20,000 Subscriber Q&A Answers

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  1. Hi Noti sqaud.. I hope
    Where you at?
    Also, I haven’t been this early in months.

  2. does AMX 30b still worth it after the new HD rework?

  3. Don’t worry, I pay you well Kappa

    btw I’m gonna donate and request an AMX 40 game at some point

  4. Your the best bud

  5. Lemming its late… W h y

    Also, what illness was it?

  6. pls gib me cum daddy

  7. love your work, keep it up!

  8. To another 20 000 🙂

  9. Thank you for including questions of “Aurmas Tico” in this video and answering them 😉

  10. 15:35 in and no shoutout 🙁

  11. you should take a face cam (so we can see your reaction when you face a maus and you can’t pen it)

  12. Would you consider playing wot on console?

  13. Deathworm of Death

    If you want to play lower tiers, definitely check out the amx 13 75 and 57f. The only real downsides they have are really low shell counts. I’m a pretty average player but even I manage over 3k wn8 and a 58% winrate in my 13 75.

  14. What’s the reason that you say the M48 Patton line is really fun? (ie. Gun depression etc.)

  15. 21:16 – My favorite part

  16. гапdом гапdом


  17. Great video mate, enjoyed it and found it very interesting 🙂

  18. i started the m48 line 2 months ago when i saw you playing it. i am at m46 right now. I enjoyed every single tank, and the dpm on m46 is so nice


    Kick some more ass lemmingrush, your awesome. (:

  20. That last HE shot was nice, didn’t even think of it. Good luck if the dc tryouts are still going 😉

  21. Hey got a question: it’s about wn8 (oh no must be a stat padder) but, does assist damage contribute to more wn8 or damage alone?

  22. What about Shishx?

  23. Your great LemmingRush, you have helped me so much in this game. Thank you so much for making great videos, keep up the great work man.

  24. when lemming is younger than you, but he’s 1000000x better at wot than you are x)

  25. Will ye try playing blitz m8?

  26. Angana Kalsare Palihapitiya Gamage

    Hey LemmingRush, what do you use to record wot gameplays?

  27. Lol much smoother this time around since no rambles. well done

  28. Gz on 20k man! Well you deserve it aside from being a good player you are a good teacher aswell and thats why im here to learn. Im a potatoe trying to better himself so your videos are much appriciated keep it up 🙂 sorry for bad englando 😛

  29. Thanks Lemming. That was great. Hope to see another one at 50K subs.

  30. What do you think about the role change of the lights since 9.17 and 9.18? Wargaming spend the lights stabilizer on one side but lowered their horsepower to ton ratio partitially drastically. They lowered also the view range. This weaken the role of the Lights. For my understanding its essential to reach a firstspot fast. My best weapon is the view range and collecting Information until I see a opportunity to do more than spotting. I have now Lights which give a shit on spotting in my team. They are now toptier damage dealer in direct competition to the mediums which has on the same tier no stabilizer. With all this Lights – without no plan – the gameplay speed up drastically – for a fast victory or a fast lose. The unnerfed premium lights are not helpful in this case.

  31. 25 minute video and no dick pic, what a prude.

  32. i am surprised no one asked him if he drinks milk from bags

  33. 9:23 Great use of ammunition. 🙂

  34. Nice try lemming but you can´t fool us with showing us the same replay twice in 2 days

  35. i don’t know how you became 85th but Well played. I am actually 37359(better than 97.46%) in eu and gently working my way up but it’s hard and it becomes harder with my number of battle but at least Your advices help sometimes (eu is not na)

  36. good luck with the channel you deserve more than 20k subs for the work you do + why not stream on twitch you will get more donations and it will be easy to platoon with twitch subs (lower number than YouTube subs ) and your channel will be more exposed its will grow faster

  37. Usernames and XVM are important for only ONE reason. And this reason is too see how many useless, fuckwit, absolutely RETARDED fucking South Americans are on your team. People bitch about MM rigging, others bitch about overpowered tanks, other bitch about the +/- 2 in the MM. But the only truly thing overpowered in WoT is your average, everyday fucking beaner. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are some decent Latin players, but they are mostly concentrated into 3 or 4 clans, the other 90%+ of them are about as fucking useful as Anne Frank’s drumset was. This is the byproduct of WG lowering their system requirements so low that any retard can go to their local barrio dump, dig out a 20 year old MAC, and play World of Tanks. No indoor plumbing, no running water, lack of food or necessary social services (especially Venezuela,) but hey, high speed SpicNet for video games! #Priorities

  38. Wow only 18! you sound so mature. glad QB never featured you, otherwise we all would have missed out on the great personality you are

  39. Oscar Simpson griffiths

    Hey lemming congrats on the 20k subs

  40. Oh and before I forget “Fuck aiming, fuck shooting at weakspots, just load gold.” Fucking typical purple scumbag…

  41. It's not what you think


  42. The answer to the question at 22:35 was too funny

  43. can you do an review of the is 7

  44. lemming.. what tier 10 would u recommend me getting? (not autoloaders or russian)
    patton? e50m? e5? stb1? 30b? leo1? or what?

  45. Kemal Mutluergil

    I just realized this was the only Q&A that I watched till the end.

  46. Marinka Michielsen

    CDC line the most painful??? It’s a premium tank right, or am I thinking something wrong.

  47. did anybody else spot how similar quickbaby’s “1 vs 5” video is, and the first game in this video?Love you lemming!

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