2 PLAYERS 13 KILLS – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Sometimes in of Tanks you meet teammates that hit different, _Dragutte_ is certainly a heavy hitter of !



  1. Perfect timing, just finished cooking lunch and scouted for some good videos for just now

  2. QB Please do more commentaries on amazing replays like you used to do before! It was your best content

  3. stop deleting other peoples clips of you, if you just laughed it off you’d have so much more reputation, you are bleeding your reputation so quickly. i liked your content for a long time, but not really anymore. its sad to watch now.

    • Wosanda Keween Jayaweera 10-H

      Leave him alone dude, qb always makes good content on youtube, don’t compare the twitch ones with YouTube ones. They aren’t the same.

    • Wdym people clips of you?

    • You mean he is striking or copy right other YT videos with QB in it??

      He can not delete other people videos of games played with him in, but he can put a claim on video that is recorded from his stream and posted to YT..
      Unless QB uploads a video to WOT replys then it is far use..

    • Wait qb deleting these toxic videos about him? If that’s the case good for him…. If they didn’t ask his permission that’s pure insult nothing fun about it stop defending these asholes, and if u refer to something else tell me i might be mistaken

  4. ayo the title

  5. UNICORN - S.F. 3 - Pro gameplay🍀

    Wonderful sharing!

  6. you laugh you phill

    Any plans to bring back sub replays? They were interesting

  7. These are the replies we want more of, great commentary as per usual and wholesome synergy with the community.

  8. What?? You actually played properly in this tank? It feels like you’re usually just dejected when you play this one and the quality of your plays is whatever during that time 😀

  9. BrainlessNukerPerson

    This tank toon is comepletely FINE (pls give me a nuke)

  10. Nice!!

  11. Lmao why do u have 90k+ fps… I barely get 210 on maximum graphics

  12. Great video QB hope you have a good holiday ehhh!!!

  13. Fay tank for plats is E-25

  14. That was great to watch, well done.

  15. 10:50 ah yes the 58, quite indeed.

  16. One word, spectacular.

  17. God damn you QB. Your videos started showing up again and got me to reinstall WOT. By blood pressure reminded me why it wasn’t installed.

  18. Not op at all….. But the E25 so op….

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