Canyon and Island Maps

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World of Tanks New Canyon Map and Island Map Preview, Kraftwerk Map Rework. World of Tanks Winter Object 274A Gameplay, 8 Soviet Premium Medium Tank, The Polar Challenge – Tier 8 Premium Medium Tank. World of Tanks Update 1.11+ Patch News.

Today I am back with some more new fresh news about World of Tanks. Let’s take a at a who already completed The Polar Challenge, our newest marathon for a free 8 premium tank in 26h. The managed to complete everything and Object 274a is freely in his garage.
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What do you think?


  1. So… Where are you with your marathon, I haven’t even started yet and there are players who have already completed it! 😀
    Have a nice weekend, my friends! 😀

  2. Ivan Marisavljevic12345

    i love 3 arty per game 3+ lights per game 2+ mm insanly broken cheaf 907 ebrs tier 10 game play is so dog shit even sir foch fucked off from the game is rly bad everyting is heat heat heat

  3. I mean yeah if no life it lmao

  4. Psh, record? I beat the marathon within 1 minute. Clearly never heard of the Credit card trick.

  5. I’ve been grinding up the Badger line because it’s been On Track on NA server, so I got the Tortoise and have been playing it a lot the past couple days. I’ve already got half way through the 274 missions.

  6. EBRs with 3 Artys machs Will be shining there brightier then the Sun!!!

  7. I’m so sad the mission unrelated to exp are only accessible to tank 9/10 if only we could do them with 8 or even 7 too it would make it way easier

  8. Add 2 maps, remove Berlin, Paris, Mines pls….

  9. Hi dez some of us have a life and we are not community contributors earning money by making videos

  10. This ain’t looking good..
    But whatever, we are used to this stuff

  11. Interesting…

  12. meh, gold spammer

  13. Wow, that guy is a true legend 😀

  14. Went to 50% then gave in

  15. Doesn’t count he’s a speed runner

  16. What’s the point of new maps, too late for them now. The player base has dwindled due to no balance and where every battle is now 15/4. As for events I learned years ago they are aimed at p2w and even if they ain’t like frontlines, I’m 2 tokens short to get a reward tank for my effort and then WG go and change the mode to steel hunter where I have Zero interest in playing to get the needed 2 tokens… whatever WG.

  17. The guy who completed the marathon honestly doesn’t get frustrated by the game. Probably feela like a breeze to him. I also like the changes that they made to the frontline map. I’m quite eager to play on it again. As for the other two new maps, to me they look unbalanced at the moment. So yeah. Gonna first have to wait and see if they actually get released before we can really say much about them.

  18. 3rd day in, up to stage 6 and as of writing 3.8k exp in it. Haven’t met the quota of 30% with that…

  19. They really like those shitty little shoe box symmetrical maps where you are gridlocked and can’t do shit.

  20. Hmm, new maps yay, we really need more maps in the rotation. However: canyon looks like airfield aka you push you die & arty paradise.
    Island, spot 2 looks like whoever takes it wins, so aka mines v2.0.
    Pushing out of the town on island looks like a killing field & it will be interesting to see how much arty cover the town & hill actually get

  21. 11:00 Hummmm Interesting design…LOL

  22. Agricultural Bank Of China

    “heaven for SPGs” are they serious.

  23. Canyon is a big ol no from me.
    Retarty is a mechanic that never should have been put in in the first place and doesn’t need any help EVER.
    Island needs work but is serviceable.
    Either bin the middle hill or make it where you can’t shoot down, also for once could we get a city with more than one road running through it? I’m sick and tired of the no option one road cities and I drive heavily armored tanks.

  24. If the map makers actually played the game then they would know of the imbalances.

  25. Am I the only one who see’s two male genitals at Canyon map? First at middle of map around 1-2 lines pointing to center of map. Second is the stone formation at 8-9 lines pointing to center also.

  26. I hope this doesn’t mean that WG will make the Marathon Harder.

  27. The last map looks beautiful and i dont really like rush hill maps like the first one for standard battle, it will suck in most cases and ebrs will take the game if they manage to climb the hill, anyhow i like that they are finally adding new maps it is boring to play on this ones all the time.

  28. Any additional maps are very welcome. WG have been lazy as hell not producing more maps. 10,000 tanks and only about 10 maps.

  29. XD rn im doing mission 5

  30. A truly no lifer :)) 26h?

  31. I started 8 yesterday

  32. The priority should be fix the current maps

  33. Canion feels like Hidden Valley/Village the Asian Summer map.

  34. I thought you could complete the marathon with your credit card?

  35. Only problem with desert maps is that players who bought a premium tank and see too many tomato team mates, they have no place to drown.

  36. More maps/old maps, than another ObjectWhatever.

  37. ISERVERI is a former member TORNADO ENERGY team , won the last two WOT championships . ( TORNADO VS NAVI finals )

  38. wow 26 hours… no life, I am on stage 6 though 🙂 /// more maps should be good , as long as they are not very bad like pearl river , it has to be reworked

  39. Prediction before watching: the player used pay2win and a lot of meta tanks

  40. After 2 days playing (average player) I’m on level 6. My aim is level 9 as I don’t think the last level is worth the 2 days it would take to grind.
    Regarding Frontline, I hated every minute of it. I was absolutely crap and constantly frustrated at being perma spotted and killed. Only played it for the AE phase 1. Never again.
    Keep up the great content.

  41. The player that completed the challenge in 26 hours: “WOOO YEEEAAAA COCAINE!!!”
    Me: at level 3 wishing it was like the HT no6 or t3485m missions “🙂🔫”

  42. New standard maps look very pretty, but island looks like it combines worst elements of Mines and Province 🙁

  43. Get ready for the band Kraftwerk suing Wargaming about using their Trademark band name for one of their maps ….

  44. Somebody knows when the loot boxes will be available in the store? 🎁🤔

  45. Map canyon is already at PS4 version of WoT

  46. Why on earth would you design maps for certain vehicles, when we will never be in the “right” vehicle when we get this map loaded in ?

  47. i like the new maps at a firs glance. But why cant WOT do a Table Top map for the Xmas period. Bit like the old micro machines. Still keep the same tanks but make the map funny.

  48. i just started stage 5… but meh , i don t like grind it this . anyway i play casual , not unicum starts or somethin , like 7.5k personal score

  49. nice im on stage 9 this has been a easy marathon

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