200,000 SUBSCRIBERS COMPETITION – Type 59 and more!

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Deadline: 14/01/2015

Patch 9.5 replays.

Criteria – EXP, DMG and Kills.

1 x Fury
1 x 6,000 gold
1 x

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From 18:00-CET / 17:00-GMT / 12:00-EST

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  1. Only unicum players wins…

  2. DAAAMMNN!!! I just had one of the best games ever with obj. 416 with over
    7k damage and I didn’t take that replay cause I tought that I wouldn’t need
    it…. shit..

  3. Well that sucks. Only open to EU and basically the “good” players.

  4. I havent a chance to win this 🙁 im just decent other vert experient
    players will win :(

  5. Well I have no chance of winning XD

  6. Well, it’s only for EU?

  7. When i got reword pls send me gold i don’t know what to do with premium
    tank i can’t even drive all normal tanks i have :)

  8. Is this only for the EU players? What about us on the North American
    server, nothing for us? Are we chopped liver or something! ;(

  9. I was really hyped about this competition because I was going to try and
    win something. Then he said EU only, they I said fuck it.

  10. Hey QuickyBaby, I was just wondering, would you ever show WoT Blitz

  11. Oo come on only for EU ok man GL you

  12. does the replay have to be good 😀 

  13. I dont know if he told that, but from when can we sending replays ???

  14. My fellow americans we should unsebscribe because this wanker does not love

  15. Well this is great, so many of your subs are from north America, like
    myself, and we are sidelined. Who cares where the prizes come from, you
    could offer equivalents. Also this kind of judging system only favors the
    pros and people regularly win prizes for wot, people who play so much and
    so hard the at they have achieved a level of play so much higher than
    everyone else! Some people will never achieve such high dmg or kills or xp.
    Oh well guess there is nothing to be done! 

  16. There’s no point me even bothering cos i know i’ll never win

  17. So I will never qualify good to know not to even try, only people who
    already own any of these tank will be the only ones to win them nice….

  18. Bah! I’m on the asia server so I keep missing out on contests. (This and
    Foch’s Will it Derp specifically.) Though I guess I would have no chance of
    winning this one as I’m not a unicum. 

  19. Christopher Harper

    Younoob! 200,000 subs and to reward them, your contest is only available
    for what 1/25 of them? Maybe 1/3?
    You numbers are outrageous, we know you are getting mad bank, why not
    increase the competition offering gold or purchasable tanks? It doesn’t
    have to be rare. At least you can be giving a tier 8 medium tank to someone
    that can most likely use it, or the gold equivalent so they could buy their
    own, right?
    Give back to the community that have gotten you this far, you know?

  20. This is so unfair for those, who doesnt have replay’s turned on, because
    they cannot afford it due to their weak computer… Anyways I have a Type
    59 already, but I’d be happy with that 6000 gold, too. But this is still
    really not fair.

  21. its a little bias how your doing this competitions entrys, some of us dont
    play world of tanks, we just watch you, and that means we dont have a
    chance at even ENTERING this competition, imagine how you would feel if
    someone put your ABSOLUTE FAVORITE food RIGHT out of your reach, not a very
    nice feeling, is it?

  22. Congrats on 200k QB
    -NZ subscribers o7

  23. But why how can i find my replay?

  24. Alle i want is Fury I would take that as 1st price :D

  25. Sadly I’ve been to lazy to submit replays lol, oh well. I’ll enjoy watching
    what others submit

  26. No matter what contest you will do, people will steel complain.

  27. Swear to god if I can’t fine my 8 kill ELC game with 2.8k damage and 2.6k
    spotting I will destroy the fucking world!! Can’t remember the xp….

  28. Harry van de Sunweb

    I LOVE wot but im not a good player, guess i have no chance… THANKS 

  29. You all need to stop hating in QB as he didn’t pick the prizes and moreover
    I do not believe that he chose how to run the competition. WG probably said
    if you want to when you reach 200k we can give you these three prizes, in
    return you will run this competition. What that means for WG is more
    players online and therefore gold spent, more people buying premium days
    and wasting their gold for premium rounds. Stop blaming QB for this
    competition being elitist, this is run essentially by WG and they are
    making elitist so you need the elite tanks and elite ammo some of which
    cost money and the ammo does cost money. Clearer?

  30. Why the best games? Why not something funny? Like sirfoch will it derp? Or
    trainingroom battlesraces.

  31. well that’s a pretty shitty 200k celebration only allowing some of you
    audience to partake for prizes and the rest just get pushed to the side. 🙂

  32. good luck all

  33. Well, let’s give it a try once again..

  34. Руслан Капшанов

    Поздравляю тебя с 200.000 подписчиками) Я тоже подписан на твой канал и
    смотрю видео, хоть ничего и не понимаю, но почему то всегда интересно) Еще
    раз поздравляю!!

  35. Unicum giving prizes to other unicums. Joe Average has no chance.

  36. Epic games with funny moments/situations etc. will not be rewarded?? That’s
    more entertaining than raw dmg/XP/kills, Mr. Quickybaby…

  37. Feel cheated. Had a1668 base exp game in bulldog. But is na. Lame

  38. EU only? Crap…..

  39. I was so excited for this, then you said it was only for EU accounts’ then
    I was like of well, I’m bad at wot anyways 😛

  40. Aww only EU server, thought i would have a chance

  41. Replay uploaded :D

  42. when did 9.5 came out?

  43. So NA, SEA, KR players can’t win?

  44. It’s only EU…

  45. Wow so many hater and envious people bitching about the giveaway. Im a
    subscriber from the start on and just happy to see some good and exciting
    replays! Just because you guys subscribed doesnt mean you’re entitled to
    get anything. Be glad he even does a giveaway with such awesome prices. So
    long… keep posting your awesome stuff qb!

  46. Sigh. If only i still played PC WoT. That Type 59 would be a good addition
    to my 360 garage.

  47. We the people, whom have followed you for years and supported your content
    alike, demand a fair competition!
    We the people, demand a fair trial which any man can take, no matter how
    good or bad he is, but is being ranked by his loyalty and his strenghts.

  48. Ok how do we know if its a 9.5 replay

  49. Eu only? Gg

  50. A good friend of mine sent in a 15 kill 17,000 damage Waffentrager (tier
    10) game, but not for the competition. Quicky if you didn’t already see it,
    please look for it, it would make his day if it were featured. 

  51. I’m NA, but I’m curious if you would be willing to watch through even arty
    replays during the course of your EU competition? And if so, what would
    need to happen in order for it to be considered “Entertaining” enough to be

  52. This competition sucks because i am in na and i am not good at wot.

  53. Scopetactics The Welsh

    I get some good replays but they all seem boring or not good enough to me.
    Oh well, I’ll submit my best and see what happens.

  54. Darn I’m on the north american server. Like id win anyway

  55. First, gratz for reaching 200k! 🙂 Second, the deadline is a little big
    confusing as there is no exact time given (the hour until we can still
    post). Or is the deadline midnight on the 13th/14th of Jan? Anyway, if you
    could specify it, it would be great. Thx :)

  56. so… you have do be on the EU server? damn it :(

  57. I am not even going to try because there is like so many unicums in this
    comunity which would, for example, make my 4.5k damage and 1.5k xp game in
    my T37 look like a joke. I am not even trying man! PS: Good luck to
    everyone who will try!

  58. It’s always funny how people complain about competitions being unfair for
    the mediocre players… What would be the point in competition if you don’t
    have to be better than others to win? It’s not called giveaway, lottery,
    draw, etc. Isn’t that enough to tell that you need to earn the price by
    doing something better than others? The game is same for everyone and so is
    the chance of having good battle…

  59. And of course ive deleted my replays todays morning together with a 9k DMG
    round in my e3…

  60. Wow quickybaby you suck not letting the other regions do this I got 6 kills
    with my M4 3000damage thanks a lot fag

  61. The Us servers get no love ):

  62. What if i woupd win the Fury, but i got it already? Would i get the prize
    in gold?

  63. NOOOO! No NA

  64. Thanks QB for only allowing EU players and only 9.5 update replays, i wish
    i could send you my only best replay from 9.4 but ok 

  65. Well, there goes my chance to win a type 59 :/ QQ

  66. aww only EU. sucks. had a great game for u.

  67. EU…
    I want a 59…..

  68. +QuickyBabyTV – You may want to title this to the 199,999 subscriber
    competition as I think I am going to unsubscribe now.

    I’ve been an avid follower since you started, I watch and like every video
    because I love your content. To leave out a large portion of your
    subscriber base in this contest is just asinine, it should be open to
    everyone and not just EU and if you are unable to open it up to anyone
    other than EU you really should think of another way of doing this or some
    other contest that includes everyone. It’s very unfair considering the
    amount of people that aren’t from the EU servers that support you.

    The fact that it is a contest that is really only open to high skill
    players who have the time on their hands to try and get these good games to
    submit just stinks. There are far better ways of doing this that doesn’t
    alienate a huge portion of your subscriber base. I don’t think I want to
    continue to support someone who could do this to the people that help them
    out so much.

    So thank you for all of the videos and laughs and I wish you good luck in
    the future.

    Take Care!

    PS – This is my opinion and I am free to it, I will not be back to check
    replies so please don’t bother leaving any. If your replies are negative
    then take a second and think, you spend your time supporting someone and
    every time they say they are giving back to the community they only give
    back to a select few. How would you feel about that?

  69. Gratz on the 200k QB, keep the vidz coming.

  70. Quickybaby you should get prizes for all regions. I have followed you for a
    long time and have a great replay for you, and then you said only for EU…
    Thats lame :(

  71. So much butthurt in the comments. Lel

  72. Seriously? This competition is only for maybe 5k of your veiwers that play
    super hardcore everyday and not the other 195k people, you should really
    use more time to think threw this and consider a new one that can be won by
    the most of your subs. This is not a thank you to the most of us, this is a
    slap in the face for not being good at world of tanks.

  73. AMD another Competition wehre only the Unicums can Win nice

  74. I’m russian and play on russian servers. Time to cancel subscribe?

  75. Only EU servers nice one -_- 

  76. you get hours or FREE content on this channel and u like it and u want
    more? fucking wake up m8, the world aint always fair

  77. So I assume this will just be a simple sort by xp, damage and kills? I’ve
    looked at your replays page and there must be hundreds of replays for the
    contest already. There will probably be thousands by the end of the
    contest. No way you can watch all of the entries in a reasonable amount of

  78. Hmm whelp no way to win….
    There are 2 submission with 12 frags and even more with 11(which is the
    most that i ever did…)
    Like 9 pages of submissions that beat my best, in 9.5, when it comes to
    And 6 pages of better exp. Yeah GL HF >.>

  79. sadly nothing for NA not even going to bother sending couple of mine
    replays. they were 10k damage in my 140 and is7 but sighhh

  80. So can I submit and NA replay but be given a code I can use on my eu

  81. Wish I was in the eu servers but I’m in the us ones

  82. I’m not pc savvy. I don’t know how to save replay’s or use mods, I’ve
    tried. I hit thumbs up on every video you make. I am hoping the thumbs up
    might be enough to be acknowledged at some point. I really enjoy your
    video’s if nothing else. Thank you

  83. Damnit I got my first really awesome Pools medal just a few days before the
    9.5 patch.

    God fucking fuck.

  84. Sounds like a good idea shame I have no chance of winning…

  85. I am actually going to apologise Quicky for all those commenting that this
    is not enough of a prize for 200k subs. I’m here for a short while and seen
    how good this community was… Well not any more. To you QB, good luck and
    keep on going with the vids, I actually like them. 

  86. Preferential match making EU DEV team?…. not cool.

  87. Why don’t you just buy prizes for other regions (If it’s not purshasable
    just ask them what they want). That’s what Jingles does which makes
    everybody happy. Luckly i’m playing on eu but just thinking of other great
    tankers missing out on this.

  88. how sad i was hype until quickybaby say only eu replays 

  89. i was like omg i cant wait to enter my monster replays…..Quickybaby- ”
    sorry EU only”………… :(

  90. I have never worked out how to record a replay or what software you need I
    have been playing for 2 year and am not that great a player with only 46%
    but would like to know how to do it or find out what to do ..but please
    bear in mind my pc was built in 2003 and runs xp so only send help if you
    are able to x plain to me windows xp is old 

  91. QB i don’t mean this to sound negative but your leaving out a large portion
    of your subscriber base for 200,000 people only three are getting prizes
    and those three are more than likely the best three players on the EU

    P.S i won’t be reading replies because they are more than likely negative
    and this is my *opinion* .

  92. Wow I have never seen so much rage.

  93. In the comments.

  94. Damn, right when my PC is broken.

  95. Sorry that a number of you are disappointed that this contest is EU only
    but as I stated the prizes are coming direct from WG EU community team – I
    have to supply the account names of the winners directly to them. I
    personally am very grateful for this opportunity to give away a Type 59 for
    which there is no other possible way to get – this is a unique tank for a

    I’m a little sad to see that so many are upset about a competition which is
    undoubtedly going to generate amazing replays for us all to watch.

    I think that it is far better this way than randomly choosing three people
    and providing no entertainment for everyone to enjoy.

  96. First negative i’ve ever given QB

  97. Fark EU only gg wargaming

  98. That’s just disappointing QuickyBaby. At least a third of your subscribers
    if not more are not on the Eu server and you’re telling them they can’t win
    at all, even if they get the best damage, exp or kills. It’s sad to think
    that you would deliberately exclude most of your subscribers from this
    competition. Not cool QuickyBaby, Not cool

  99. Can i also submit a premium tank replay?

  100. cmon quicky baby ive been around since 40k subs and this is how you treat
    me i am an american and i can upload my epic hellcat replay seriously that

  101. Thank you for hosting this, great idea. To bad so many give up before they
    even tried.
    Remember, we are over 200.000 subscribers, and you will maybe see 100 or so
    negative complaints.

    Only winners wins prizes, because prizes are for winners.
    To bad im not there yet, but hope I will one day. Keep playing and keep

    Tengs – Someone that learned a lot from you QB

  102. so butthurt right now!

  103. The most painful thing is that someone is going to win the price and he
    dont need that tanks couse he have about 5 prem tanks and about 10k gold.
    But we no gold players are not going to have a chance to get those rewards
    couse we are not so good as gold players. Every gold player is better then
    normal players 

  104. well I understand the terms of this competition but I don’t like that a 59
    is up for grabs and I cant even try to get that rare tank I have been
    looking for ways to find that rare tank sense I started playing the game
    this competition was a tease for me and I was disappointed that only eu
    accounts can get it but I do understand why I even have a replay I was
    going to submit too

  105. +QuickyBabyTV Do the replays need to ORIGINATE on the EU server as well?
    Or can they be from any server as long as it is a 9.5 replay? 

  106. Congratulations for 200,000 I’ve following u since about 150,000 can’t
    believe how much this channel has grown!! 

  107. aww this kinda sucks need to be EU and have 3 days really wanted that Type

  108. i know i will lose my replays aren’t good 🙁 but i really want the prize 🙁
    i will try to play hard in my acc to get a good replay i really hope i win

  109. pretty uncool Qb , how many Na server players who watch your leaving out
    in the cold , well typical , gg , 

  110. Well crap i already lost this 

  111. like always just EU :(((((

  112. To all those complaining about the contest being EU only. QB has
    specifically stated that WG EU is supplying the giveaways. They can not
    give you something on NA as WG EU and WG NA are different. Why cant QB pay
    out of his own pocket? Well why the hell should he? What makes u somehow
    entitled to something because you clicked on a button. Sure it helps QB
    out, but at the end of the day, you subscribe not to win prizes, but to
    watch his stream/videos. Nobody here donates and expects to earn a free
    Type 59 no matter the amount donated. QuickyBaby has not paid out of his
    own pocket for this giveaway and does not need to. Your reward for
    subscribing and donating are the videos and streams he puts out every week.

  113. If I have an account on the EU cluster can I still send a replay from the
    NA cluster but receive the prize on my EU account?

  114. Congrats on the 200k dude :)

  115. Dang that sucks its only for EU only 

  116. Firstly, congrats on getting 200k, you deserve it, and good luck for the

    Secondly, thanks for doing this competition. Many people do nothing at all
    for celebration videos, except for maybe a thank you video, which is
    perfectly fine as they don’t HAVE to do something, but it is great when
    people give back to their community and set some amazing prizes up for
    grabs (thanks to WG EU for this too). People don’t seem to understand this
    and just want, want, want all the time.

    I wanted to ask if these replays based on xp, damage, and kills were going
    to be based solely on the number, or situation in game as well. What I mean
    is, are you simply looking at “10 kills beats 8 kills, this replay wins” or
    will you consider “this is a mediocre player who carried a game and came
    back from a bad-looking circumstance and got 7 kills overall” to be a
    contender as well as a game submitted by a unicum who rofl-stomps loads of
    pubbies and gets 12 kills in an OP Russian tank, despite the 12 kill game
    obviously consisting of more kills than a 7 kill game, purely because the
    lower kill game was more impressive? I ask this as this way a mediocre
    player such as myself is able to get an equal chance (or at least A chance)
    of winning as a unicum does, while still providing entertaining game play.

    Once again, thanks for this opportunity and GL for the future

  117. I don’t need the prize, is it cool to post replay still?

  118. Grats on 200k, bummer on me being a US player, but still happy for your

  119. TheMinecraftHoarder

    I’ve always wanted a Type 59. Too bad I’m from ‘murica :(

  120. :/ sucks to be in the south east asian server

  121. Perhaps basing a replay on “quality” and not simple math and numbers. I
    mean, good player desision making, being johnny on the spot, battlefeel and
    exitement. Sure all this sometimes ammounts to a butrhurt of damage and xp,
    but sometimes not. Not so much that it reaches the 9-10.000dmg and 8-12
    kill games. Not for me at least and think for more aswell. Maybe sorting by
    skill level. Red, green and purple and so forth. I would have no problem
    with that, since a good game is a good game, regardless og color, its just
    the numbers that are higher….or lower…

  122. damn it… i had 2 awesome battle the other day and i didn’t have replays
    turned on Dx

  123. Prank Call And Vlogs

    Unsubed because i can’t enter

  124. FallenSuperheroWoT

    Only one entry per account or are we allowed to submit more than 1? Coz i
    can bring you around 20 epic games

  125. I hope I win with my heart break.

  126. Congrats on 2k! However im a little disappointed its only for eu. I do have
    a replay i will be sending you. Its a chaffee game where i got a mastery
    badge! Hope to see you there QB!

  127. Too bad NA east here, still love ya

  128. Dammit quicky baby, why only eu?

  129. man i had a heartbreak game in my grille last week where i got a top gun,
    over 4k damage, i got defender, high caliber, top gun, and confederate
    medals, man that was a sad loss

  130. Welp that sucks. I play on na server so therefor i had no reason to watch
    the video, therefor i just wasted 3 mins of my life, so wargaming give me 3
    mins worth of gold. Simple

  131. Love ur videod quickybaby…. but to be honest im getting a little anoyed
    with the only Eu players being able yo do most of these contest. This
    includes jingles to….. i mean a rather large portion of your subs are

  132. All NA server players just got hit in the nuts like me

  133. Racist EU WG bastards 😉 lol jk I’m just glad for ya QB and wish you all
    the best in the rest of your youtube career. Glad to be apart of this
    community and these videos have helped be a better player. To be honest
    don’t need a prize cuz I have both of those tanks anyways so it’s not too
    big of a deal. Thanks and congrats once more QB. Cya

  134. What about non EU players?

  135. Qb how bout as another prize you play in a platoon with 2 winners from the
    contest for lets say an hour I think that that would be a great prize for a
    lot of people like this comment if that should happen

  136. EU only because QB is a dick

  137. Why don’t you involve all of your Subs (those who pay your bills) and just
    pick a random 2 or 3 out of the one that are currently subscribed??? This
    would clear out any issues that you are limiting it to just EU accounts and
    it would also include those that make you your $? Just a thought.

  138. It’s cool u are doing giveaways even though being in the NA excludes me.
    Woot to QB 

  139. What if you play on the NA servers?

  140. awww its just for EU :(……

  141. cool competition I just wish I didn’t suck as much as I do to have a chance
    to win :)

  142. Geez, people are blaming QB for giving prizes only to EU players. Guys, who
    is giving the prizes is an EU team. They are perfectly right about that.
    You all are acting like a big baby without its toy. 

  143. I’m laughing at all these butt hurt babies. Boohoo you cant get something
    free. Kids today are so useless and think everyone owes them something.
    Bunch of worthless shit stains, lol.

  144. Just as well I’m not in the E.U – you couldn’t pay me to take a Fury.

  145. Although as an NA player I am sad that I am not eligible for the prize, I
    think people need to go easier on QB. If it were possible to set up the
    contest for all servers, I am sure he would have done so. It must have been
    very difficult even to set it up for one server, let alone all.

  146. I was excited till you said EU only, you know just leave out a big amount
    of your subscribers in your contest no prob, simply just disappointing. Its
    also funny how he knew a large amount of us would be disappointed, and he
    didn’t do anything about it.


  148. You could just give a gold prize or something to someone from NA server
    that wins. . . .

  149. I would have said “only for EU WoT players” in the title. But really, the
    reward for loyal subscribers is regularly watching you play, and watching
    the replays you commentate. Always a pleasure. I’m kind of amazed that some
    of your subscribers are so snarky. I wonder if Twitch would consider giving
    you a couple of free subscriptions for a month or twelve as a prize to
    people who like watching you, but don’t play WoT on an EU server. Cheers.

  150. Please DO A IS REVIEW I need to learn how to play it

  151. To all the people in the EU from a player in the NA, good luck and frag
    some tanks!

  152. Fuck you. I’m unsubscribing from your channel.. Contest open to EU only.
    What bullshit. 

  153. and there goes WG showing how bias they can be GG 

  154. Don’t even deserve 200,000 subs ffs

  155. Just a question, why do you have to log in to your website with your
    wargaming account details? While I trust you to be professional what if
    your site was hacked all those accounts could be compromised. 

  156. Fucking pretentious asshole

  157. Can’t believe the number of whingers on here… good on QB for giving
    anything away.

  158. O yeah WG EU 

  159. To bad I can’t do it 

  160. Congrats on 200K QuickyBaby!! At first I didn’t know if that was your
    subscriber count or the number of tanks you’ve nuked in WoT. Then I came to
    my senses. You’ve killed way more than that, lol. Congrats again and here’s
    to another 200K. 

  161. Only EU :(

  162. Guys, it not like he has to do this, he is going out of his why to give 6k
    gold away and the legendary type, and above all, he will have to go through
    tons of replays, and what do we do? Complain, take a moment and think, just
    a thought. 

  163. You guys realize he’s not required to give us a thing right? He could have
    just had a video saying “Hey guys! Thanks for 200k!” Is it annoying that
    only EU players can win? Sure, but he says why in the video. Stop acting
    like spoiled brats.

  164. thank you from your job QB IIIIIIII LLLLLIIIKKEEEE YOU LOL

  165. QB why you do this in 9.4 I had a 8 kill Churchill I game with 170 defence
    points but lost getting shotgunned by the arty who was the last player

  166. Playing on RU server xD …Well it’s a shame that this is only for EU. But
    I can live with that… Some of you guys are sad or feeling pushed aside
    but I think he explained that .. It’s an opportunity to give away Type 59
    in co-op with EU staff so I am not gonna hold this against him 🙂 and me
    playing on RU server ..well I guess Quicky does not have so many fans in
    these countries so RU stuff have no reason to celebrate with Quicky… but
    it’s a pitty I am not playing on EU so I can not participate anymore… And
    for those who feel like noobs with no chance to win.. Well I saw a really
    nice threat on EU forum once when I use to play on EU about this… I do
    not want to sound like a noon hater but I agree with this.. This was in
    that thread..

    Guy Nr.1
    I do not understand why others are complaining about “nooks”. We want to
    play too. I bet almost nobody from those “pro-players” can not calculate
    bridge statics or speak 6 languages..

    Guy Nr.2
    Well many we can not calculate bridge statics or speak 6 languages but we
    are not trying to do so when we can see it’s not gonna work.. I bet you too
    would not be happy about your new colleagues who can not calculate bridge
    statics properly… So I perfectly see the reason why are better players
    upset about those who have more than 5000 battles and still does not
    learned how to play.. And looking at time you spend playing I can tell you
    I would be able to learn how to calculate statics after those hours…

    (It was more than 200 hundred hours btw.)

    Well I totally agree with this guy.. I am not radical hater of newbies
    but.. I do not like them either… So maybe try to just learn from your own
    mistakes and you will be better and maybe one day you can win 🙂 cheers


  167. I wonder how many of your 200k subscribers are EU?
    pretty shitty way to treat other subscribers if you ask me…

  168. Lol 1 type 59 for someone with 200k subs. Wg EU is so great =))

  169. Hey QB it would be better to just make a lottery, like Jingles did. Right
    now only 1% of your audience has ANY chance of winning anything. It is more
    frustrating than inspiring actually.

  170. Does it have to be a Full Win game or can it be a loss or a heartbreak ?

  171. Awesome competition. Slightly surprised about the short amount of time to
    submit replays (alas I won’t be able therefore to join in the fun), but
    some nice prizes and good luck to everyone. :)

  172. Contest for gold shooters, yay! ……. Would have appreciated kind of a
    200k giveaway. This feels more like a “Elite only out of 200K” contest.

  173. Congratulations on 200k Quicky! Keep on tanking, and here is to 200k more
    subs this year!

  174. Subscribe to my youtube channel at zombieconner

  175. what no love for the asia server quicky?

  176. forget it i won’t even get close to winning this competition , im a poor
    player im trying to get better and get ore money to get more tanks but all
    i see are either tomatoes to ruin my game or unicums to steal all my glory
    in every goddamn game

  177. Other servers not being included aside, I suspect there will be a lot of
    annoyed people at the end of this, spamming the comments with “But my
    replay was far more epic than the ones you chose to win.” Random draw might
    have been better.

  178. Nice EU only. And another damage contest. And 3 prize only.

    Oh well. Why should I bother.

  179. Define “Epic game” pls ?

  180. Wargaming marketing for you. Not taking in the big picture. Don’t get mad
    at quick for something he has no control over. Anyway good luck and god
    speed quicky

  181. I can’t do it, I have school -.-

  182. You shoud extend this a little bit … maybe until 19-20 because in the
    midle of the week we can’t really play wot that much ;)

  183. Dear Quickybaby,

    I am not writing this to criticize You.

    Thank for the idea of doing a contest for reaching this nice milestone.
    Very inspired as most of the popular YT up-loaders do that as well. So you
    did get the first part right. Secondly, you did manage to get some
    sponsored prizes from WGEU which is also pretty nice. However like most of
    the other comments say, this implies two major problems:

    1. Only a part of your subscribers (who you wish to say thanks) are from
    the EU server. What that means is all the others will feel neglected and
    unappreciated. I’m not sure about the numbers but I’m pretty sure You
    wouldn’t be even close to 200k without the non-EU subscribers. Chances of
    them winning: none!
    2. Doing a replay competition that rewards high results will again exclude
    a significant part of your subscribers. Let’s face it: people watch this
    channel, hoping that someday, in some match they will do as good as you are
    in most of your games. That means You have mostly average Joe players here.
    Chances of them winning: none!

    *Another problem would be all the time it would take you to watch, select
    and edit the replays.

    Possible solutions:

    – make more contests for all players to have a chance of winning;
    – give away a larger number of prizes. They could be of smaller value. E.g.
    500 gold, tier 3 premium tank, t-shirts, mouse-pads, etc.
    – choose a mechanism that will not steal much time to designate winners.
    E.g. a random number generator site.

    I think all we subscribers want is for You to live up the reputation and
    popularity we helped You get by doing a proper contest. 

  184. Events like this make me love my type 59 even more! :-D

  185. i’m at only tier 4 and i don’t have very many good replays. :(

  186. just eu?((( i play on ru region (

  187. Tiberio Moscardelli

    Can we put not one video but more video ?

  188. JPanther II or Ferdinand ? please help me :D

  189. Fury and Type59 shitty tanks

  190. My chances at winning stands at zero

  191. Something tell me you need a tier X or be a VIII in a tier X match… :S

  192. All not playing eu server dislike this video, just to show him how many of
    us are not part of this nonsense

  193. +QuickyBabyTV Type 59 for what? for EXP/DAMAGE/KILLS? i think that exp need
    to be chosen

  194. I wont win

  195. abhirup bhattacharyya

    well,QB im am from US server , first i got SURPRISED SO MUCH and after some
    minutes of watching the video i did not notice the upsetting thing , I
    played the video 3-4 times and i heard that thing , I said
    why ?!

  196. Plz give chance for tomatoes too.. It sure,the good players will win

  197. Oh that’s a bummer. I just submitted a Radley-Walter’s game with my
    Nashorn. First one I ever got and I was the under dog in a paper tank. I
    wish I could’ve used that video…. ~Army_Preacher

  198. How do i watch s replay?

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