2 vs 10, The DREAM Enemy Team! | World of Tanks Progetto 65 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

of Tanks Progetto mod. 65 Gameplay, Epic Battle. of Tanks Progetto 65, Tier 10 Italian Tank. of Tanks Best Replays / Best Battles.

Where can I get those dream teams? What do I have to do?
Anyway, all jokes aside, today I am going to show you one battle with Progetto 65, who will find itself in the 2 vs 10 situation… but because enemy team can not make more mistakes, this is going to be a lot more interesting battle! 🙂

Enjoy the show!


  1. For me the first was the best,but i liked all of them.

  2. Username: The_Pessimist
    Server: EU
    Answer: Die Hard 1

  3. Will you still give me the t34 if i say i never saw one of the die hard movies?
    Username: Object_221
    EU server

  4. The first 30 seconds of the video are litterally making me fall asleep???

  5. Username:darackiller1106
    Firtst die hard is best for me, best xmas movies

  6. Csaba Almási-Szabó

    Username: lovesausage
    Server: EU
    Answer: Die Hard 1

  7. Gotta be the original. The first Die Hard was the best because it was a new concept for a storyline.
    IGN: Gargoyle_UR
    Server: NA

  8. Богдан Соломатин

    Username: Xzyrex
    Server: RU
    Answer: Die Hard

  9. Username: puzzlebreaker
    Server: EU
    Answer: Die Hard 3

  10. Username: Count_Gorgonzola
    Server: EU
    Die hard 1!!

  11. Answer: Definately Die Hard 3 hahah
    BTW Merry Xmas and happy new yeard Dez keep making awesome vids

  12. Username: matildaabg
    Server: EU
    Answer: Die Hard1

  13. Name: juliandejunkinl
    Server: EU
    Die hard 1.

  14. Keyboardsmasher69, EU
    I liked the third one the most

  15. Username: deathwraith5150
    Server: NA
    Answer: Has to be the original, Die Hard! It IS a Christmas movie after all! Lol.

  16. Username: armandoliver1234
    Server: EU
    Die hard 3 (:

  17. N1L2_FIRE
    Die Hard 1

  18. Name: alidad
    Server: EU
    Did hard 1!

  19. Username: Boscar2811
    Server: EU
    Answer: Die Hard 3 😉

  20. Username: Slind
    Server: EU
    Best Die Hard is the first one

  21. Die hard 1
    Name: _tornado_3
    Server: EU

  22. Username :Sempervirescente Server : Eu
    Answer : Die hard 1

  23. Username: Vasfugony
    Server: Eu
    Answer: Die hard 1

  24. Username: XeroDragonSlayr
    Server: NA
    Die hard 3 all the way

  25. Username: akedintm
    Server: eu
    My fav is die hard 2

  26. Die Hard 1

  27. Username: Hammer_Of_Gods
    Server: EU
    DIE HARD 3.

  28. Username: ati2400
    Answer: Die hard1

  29. bence66
    I haven’t seen any of them so I guess Die Hard 1 😀

  30. Santhiti Tigpanyavut

    Name: Madwhale
    Server: SEA
    Answer: The original die hard 1 is the best.

  31. Hi Dez,
    Gotta be the original and best Die Hard with the great Alan Rickman for me.
    Username: Sodoff1
    Server: EU

  32. D꙰A꙰R꙰K꙰Z꙰A꙰R꙰

    Username: Xmenhazar
    Server: EU
    DIE HARD 1

  33. Lezerszem
    Die Hard 1

  34. Username:kecseti21
    Answer: I have never seen anyone 😀

  35. Username: Antarctica_1
    Server: EU
    Answer: Die hard 1,2 and 3 how can Anyone pick one
    Yippee kayyeay

  36. Answer: Die hard 1
    Username: Heykys
    Server EU

  37. Die_Sturmtruppe [J_F-F]

    Username: Die_Sturmtruppe
    Answer: I dont know never seen this movie and dont need an t34 85m xD

  38. Name: BierPens
    Server: EU
    Die Hard 6

  39. Alberto Lopez Martin

    Hi Dez, well I think my favourite one is Die Hard 1
    My name is Tico1112 and I’m from the EU server ?

  40. Nice one DezGamez: But why the different usernames from: CrazyyhaWk to Makaka228 in the credits?


    username: 4aint
    EU Server

  41. Answer: I don’t know because I’ve never had the chance to see any of the Die Hard movies. Sorry.
    Username: ShermanMaster04
    Server: US Central

  42. Username: scunc
    Server: EU
    Answer: Die Hard – the original 🙂

  43. The film with the hostages in the office building, (around new year i tyink) can’t remember the number.
    Ign SuperMats2

  44. Username: ptixiouxos_soblazis1
    Answer: Die Hard 1

  45. My favorite Die hard movie is the 1

    Server eu

  46. Username:Juukelinpuukeli
    Die hard 1

  47. User: Bighanson
    Die Hard 3

  48. Username:lou14
    Die hard 2

  49. Die hard 1

  50. Username: Quottrup1998
    Answer: Die Hard 2
    Server: EU

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