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  1. What is your opinion on ranked battles in World of Tanks?

  2. Hey It's Franklin Hidden

    from one dude to another I love your flirty/nervous laugh. No homo. Seriously though you provide the best wot strats

  3. some day i play good and some day my whole session fucked up… why do you think is that? People say wg’s mm aiming to make every player around %50 win rate so bad players can feel good about themselves and they spend money. You know a full day of extra short and shitty games and the next day super good games for farming damage and win not making sense. Do you have days like this and why do you think its hapening? Is it my fault or its just how pub matches works. Thaks…

  4. Congrats on 20k bude good job. keep up the great work. TC

  5. When did you started caring about your winrate? And how many games took you become a unicum?

  6. What’s your opinion on the latest changes to the arty? Do you think it still has a place in the game?

  7. What are your tips for grinding the E 75? Been trying for a while and just can’t get to grips with it.

  8. Can you release more map tactic videos, I feel they help the most. Also, since I have started watching you videos my WN8 has gone from 746 to 1342, all thanks to your guides. proof

  9. What’s your bra size?

  10. Hey Lemming, how do you grind to tier 10, and if you don’t, how do you grind/use free XP to maximize a tank/tank line’s potential?

  11. Is Hoarce daddy?

  12. What are your favorite medium tanks ?

  13. What are your specs?

  14. what s your pc specs

  15. how can we stop wargaming to change the bc25t ,it is so stupid.

  16. Derrick Ranshaw

    Hey, Lemming, my question is how are you always able to have so much influence on the battle? I just don’t get it I go where you go I do what you do I watch you and circon and quickybaby and all the other YouTubers and have probably watched every WOT video on the internet and yet ( I hate to sound cliche here) my team always folds or I get clicked by arty all the time or have 15 game losing streaks. I just don’t understand.
    Congratulations on 20k subs I hope you get many more keep it up with the great content.

  17. How much longer do you see yourself playing WoT on a regular basis and how much longer do you think WoT will have a healthy player base?

  18. Can you confirm the fact that you sir in fact have a “Candy Ass” ? Thank you.

  19. which tank line made u suffer the most, or made u quit grinding it?
    which tank do u hate the most?
    can u play a game in t49 full heat on derp gun?

  20. Do you like Aesthetic?

  21. Are you going to hammer WG for the just broken matchmaker they have saddled us with.
    By the way after watching your videos I usually calm down and play better, but eventually get a blood rush and undo all the good work.

  22. Lemming, here is the question that none of the other wot youtubers dare address.  Will you have the stones to tackle it?  What are your thoughts on Skill Based MM being added to the game?  Let me be specific here, I’m not talking about leagues, or separate brackets.  I’m simply talking about once the 30 tanks are selected using the current MM, adding a quick simple second step where MM would swap players between teams until the teams were ‘roughly’ balanced in terms of skill.  I.e. both teams get 2 purples, 4 greens, 6 yellows, 1 orange, and 2 reds – +/-1 for each category.  (Colors based on xvm current color rating system).  Or whatever ‘somewhat equal’ distribution of skill between teams.  It could just as easily be both teams get 3 yellows, 8 oranges, and 3 reds.  As long as its roughly the same.  Keep in mind all swaps would occur ‘horizontally’ to maintain tank type/weight balance.  I.e the top tier player could only be swapped across for the other top tier player.  Or the 6th top tier player could only be swapped for the enemy 6th top tier player, etc.  —  Why I ask…   It’s my opinion that having a mix of skill levels in every match is beneficial.  It adds variety.  It allows lesser skilled players to be exposed to higher skilled players (hopefully they will learn a thing or two).  It means WG only needs ‘one’ player base, thus maintaining the server population and avoiding long waits for games to start.  BUT, I also know having one team full of blue/green/yellow players facing off against a team of red/orange players is inherently unfair, and practically unfun.  In fact if one team has 5ish more red/orange players than the other, it’s almost a guaranteed loss (unless the 1 or 2 skilled players stuck on the less skilled team have an exceptional game).  I’ve tracked thousands of battles and have the data to show these mismatches happen around 40% of all games.  Now 20% of the time you are on the crap team, and 20% of the time you are on the gifted team.  But while that does ‘balance out’, it’s still crap.  Being one of 2-3 skilled players on an otherwise full tomato team going up against a team with 10-12 skilled players is frustrating as hell.  Being on the skilled team and pummeling a bunch of amateurs is boring as hell.  It would be nice to have a youtube content provider weigh in on the matter.  Thanks.  (P.S.  Just for fun, you should try tracking a few hundred battles.  Nothing fancy.  A piece of scrap paper next to your mouse.  Every time your team gets a significant skill advantage, put a ‘+’.  Then put a ‘W’ or a ‘L’ when you know the battle result.  I bet you’ll find the vast majority of the time the lesser skilled team loses.  Not necessarily by blowout, but just loses most of the time.  The only thing that might skew the results is how good you are.  Most of us mortals can’t make up for having 5,9,11..  bad teammates when facing a team with mostly skilled players.)

  23. How did you get into streaming/youtube/content production? Im an okay player (3.2k recent wn8) and ive tried making some meme videos just for fun but ive never really had inspiration to make something with substance. What made you want to start a youtube channel where you explain game mechanics and etc?

  24. Am i cool?

  25. If you were lucky enough to pick… would your girl have a nice ass or nice rack?

  26. t62a or obj 140? xD

  27. do you have pet

  28. Did you really freeXP all the freaking way to the CGC? :)))

  29. How did you get to World of tanks?

    If you could change three things in World of tanks….what would it be?

  30. What’s your opinion on WGL, and have you been approached by a team yet or would you consider ever playing in it?

  31. What other hobbies do you have apart from playing games and making vids about them?

  32. well idk what to ask since u answer all my stuff on the stream. but bruh do more live streams. i love ur videos also since u go in really good depth, but on live streams we can see u in the action live and see many different maps. so id love more vids and streams. and upload all ur streams if u can, i dont wana miss any. and remember when i said u are 1 of the top 2-3 wot utubers videowise? well i thought about it and honestly u are actually number 1. there’s no other utubers that really actually tries to make other people better, wanting to improve other players. theres some nice utubers for sure but they are more about fun in wot and dont aim to improve people. QB is nice but he doesnt really give advice, he only speaks about some positions and bushes.. u do so much more, u deserve 1 million subscribers not 20k.. love u #NoHomo

  33. At what point were you happiest in life, and why?

  34. how did find out about wold of tanks?
    If WG carry on to nerf the BC how would you respond?
    Have u ever been in a leauge team?
    QB OR DAKILZOR live stream?
    Who would win.
    Bloop gaming In strv 103B or you in a E5?

  35. Krisztián Mátraházi

    Have you ever done esports?

  36. Do you have brothers and/or sisters? Maybe a pet too? 🙂

  37. risto hatikainen

    do you have a girl friend?

  38. Can we play in platoon togeder?
    If we can here is my username: THENOTORIOUSKUBA_

  39. Nemanja Andrejević

    Can you feature Type 62 gameplay on your channel?

  40. Davor Berecevic

    Congrats Lemming!! 🙂
    I’m watching your videos every day for about a year now. Can you make some series for helping players that are grinding T4 – T7 tanks how to be more efficient in the game and make some suggestions how to grind specific lines of tanks? I’m average player (probably red, I don’t use XVM) with almost 3k battles and about 49% of wins. But I’m still grinding trough tier 6 and I’m playing mainly for fun 2 or 3 times a week.
    I must admit that your videos are the main reason that I’m playing better lately. But I’ve noticed one thing and that’s that you can’t rely on your team in battles in tiers 4 to 6. But when I play T8 premium tank, it’s a different story. Many thanks and keep up with great work! And I don’t want you to send me free gold and stuff like that as I saw in some previous comments!
    Best regards! 😉

  41. Why are you goldspamming noob?

  42. How old are you?

  43. What’s your frst name? 🙂

  44. What are you favorite tanks? Personal money making tanks? Favorite moment in the game? Keep making great content!

  45. Hi LemmingRush, New Subscriber here, Love your videos and how you explain your game play. My question is, which tier 10 light tank would you research first out of Russian, chinese and German ? im tier 8 or 9 on these 3 but dunno which one to research first ? thanks

  46. How much money do you spend in a month to wot?

  47. Hampus Johansson

    What do you do for a living?

  48. why is it that most high blue/purple players that I see play medium tanks and not heavy or TDs. is that just the way the meda is right now or what?

  49. also 2 more
    110 or IS-3
    can you make a video with a list of what you think are the most OP prem tanks

  50. Hrafnkell Haraldsson

    Do you think World of Tanks is headed in the right direction or is Wargaming slowly destroying their franchise with recent nerfs and buffs and the pay to win premiums?

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