20,000 Subscriber Live Stream

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Source: LemmingRush

Stream Information:


Friday Evenings at 9:00 EST to about 11:00 EST

[Day TBA] Stream on 11:00 AM Mountain Time, or 7:00 PM CEST for the Eurofa I mean European viewerbase

My Stats

Tank Requests
Are 5$, ask before you donate because If im trying to 3 mark a tank or something that requires specific tank play I probably wont play your tank even if you donate.

You definitely don’t need to donate, but if you’d like to you can do so with the link down below 🙂



  1. Sorry I missed it!

  2. GymLeader_Giovanni

    Sumbitch. I missed it because I was playing Witcher 3, RIP

  3. Bruh notifications showed me 15mins ago…..and it says this stream started an hour ago and 30mins

  4. Congrats Lemming <3 Love your content. I'm sad I couldn't catch the stream live because of Aus timezones lol.

  5. Lemming. I do occasionally have fun in the game, but… one of many examples- yesterday I thought I would do few battles in WZ111 t8 premium. I have done 16 battles. every each battle I had in T9 mm. so what is the fun having type 4 heavy, Maushien, VK100, VK45 Against you. someone would say go to meds side but not easy to penetrate e50, t54 with 175 pen. after 16 battles in a row in t9 mm u do feel fucked by WG.

  6. Craig Battenberg

    i have the worst luck with this tank

  7. whats up 1500 views 7 comments +the comment you are reading from me is not real its an ilusion from the fabric of cosmos 😉

  8. Unicum – a unique example or specimen, rare. Congrats on the stream. You have been really helpful with your vids and advice. gg

  9. great play LemmingRush

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