2 SPG IN 1 SHOT! QuickyBaby Best Moments #5

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  1. keep these coming!!!

  2. 10:20 you gave it a good lead mate

  3. is the ammo type indicator in 5:30 already exist in WOT settings or its an external MOD pack?

  4. *Kills someone*
    Quickybaby: HaHaHahAhAhAhA!!!

  5. Loved your expressions, had a good chuckle.

  6. Thanks for the laughs. The cranberry chicken had me seriously laughing out loud.

  7. Have been getting back into WoT on console and no one told me there is a Borsig auto-loader…

  8. The SPG shot on the Progetto was RNG incarnate. Don’t think I have ever gotten that high a roll on anything with non paper/open topped tanks when I am playing spgs

  9. This is wholesome

  10. I’ve been watching a lot of WoT funny moments videos. They are good but not as good when there’s commentary like this!

  11. Keep ’em coming!

  12. 2:22 i never seen the bias so clearly

  13. 2:26 “Did that just fly at the weakpoint”
    Well of course they did. All Russian tanks fire ATGS (Anti-tank guided shells)

  14. when he laugh is so funny XD…

  15. WHAT! I missed QB playing warzone!?!? :O Great compilation dude!!!!

  16. No, the best bombardier medal is killing a Super Conqueror and an AMX 13 105 with one shot in a T49. (Running a derp gun obviously.)

    Edit: Sorry, maybe a bit of salt in that comment because Quicky is having more fun than me in WoT.

  17. These are great. Lol you are such a muppet sometimes 🤣

  18. 3:25 what tank is this?

  19. I was there for that epic CoD game, it was awesome!

  20. keep them coming!!

  21. 2:22 there is no russian bias, kappa

  22. Qb is gonna be modern warfare streamer from now

  23. Kill 2 EBRs with a single shot and I’ll buy you a beer.

  24. Wot

  25. QB: I don’t know how to use fps guns, but I do know how to use an RPG

    Me: RPG=KV-2

  26. Love ya!!!

  27. omg lol

  28. Dude I dont know how you can play for billions of hours. I play 2 games and im done with it.

  29. Damn Quicky, 11 kill in Warzone BR? Very impressive!

  30. at 3min 40sec lol just lol

  31. Quantum Hero39 Prime

    xD stick him a eatting meme! xDeatting the sandwich. also, i absolutely hate players using APCR, HEAT and other gold ammo. coward ritch assholes. youdon’t always pay to wing. most of the time you pay to lose. even blue WN8 guys can get killed, by a bunch of noblets, when you got lucky enough.

  32. Quantum Hero39 Prime

    wait! xD you was the weirdow who had the gun barrel up to the top, on tier 5 desteoyer??? xDDD me and my friend Alex, laughed soo much at you!! xD or was someone else imitating you brosky?

  33. Ah yes the ol stalinium guided shells

  34. Awesome 😀

  35. You should stream more Warzone 🙂

  36. Quicky reminds me of my british grandma if i had one..

  37. although this was funny, it was not on the same amusement level as the past 4 videos

  38. Antanas Jankauskas

    Thank you so much, Will. This is awesome content.

  39. 4:19 Why? Just Why? You kill the whole team you get like 300 xp.

  40. 4:30 the drdisrespect moment lul

  41. What tanks fired two shots at the same time? Haven’t seen that before

  42. 2 girls 1 cup of wot

  43. Óne of your best series QB!

  44. Hi Quicky . I am from russian server . I like your videos so much 😃 will you stream in youtube ? Let me know please

  45. OMG the gulag bit

  46. when frontline has completely taken you soul… COD:warzone

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