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  1. Uzzgub Facebeater

    Hey dude, gad to pause the vid to say many congrats to you two. Well done
    on your big day, now all you need is the pitter-patter of tiny feet in the
    background of your vids :-D

  2. I hope you are very happy together and stay together for many years to come
    congratulations and good luck with YouTube and taking care of each

  3. Nebu7ous - World of Tanks Xbox 360

    Yay you guys are married!!!! CONGRATS!

  4. Quickybaby do you wont to play Wot whit KV-1 ang T-150

  5. How much does WG pay you again ?

  6. Congrats on getting married man! 

  7. Hey Quicky, what is the story behind that sword in the background? :)

  8. Haha! Ending on a bombshell!

  9. congratz wish you 2 much luck

  10. I want QB in TopGear

  11. OMG your married ! Dude that’s fantastic

  12. my dad ust to play it a lot

  13. Congrats QB :)

  14. nice sword! :)

  15. Congratz QB and wife

  16. Congratulations Quuicky, 

  17. Christian von Essen

    good job QB =)

  18. Congratulations for married, you and PP, wish you a happy life

  19. Happy widding !

  20. nonyaefinBuisness

    Congrats on landing an angel.
    You might want to put your horns on the shelf now.

  21. QB. WOW man! Congratulations on your wedding with Peppy! That is great.
    Worlds of luck to you both.

  22. looks like someone saw angry joes last rant about nintendo :P

  23. do more PeppyPepper adventures

  24. Congratulations on your marriage mate keep up the good work 

  25. Congrats on the marriage

  26. thankyou for making videos. 

  27. congratulation from south east asia cluster….hope you and pepper happily
    ever and after….
    i.g: hariri21

  28. Congratulations on 200k! I always look forward to your videos, I’ve learned
    alot! So Thankyou for showing me how to demolish noobs on Xbox lol (I dont
    have a computer, back of trolls!) 

  29. Grab your pitchforks boys, we’re going after Wargaming!

  30. Nice sword

  31. Please help us reach 100 subs!

  32. Congratulations on your marriage QuickyBaby an for producing some very fine
    quality WOT videos, just know I am a fan an would watch videos of any game
    you play. Thank you for spreading a positive message an the work you put
    into your video productions. Wishing you a long an happy marriage….

  33. Congrats BICBOY

  34. I like to interacting with others people, especially you Q, wheathe on the
    internet or in real life, and now im planning to start a youtube channel,
    so i’d like to hear your advices, hope i can hear from you soon Q (:

  35. RemusKingOfRome5

    To SUBSTANCIALLY increase viewers, just accidently have your girlfriend
    walk naked in the background.

  36. QB your acting is hilarious!!!

  37. QB I love your gestures!

  38. Screw the car!

    GET A MOTORBIKE MAN! They’re fun as!

  39. luke kokokamishki

    hahahha been watching for a while the pitchfork comment has done me

  40. WARNING this is not a qb version of mingles with jingles…. He actually
    answer more then one question. Congrats on 200k subs qb. 

  41. Grats

  42. Mopar or no car. You obviously haven’t learn yet. None of the Japanese
    car makers or European car companies ask for bailout money cause they make
    reliable cars that work. No some plastic crappy built

  43. Yeah Nintendo still makes you tubers that up Nintendo vids pay them 60% of
    all profits, scrubs

  44. Fuck League. Play HotS. And Overwatch looks interesting.

  45. Congrats QB

  46. T54E1 is broken as fuck as well. It’s the Batmobile one tier lower and a
    bit slower.

  47. The question is this: Did you get the mutant M6? 0.o

  48. Quicky I am just going to start off by saying Sorry. I did not mean to
    start a fight on your video about WG April fools video that you made. I was
    just stating what I thought you said was wrong and somehow it has now
    turned into a fight between who’s a scumbag and who ain’t. I am no longer
    involved with that fight. I am just watching it. Now then on with this
    video. Quicky congrats and getting married ^^. Just remember the Golden
    rule man. “Happy wife, Happy life.”. Congrats on getting 200k+ Subscribers
    as well ^^. You are one of the few WOT players I have much respect for. You
    and Jingles. I don’t know many others other then on the NA server. Anyway
    keep on the good work.

  49. Congrats about your marriage QB!

  50. raul yanez cortes

    Why were you crying QB? Tell us we’re your friends.


  52. Please upload some League of Legends or Hearthstone games!!! You can make
    another channel so people who want WoT can still get it

  53. I didn’t know you had a PHD

  54. I love the “and hopefully I’ll see you soon” at the end of every video
    HAHA. love ur content quickybaby 🙂 

  55. omg i’m so happy for you and peppy! :):) you look perfect together :)

  56. QB ur the best YouTuber!!!!!!!!

  57. Yay congrats on ur marrige and ur 200k + subs wait its a little lait now

  58. You two make a lovely couple. I’m very happy for you QB.

  59. German Mob Leader Quickybaby was highly entertaining

  60. congrats on your marriage quickfingers. I hope you and peppy have a long
    and full life together…

  61. Congratulations and best of wishes to you and your better half!

  62. Wooot congrats man :)

  63. Congratulations Mr + Mrs Quickybaby

  64. omg you are gold in LOL ss4 , holy :v

  65. CreeperFace2013P

    I’m soooooo close to you in subs!!! I just need 240K more!

  66. Nice Sword you have back there!

  67. Dr QuickyBaby, what are you a doctor of?

  68. Congradulations on finding the girl of your dreams and hope you have a
    wonderful life together. Keep up the great content and I wish you all the
    success you deserve.

  69. Thank You for all these long and interesting answers. Keep doing what You
    are doing. Good luck 

  70. Congrats on your marriage! 

  71. On a sidenote, great-eat-sleep-game-repeat shirt :-)

  72. Congratulations to you and Pepper, Quicky!

  73. Was Jingles and Ik at the wedding? 

  74. I can stick my entire fist in my ass

  75. Congrats on the marriage!

  76. panagiotis sofia

    I sure like this video and i think quickybaby have to start doing more of
    those videos! it was amazing

  77. Ha ha im watching your stream on my phone and there is no adds

  78. What Headset do you use ?

  79. I bought the type 64 because of you QB good job;)

  80. Congrats QB&P

  81. What do u think about jeremy clarkson geting kicked out of top gear

  82. Congratulation to you, what a beautiful couple.

  83. someone should make him a golden STB-1 award for all his hard work on wot
    and you tube.

  84. did you invite jingles :O

  85. I guess im in the 1/3 that would watch whatever you put up 😛 

  86. World of tanks is pay to win, there is no balancing to premium ammo, its
    that simple! Apcr should do half the damage of AP, becasue its a smaller
    round with less mass, same with heat, its just a copper jet, its only doing
    minor damage…

  87. congrats on marying bro

  88. Congrats!!

  89. I think I laughed way to much at the pitchfork thing….

  90. I would love to see you talk about your PhD in a video or two. I like the
    moderation you use in playing tanks.

  91. so tanya finaly got you in her web

  92. No more Goodguys series ? 😉 congrats for ur amount of subscribers QB !

  93. Lucky guy, your wife is a cutie

  94. Now that you have your PHD do we have to call you “Dr QuickyBaby” 🙂 ?

  95. congrats Quicky and Peppy :)

  96. Really funny: I did unterstand the original question better than you’re
    palavalaber to explain the question for not native english speakers :D

  97. Congratulations on the marriage
    also i will watch your videos no matter what games you play

  98. congratz with you marriage! I’m from the NL and always watch your video’s.
    Never watched any stream at all though. Haven’t played WoT in 4 months
    because i’m more into LoL atm. But I just like to watch your vids,
    excellent analysis and just plain fun. Keep persuing what you most enjoy
    doing en keep it up with these vids. Would love to see some league gameplay
    btw so I’ll be checking out your stream!

  99. what was the phd in

  100. Good job guickybabytv ;-)

  101. I meet only assholes! And it’s them, it’s not me! I know that for a fact,
    and if you disagree then you’re an asshole too!

  102. Urgh hearthstone is really annoying, it takes so long to get all the cards
    with no money

  103. You just didn’t tell us about the wedding cuz you didn’t want us to crash

  104. Congrats on moving from Girlfriend beta to Wife 1.0. Nice upgrade.

  105. congrats dude and do you play 360 wot

  106. 412 views
    1,747 18

    how does this work?

  107. On a sidenote, you said Nintendo quickly realized their mistake….have you
    heard about their new partnership program? To put in as few words as
    possible, they haven’t learned much. Embarrassing really.

  108. I’ve had the same car for 7 years, only 50k miles on it, no plans to sell
    it. It’s a “friggen” Kia, but I get mechanics telling me it’s a nice car.
    Don’t get a new car unless your current one starts having problems. 

  109. Great video man, happy for you and your lady!

  110. GB,Do you have any info from whem the world of warships is launched?

  111. Sorry to inform you but Nintendo has still not learned their lesson. They
    just sent out another round of copyright infringements last week. Any
    Nintendo content was hit. Shame for them. Not sure how I will know about
    their products if they do not let anyone talk about it.

  112. Dutch Annihilation

    Tip for everyone: if ever another player kills you or anything else, dont
    be douchebag and rage in chat. say they did a good job ;)

  113. Hi there Quicky.
    I have often wondered what the ages of wot players are as i always tend to
    think they are all fairly young.
    I myself am in my 60’s and really love gaming.
    So could you do some kind of survey?
    I think the results may be interesting.


  114. Dang peppy looks so pretty. Congrats BTW have some fun

  115. I don’t understand anything :/ I will learn to speak English I think

  116. congratulation . Dude!

  117. happy mariage for youand peppedy…sorry for this rant but i just hope that
    world of warships doesnt get the same treatment has world of tanks gets
    from wargaming

  118. Congrats on marry!!:-)

  119. So do we call you Dr. QuickyBaby now?

  120. Congrats on getting married fella, hope you drove off in a Comet after the
    church :)

  121. Congrats to you both on your wedding, all the best for your future

  122. My little sister goes like “Ooh he is so cute”.

  123. Congratulations on your imprisonment ;)

  124. quicky, is it true what i heard yesterday? did you really curse out another
    player for something that was TOTALLY your own fault? this isnt what i
    thought you would do m8, people look up to you in the WoT community man, do
    try and keep that behaviour away from it.

  125. This MAY be a tiny bit off topic…. I love the sword in the background.
    Planning on stabbing someone?? Should we be worried?

  126. PlagueSpreader64

    She is pretty… lucky you. :P

  127. Congratulations on your marriage Quickybaby, I wish you and your new wife a
    happy future… Keep things PG though, there are young people who view this
    channel ;). Regarding that question based on Wargaming paying you for
    advertising its content. Personally, I do believe they should. For example,
    if I just so happened to stumble upon a review based on a T34 and you
    recommended purchasing it. I would most probably do so because i do believe
    you give an unbiased review on tanks, you give both negative and positive
    aspects of tanks when you do your review. Ultimately, my point is,
    Wargaming should at least give you something back for all your efforts.

  128. Congratulations you two. Enjoy a long and happy marriage!

  129. Very long answers on some of the questions, but they were good answers.

  130. Hey, qb i think you are a great person and you make great videos, could you
    once make a tutorial on how to make youtbube lets plays, i want to try it
    myself ;-), and could you do a review on the waffenträger e100, and my
    congrats for merrying peppy;-)

  131. Well I subscribed cause I go featured in the latest Type 61 replay on your
    channel in my M103. Said some pretty nice things about me and I was only
    watching ths radomly on youtube. So keep up the good work. ^^ Also I didn’t
    get the analogy at the end of the video .. what was that related to?

  132. thx for your honest answers. Ceep your awesomeness up for many other years

  133. _ The_Swarm_of_Legends _

    there is a sword behind him

  134. Congrats man, good luck to you both!

  135. Matěj Svobodník

    Great that you keep in mind not speaking english people. nice english, so I
    can understand

  136. “Go undz atzack vargming jah” XD I had a good laugh with that one.

  137. congrats QB!

  138. i will watch you even if you gonna play mario :D

  139. Marc Shackleford

    Congrats on the marriage !!!!!

  140. gz for the wedding :D

  141. i would love more content from you qb, i relly love your personality and i
    would like to see you playing more games.

  142. At the end did he describe Jingles

  143. Really enjoyed this video.. Thank you and best luck to you…

  144. jago-archie carter

    well done qb i’ve been here since about 5k subs and met you at tankfest
    last year it’s been a great pleasure being on the journey :)

  145. Hejty Skočdopole

    Congratz with getting married, best of luck in life….and WoT ofc 😉 <3

  146. U world Of tanks m8

    Jingles and ike should have been the best men lol

  147. u play LOL?

    omg i know u wont answer but if u do whats your favorite champ mine is Zed

  148. Congrats… QB

  149. The Swedish qb is real rn

  150. Maarten Engelhardt

    Great, that you did also play EVE Online. I played it for 5 years

  151. Congrats on getting married!!!

  152. Congrats mate, you guys look amazing! All the best for you two :)

  153. Youre awesome!

  154. You loot so kyout togerther and who’s that next to you in the 3 picture?

  155. MOPAR Or No Car / ABRAMS Or No Tank

    Wow thank you for picking my question

  156. tldw but still, all the best and take care – I think both of you are great
    Unfortunately I’m married to coding atm. Need to go out a bit more again I
    guess :P

  157. Congrats!!! 

  158. GRATZ

  159. Congrats <3

  160. turn off your ears now

  161. Hi QB 🙂 How should I start.. umm first of all, I would suck at world of
    tanks without you .. you have been helping me super a lot to get me into
    the game 🙂 you are awesome person and I watch your streams and content
    because I like your voice and the way you talk and act etc. I would love to
    meet you BUT if you are a 15 year old boy from Finland you really cant get
    to tank fest in the middle of the year just like that. you have also made
    my English skills better 🙂 I’ve really got into tanks and WW2 after the
    moment your content started to get on my head so thanks for that too :).
    I’m not sure do you read this, or did you even understand what I’m trying
    to say but thank you for everything and keep doing what you do 🙂 [I dont
    have any money to donate to you sorry 🙁 BUT if you actually see this
    could you please reply it would really make my day :3] and again THANK YOU

  162. Congrats to you and peppy!

  163. How long did you play eve online?

  164. congratualtions

  165. when are you playing War Thunder ground forces again???

  166. ColonelEviscerator

    Well, they’re not all assholes in WoT NA, but…I run into at least one or
    two per match. Just too much hassle to play on the weekends or when
    schoolkids are on holiday.

  167. Congratulations

  168. SebbeMC - Random Games / Tutorials

    What do u think about the E75?

  169. Echo squad gaming

    Happy marriage 

  170. twan duijmelinck

    Congrats with youre mariage QB !

  171. ‘Let’s get our pitchforks and attack Wargaming, ya!’
    Hilarious QB 😀
    Nice you two are finally married

  172. Congratulations!!

  173. Also, did you make the sword in the background or buy it? And if you bought
    it, where from?

  174. league of legends is quite a fun game. u should post a vid of a game and
    see how it does :P

  175. Congrats Quicky ;)

  176. 301

  177. I am mostly inspired by the last bit, I admire that attitude 🙂

    From a viewer in HK :D

  178. I think this guy should replace clarkson, or jingles should replace

  179. You forgot MC

  180. MarriedBaby – in the future playing WoT in his basement, hiding from peppy

  181. :O
    Maried oO =O 

  182. interesting video good work man

  183. Hurrah! For you two. Having followed this relationship since the beginning
    and all the turmoil to get her to England and being able to stay there and
    finally get married has been wonderful. So nice to see some good news out
    May the two of you do as my old hero and role model used to say; *Live
    long (together) and prosper* We (your fans and my son) love you QB. So
    nice to see the good guys win one for once!

  184. Congrats Quickybaby!

  185. could have waited 2 weeks and just made a 250k vid lol :P

  186. Congratulations on the marriage quicky 

  187. Congratulations

  188. That german sounding bit towards the end was very funny!

  189. first

  190. need more type 59’s and type 62’s 

  191. that arm waving a pitchfork miming made my day

  192. BS = Bullshit, MS= More Shit, PhD= Piled High and Deep! :)

  193. atleast QB didn’t forget

  194. congrats qb !!

  195. congratualtions QB, I just got into a relationship with my crush yesterday
    and seeing you getting married made me smile

  196. dutchmineexplorers

    Congrats Quicky!

  197. Congratulations quickybaby 

  198. Gg quickybaby a fiat punto

  199. Holy shit great news! Hope you guys have a great life together

  200. Cut sceen every 10 sec get me dizzy.
    Did you try to hide your tourette syndrome ?

  201. Holy ! Happy marriage (?) QB ! 

  202. so Quickybaby will u give away some gold?

  203. i upvoted after only 20 seconds^^ congrats QB!

  204. congrats on the wedding QB


  206. 83rd view :)

  207. now i know more about QB

  208. I hope you all enjoy this Q+A sorry it took me so long to release.

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

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