2 Rounds IN THE CHAMBER – Twin GUN Type 60 (War Thunder Gameplay)

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2 IN THE CHAMBER – Twin Type 60 (War Thunder Gameplay)


  1. Get the highest br you can and take out a PBY with the lowest bomb weight

  2. I wish warthunder added a vehicle that was just a recoilless rifle on a Willis jeep

  3. Hey yo Phly…Loving the Unloved
    Pz 3 N
    u know what to do :3

  4. Hey Phly did you just say “Tabarnak”? When you got killed the first time in Sinai?

  5. Guess the tank Ifunny

    Those 50 cals have the same ballistics as the gun

  6. music giving me UP flashbacks

  7. Two rounds in THE chamber? No, two rounds in two different chambers, learn guns plz.

  8. The intro music is from “UP” and I’m already sad, even before the actual game play begins.

  9. ScipionLaurentiend

    Nice try on the Tabarnack Phly….good vid keep it up

  10. The “UP” music in the beginning ???

  11. Play the weirdly looking BMP 1

  12. Hey guys, do you ever wonder if a Type 60 ATM and a Type 60 SPRR had a baby? Well yes, there is such thing, and it is going to be very derpy if added to the game.


    Just Highlight this and left click to see this monstrosity.

  13. That intro was *up* lifting

  14. ɖɛɱơŋℓσνє

    final fuckin lee

  15. Unloving the unloved: Chi Nu 2 badass 3.7 tank never featured before

  16. Challenge time phly bounce a shell of a tank and kill another one attempt #1

  17. Phly pls use the Kingfisher! (Im still going)

  18. Stwer Emil!!!!

  19. Please do a video highlighting the J7W1 that you briefly flew in this video.

  20. My good buddy Phly! Love you dude!

  21. Hey phly you should try out dreadnought. If you like huge kick ass take names kinda of ships then you’ll like it. It’s like war thunder/WoT but spacey

  22. Michael Mcgilbery

    PHLY use some of that clout you have with Gaijin to get them to fix the Reload mechanics on the Type 60. It’s very annoying that the second gun does not get more ammo in a Cap zone.

  23. What’s the video where Phly has a mini montage using Levan polka?

  24. What is the name of the aircraft at the end of the video?

  25. just imagine the m50 ontos in here

  26. The type 60 sprg is the tank that I really want to try and get but I’m stuck at the M4A3 (76) W

  27. Yusuf Gökberk Oluk

    It s guns like AA

  28. Tom A.K.A hellcat Familie

    The 2 guns were recolles

  29. Phly, the kinda guy that is about to shoot at an aircraft by shooting the ground with his main gun, even though he has twin MG’s.

  30. j7w1 for the empire technology.

  31. Just wait for Type 60’s upgrade…

  32. All I see with that tank is a huge face on the back of the turret with a red nose and a smiles while having his arm propped over the side where the exhaust is. Looks like an incomplete transformer that I cannot unsee

  33. Recoiless as in doesn’t have any kind of recoil system. its just a tube, shell in one end boom out the other. like a rocket launcher. it also vents a small amount out the back to ease presser and lessen recoil

  34. so basically its a double barrel shotgun

  35. Swear this tank had heat shells

  36. at the start you did steal a kill that was his

  37. Next on Loving the unlovee,
    bf109 (the 1.3 tier 2 one

  38. Phly, Sturmpanzer II Vs tier 5 plz make this for (mother of all HE !!)

  39. Type 60 is bugged, only one gun reloads in the cap for some reason. Been this way since it was added.

  40. Phly take the t34 but no commies aloud so take the 120mm USA STRONG TANK. PHLY FOR AMERICA SURVE OUR COUNTRY PROUDLY

  41. at the start we have minor team dumbass

  42. A in A6M is the type of aircraft – carrier fighter

  43. That intro was great

  44. Phly, do you think that “married life” is the right song to introduce a war game?

  45. Sturmpanzer II

  46. Douglas Macarthur

    Omg the opening was amazing?

  47. I wish you could mentor me lol. I really need improvement.

  48. I guess the Japanese Equivalent of Rush B (Berlin) could be Rush A (Anqing)
    Maybe Anqing cos it’s near Nanking???? I’m not sure…

  49. bro do u play on PC or PS4 ?

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