200,000 SUBSCRIBERS – Thank you…

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Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the awesome 2014 – much more coming this year 🙂

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  1. Amazing milestone, I wish you and peppy all the best, and I hope you have a
    very happy marriage.

    My question is, where is your favourite place? Anywhere. England, Belarus?
    I would love if you read this comment! Again, all the best, and I look
    forward to 2015!

  2. Thank You for the fine videos. I wish you continued success in your life!
    Thank Jingles for introducing me to you!
    Are you excited by World of Warships? Or are you just.. meh, I’ll give it a

  3. Was hoping you was gonna change the rules of your competition when I saw
    this video now. But I was wrong :/ .. I like your streams and videos, but
    why making a competiton for unicums ? Nah..

  4. Q&A: how long have you been making videos and do you still enyoy making
    content for your subs? 😀 ( btw congrats on 200k )

  5. QB, hire Ikzor to do some Q&A for your …’th subscriber videos. That
    would be hilarious :)

  6. Hehey QB thanks to you for making us these wonderful videos
    I have a question… can you describe how was your lifestyle at about 15,
    did uoy have any pircings or tatoos and if you were already playing world
    of tanks
    bye!! 🙂

  7. Hey QB!, I am very happy i found you about 2 years ago since it has first
    of all got me from an 800WN8 player to a 2,2k WN8 player. And secondly for
    the great entertainment during this time 🙂 1 question though: what happend
    to the “Good Guy” series? I liked the idea of that and it would be cool if
    you brought it back! 🙂 GL to you and Peppy!

  8. how the hell has this got 8 dislikes????

  9. What and where can I get your desktop wallpaper?

    Thanks QB!!!

  10. Question: When will you get a decent car? :P

  11. I got a question about your modpack. I wanted to ask you if you could ad a
    zoom in/out mod(2,4,8,16,32x zoom or something like that)? Keep up the good
    work. You’ve been epic and hopefully i’ll see you soon 😉 (sry for bad
    english im german)

  12. How much do you earn with this youtube and twitch stuff?

  13. what graphics card do you use? 

  14. Will you put any War thunder videos on YouTube? And armored warfare. 

  15. I got a Q, QB. I hear you say, “all you drivers…
    Etc. And my question is, out of all the tanks, what would you call your
    tank? One that matches your style and personality and would call yourself a
    driver of?

  16. Hi, Quickybaby, I love your channel! I wish I could play WoT like you. What
    is your PhD degree in?

  17. we love QB, From Middle East,, Palestine ♥

  18. What were your biggest “noob” moves in World of Tanks? 🙂 Congratz :))

  19. YEY GG i was one of the most recent 😀 Good Luck and i hope 250000 won’t
    take too long to get to

  20. Flyingspacepotato deadbambi

    1. Did u ever try to eat a banana? If yes, why did you eat that banana? The
    poor guy also has feelings.

    2. Please a moment of silence for that banana.

  21. Can you do competitions with NA server being able to participate?

  22. Has there ever been a moment in WoT when you raged so hard that you
    destroyed something?

  23. From which city in UK are u QB? :)

  24. For Q and A: What is your favorite american heavy tank? mine: M103

  25. It is nice weather out there? Yours and Jingels channels is my favourite
    channels! :D

  26. Hey MR. QB here’s a awesome question for you. What software do you use to
    edit your videos and what do you use to edit your thumbnails. Been around
    since 120K subs. Cant wait to see whats in store for this year

  27. Hey Quickybaby what part of the U.K. do you live?

  28. I am only a recent subscriber, and I guess this question have been asked
    tons of times but I was curious why do you not make War Thunder videos and
    what do you think about the game as a whole and in comparison to World of
    Tanks and maybe World of Warplanes? Sorry if this question has gone old and
    annoying for you.

  29. hey QB!
    here’s my question
    Can you reveal a part of your plan for 2k15 and give us something to look
    forward to? 

  30. +QuickyBabyTV gratz qb … I want to ask you 2 questions : 1) I’m always
    considered a noob in world of tanks and no matter what I do I just can’t
    improve my stats and that makes me so sick of this game …. Help me please
    ! What should I do ?
    2) I always wanted to make a YouTube channel for my own gaming and I want
    to ask : how can I start my channel ? Can u help me get started ? 

  31. What is your theis about? Tell us a bit about your studies.

  32. what was your thesis on about

  33. QB, I love your stream, youtube channel… and IK… you’ve inspired my to
    make my own World of Tanks content. Any tips on how to be successful with
    that? Tell Peppy I said hi o/

  34. Hey QuickyBaby i congratulate you for your 200k subs. I love looking at
    your videos and I have a question for you: How can you get better at World
    of Tanks? I don’t know what to say but I realy feal that I am not a good
    player…P. S :Sory for english mistakes…. 

  35. What are your and peppys real names?

  36. +QuickyBabyTV yeah, do you realize how successful you are?

  37. hi qb im one of your more recent followers and I love your content. don’t
    tell jingles that I like u more. I was wondering which website do you get
    your mods from? also good luck with the wedding have a nice time.

  38. Hey QB, thank you so much for your Videos and for your Streams.

    When i was starting looking Your Videos i hat 800 WN8, now i am at 1.200
    WN8 and i am going up every day. Thank you so much, you are the BEST

    So that are my questions to you:

    1. Can you Stream with peppy soon ?
    2. Does Peppy has an Facecam ?
    3.Can we play a bit Platoon soon ?

  39. What computer do you use? :-)

  40. What do think of the new Armored Warfare game that’s coming out??? 

  41. Can i win i didn’t win everything yet pls pls

  42. Keep up the good work Quicky ! soon will be 500,000 

  43. Have you a pet?


  44. Can you name all european countries by heart?

  45. nuclearsharkattack

    Congrats, Will on the 205,000 subs!! [a little late for the 200k 😉 and
    your engagement to Peppy! All the best to you both!!!!

    A question for your Q&A — are you related to the 1970s rock star Peter

  46. When will the wedding happen, and will you share the epic moment with us,
    or is that a bit to personal? 🙂 Anyway gratz on everything, the channel,
    the PhD, the engagement and the charity. 

  47. Well lets call him Doctor QuickyBaby now ;)

  48. Have you ever been in Sweden?:D

  49. Have You ever enjoyed playing artillery scumbags? If You have please answer
    for some trolls!! 😀 PS: Troll arties like BERT dont count! Only proper
    scumbag arties! ;P

  50. Depleted_Uranium235

    QB, I have been subbed to you for a hell of a long time now, from when you
    had around 50k subs, and I just want ta say a big thank you, on my and
    other old subscribers behalf, for giving us quality entertainment and
    awesome chances to make gaming a highly social activity, and thanks for
    creating and managing this awesome community that you created. Love the
    direction this channel is growing, all the best to you and Peppy in the
    future, hope you are as happy as you make us :)

  51. Subbed for No Shirt Streams, when do they come back? 😛

  52. Suomi mainittu, tortillat avataan.

  53. When are you planning the wedding

  54. Quicky, how did you manage to balance your YouTube channel with your
    studies? My wife has a Ph.D in English and the classes, writing the
    dissertation, and defending the dissertation, nearly killed her.

  55. Do you ever get frustrated so that you say something like ‘morons’,
    ‘idiots’ etc. in the chat and what do you think about this behavior?

  56. A big congratz on writing your thesis! People will never know just how hard
    it is until they sit down and try to do it ><

  57. What do you think about finland ?

  58. Martinius Biørnstad

    PLZ make a draw my life qb, big fan 

  59. QB, what do you think of armoured warfare and its approach to the tank game
    genre, especially the fact artillery is played in roughly the same way as
    WoT with a focus on AoE instead of single target damage. Do you think it
    will impact WoT playerbase, or not have a noticeable affect, similar to
    what happened with War Thunder? 

    POINTED AT FOR A MILISECOND, HOW CAN I WIN THESE?????, please cant wait to
    play it

  61. Quickybaby we love you and keep up the good work, ive been here from start
    on untill now and you still brighten my day everytime you ulpoad. Loads of
    love from Holland <3

  62. Can you give me some tips?I have 858eff.

  63. Hey QB! Congrats for this great achievement. Sorry for my bad English…
    Have you ever visited or considered to visit Croatia? Hope to see you here

    Best of luck to you and Peppy :)

  64. Whats the song at 2.04?

  65. I played in CW with QB when i was in QSF once, we lost and he raged hard on
    all of us which in turn made me lose all respect i had for him, but this
    video has made me feel like i should give him another go, if you’d ever
    wanna toon up again (I highly doubt you remember me) it could be fun.

  66. Will Jingles Ikzor and the rest of your merry band of friends be coming to
    your wedding with Peppy?

  67. Do you have a video of your proposal? And 2nd question what sport do you
    like to play when you not playing WOT?

  68. Hey QuickyBaby, I am a HUGE fan!!!! I love all of your videos! Congrats on
    getting engaged!! I encourage you to make more videos, cuz they’re Awesome.
    I love WoT and that’s why I enjoy your videos so much. 1: Where do you
    live, that accent is very unique. 2: Do you make videos for a living or do
    you have a job? 3: can you friend me on Wot?? (Username: iminatanklol) 

  69. hey SIRquickybaby. You make me become 1800 WN8 player (i had 1000 before).
    Thx for that. QUESTION: Long time ago you said that you will sneek into
    peppy’s room when she plays guitar. The question is WHEN? :D

  70. wondersofwondersful

    How many hours a day do you spend playing world of tanks? 

  71. Congratulations buddy. I always enjoy watching your appraisals of games and
    equipment. Good luck for the next 100K

  72. QB I want to thank you for one and every video that you upload, it is
    always fun to watch and it is also useful because I learn pretty much from
    your video’s, I hope that 2015 will be as much or even more then 2014.
    I wish you the best from Holland!!

  73. I love you :* and Congratulation from Romani

  74. I remember when you had 30,000 subs :)

  75. no thank you! i follow your channel since the begining and i never get
    tired of your content keep up the good work 😉
    question: what was your first videogame???

  76. how many girls you had?

  77. Quickybaby what is your favourite map in wot 

  78. your first sexual experience ??

  79. Where did you get the name “QuickyBaby” from?

  80. 2:01 song please?

  81. Damn, my only replay worth showing is from 9.4. I did 4.5k dmg in my KV-3
    with 6/7 kills( Can’t remember the exact numbers).

  82. What is your name?
    What is your quest?
    And What…

    Is your favorite color?!?!

    Monty Python references FTW!

  83. (Q)- how do you think what is the most dificult /awful tank to drive when
    it is stock

  84. Hello Quickybaby. I have been following your channel since you had 100K
    subs. And I wanted to know if you have played the centurion Mk 1. And
    what’s your opinion is on it? Thank You. -Mi2220

  85. I found the video when you showed us your house was epic and it would be
    awesome if you could give us another look around. If you do this I will cry
    in tears of happyness best and only YouTube channel that I watch accept
    jingles and the only streamer I watch but sometimes i feel like a bit of

  86. You’ve been epic too, congratulations on 200000 subs.

  87. QuickyBaby why havnt you made a review of the T-34-2? Is it so terrible it
    scare you away? =)

  88. First of all, huge gratz, you helped me improving my gaming skills a lot!
    Also I discovered Hearthstone through you, thanks for all that!
    My question:
    Do you think wargaming is still able to introduce something “new” in WoT
    because at the moment they are kinda just repeating things
    (for example the new british tanks)

  89. Hey QB for competitions why not do what the glorious Jingles does and allow
    all subs to have a fair and equal chance by entering email and info so he
    can randomly pick winners and announce it. Just an idea.

  90. Really, 14 dislikes?!

    Why you heff to be mad?!

  91. How are you doing in World of tanks Blitz?

  92. Will you go to America soon?

  93. Hey QB! I think you are a great youtuber and congrats on 200k 🙂

    I have on question 🙂

    Have you ever been to Canada and what do you think of it?

  94. Quicky, i have a question, how did you manage to have time for studying and
    playing games/twitch? Im really curious, it could help me 😉 Thanks for
    your work, its apprecieted!

  95. There’s no Peppy in this video, i’m very dissapoint.

  96. Just got twice what days and what time are the streams

  97. First, congratulations on the engagement. Best wishes. And second, do we
    have to call you Dr. Quickybaby now?

  98. Are You going to visit the Gamescom this year again?

  99. And can u do more lovers in arms? Sincerely 1-2 year subber (don’t remember
    when I subed

  100. Grats on the Engagement . 

  101. Hey QB, congratulations on 200k subs! I’d like to ask for your best
    advice/tip for getting through university/college!

  102. Will you be streaming more often and longer now that your PhD is done and
    you have so much free time?

  103. I’m one your American fans and I was wondering if you would do some kind of
    competition for NA server people, not just EU. Thanks QB love your videos.

  104. QB thank you for making better tankists!
    I have a question: Do you think you just have natural skill in WoT or that
    you are just hard worker in WoT that learnt everything possible?

  105. What is your favourite cartoon?
    Have you ever played league of legends? 

  106. How did u start playing wot 

  107. How do I qualify for the prizes?

  108. Do you have other hobbies than Gaming? 

  109. what is your job? If you have one do you enjoy it? kind regards Luke

  110. How are you do in on world of tanks blitz?

  111. On a scale of 1 to 10, what is your favourite colour in alphabet? Mines
    white with a hint of white. What yours? Give reasons for your answer
    showing that you have thought about more than one point of view.

  112. Do you think the world of warships is going to be a good game?

  113. Been down with the Baby since 85k

  114. Congrats so much on everything, that’s so great. everything!

  115. Dear QuickyBaby,

    What is your favourite ice cream flavour?

  116. will you play armored warfare?

  117. 14 people are gei

  118. Just one question…What’s up doc?

  119. Congratz on 200k! What tanks are you most excited for that are coming to
    WOT in the future?

  120. Q&A – Why is your engagement ring on the wrong finger? Someone had to ask

  121. 1.Do you plan on having kids or are you gonna be like Jingles and don’t
    spend money on wife&kids.
    3.What is your favourite food ¿
    4.Are you religious ?
    5.What is your favourite game ever it can be something like a board game.
    6.What country and what city do you live in and in the future which place
    would you want to live in ?


  122. How was high school for you?

  123. i subbed to this channel when it had 15k mainly for tank reviews
    ,congratulations on 200k and keep them armor intell comming

  124. Have you ever laid on your bathroom floor pretending you were a carrot? 

  125. Quickybaby, I love your content and I would like to know if you are
    thinking about playing WOT Xbox:360 ?

  126. How did you meet jingles, circon and there others?

  127. what headset do you use

  128. What are some regular items in your/ Peppy’s snack corner?

  129. We <3 QB !

  130. Question for QB: Do you think you will ever livestream with fans?

  131. With the changes from 2014 in the world of tanks world being for me all
    looking up with some great balances to maps and tanks what would you say is
    the next course of action for wargaming together more tank hd models/tank
    lines or more balance changes? And are you going to tankfest this year as
    well and if you are I will be seeing you there.

    Still loving the videos and if you could give my clan friend xdanny18x a
    hello and the good work he has done for QSF-L clan. 

  132. Would you lie in a court for a close/best friend if it meant saving him/her
    from sentence in prison?

  133. Are you good friends with other celebrities other than jingles, circon,
    foch or pointyhairedjedi?

  134. Beregszászi László

    what is song name in 2:02? 

  135. Where do you think you’d be right now if you hadn’t made/started a YouTube

  136. Do you find playing World of Tanks boring now considering that you have
    gotten all the tanks (except arty of course).

  137. QB, starting my own channel because you inspired me to do so, any tips?

  138. What is your PHD IN?

  139. Congrats buddy 😀 I’d just like to ask the infamous question… can you
    explain briefly what your relationship with Circon is? I’ve heard rumors
    but I imagine it’s just a clash of fan bases, nothing personal I hope 🙂
    and again, well done! 😀 😀 😀 

  140. wow 2640 views and 2590 likes lol

  141. Have you been thinking of brining maybe some other games to youtube or
    twitch more regularly than world of tanks? Could we for example see
    something like playthrough in some unknown future?

  142. Conrats on getting married

  143. I would really like to meet you, i love your videos! Greetings from Germany

  144. How did you find and started to play World of tanks?


  145. are you going to do more feed the beast minecraft 

  146. Congratulations with all the achievements. And the best is yet to come

  147. If you were in a Zombie apocolypse, and you had to go to one place, where
    would that be and why?

  148. You work outside of doing these videos, right? What do you do..?

  149. Been with you since 20k subscribers, just wanted to say congrats and thanks
    for all of the great tips, info, gameplay, and insight into this game.

  150. QB, Which tank do you enjoy more? The Walker Bulldog, or the Comet. Thanks!
    And congratulations on 200k subs!

  151. And good luck with Peppy.

  152. MinemanMC - Road to 50 subs! PvP and GFX

    +QuickyBabyTV Do you think more modern tanks should be added to WoT? (Like
    Leo 2, Abrams) And new tiers will be added for them? (Like tier 11, 12, 13,
    14, 15)

  153. Congratulations

  154. Cheers for your Wedding 

  155. shame that prizes will be for elite players only

  156. Congrats QB.

  157. QuickyBaby what is your favorite tank next to the Comet?

  158. Hey QB if you could give some pieces of advice that could help players like
    me, and others, to get better at World Of Tanks like you are?

  159. Hey QB, could you do a Tank Review on the AMX 50B or 113? 

  160. Can u ask peppy to be in the Q&A


  161. How did u get so good at WoT


  162. Love the channel, look forward everyday for a new video from you. You
    should do a new WoT Series, where you play the worst tank in each Tier (5+)
    would be highly entertaining to watch you rock the crappy tanks

  163. This is PolmaxTheDoge from QSF , and my question is why dont you give my
    E100 some love ? 🙁 Everytime we play strongholds he is sad because you
    dont like him 

  164. quickybaby how old are you

  165. What’s your favorite nation line in World of Tanks?

  166. What % are from NA & SEA? Why do we miss out on the prizes?

  167. It’s always a pleasure to settle in the for the evening and watch a Quicky

  168. Qb are you going to do more tank reviews in the future? 

  169. Can u do a video on the pz. 2 j?

  170. Quicky, I just want to say that you’re kind of an inspiration to me. I love
    your happy-go-lucky attitude and I think you’re just the most agreeable and
    fun person to watch. Congratulations on getting engaged to Peppy, you two
    are amazing together.

  171. What are your top 5 least favourite tanks?

  172. QuickyBaby, QUESTION How do you take screenshots in game of post results of
    battles??? I have had a bunch of awesome games in my AMX 50 B french tier
    10 heavy tank, This one games stands out getting 5 kills, 5K damage and 2.5
    damaged block by amor and 1K assistance. getting 75K silver NON premium!

  173. you the man

  174. Question: What does your future Bride think of you online tanking hobby?

    Follow up: Does she tank?

  175. There was no Peppy in this video. Really, the cover shot was better, with
    her in it. Of course, you ‘ll agree Everything is better with Her in it.
    ( The World Included!!!!) Thank you so much for letting us know her, even
    ever so slightly. Seriously Best wishes to you both. Good luck on the
    degree. My thesis is the degree may land you a job or several, but with
    MS P you have the basis for a great career, Hopefully a very long and happy

  176. Hey quicky baby what about players from the Xbox edition??

  177. Hey Quickybaby! First wanna say congrats on everything! Getting married,
    the sub count on both youtube and twitch. They are all really good
    achievements. Maybe if you read this my question if you would be will to go
    into it I’m not sure how open you are is, how long were you and Peppy in a
    relationship for before you proposed and how did you maintain the
    relationship while she was away. Currently I’m in a bit of one as well,
    with her being in Ireland and me in the States. I just wanted to hear your
    experience with it! Thanks and congrats

  178. 1. If you could fix one mistake you made in the past, what would it be and
    why would you fix it?
    2. Did you meanwhile try to rub yourself up in babyoil and pretend to be a
    snail? i still think its awesome. King Ik remains sceptic, but i will be
    able to convince him of the benefits someday. 

  179. Keep it up

  180. Quicky do you think I would ever be able to talk to you? : D

  181. Would you send invitations to your wedding so I can brag to my friend lol

  182. Hey Quicky, Can we have a tour of your house? I always see you in different
    places when you play.

  183. Hi quicky baby do you plan on doing world of tanks blitz videos in your
    channel also do you know anyone in your family/yourself
    That has mental problems and how did you and peppy meet and what’s her name
    first and last

  184. First of all congrats second of all please make a new tank review

  185. Quickybaby, are you able to upload the games with the RSOP guys? I wasnt
    able to attend it but i wish i could have

  186. I’m still a terrible player and I can;t find any strategy that works for me
    on any tank. What’s a good way to improve?

  187. Thank you for all your tank reviews. My questions for you is, “You say your
    a PHD graduate student. But of what? What is your field of study?”

  188. thank you quicky for the great videos and i hope you and peppy don’t get
    too stressed over the planning for the BIG day :)

  189. Well done QB & congrats on reaching the 200k mark.
    I obviously missed it, But congrats on your engagement to the lovely Peppy,
    I wish you two all the best.
    Keep up the good work with your videos. My 11 yr old daughter watches alot
    of your Minecraft videos, and she’s justt gotten into WoT (Sept last yr)
    and watches a few of your WoT videos also. You’re the only WoT video poster
    that I let her watch because of your lack of swearing (I don’t think I’ve
    herd you swear), She’s also learnt a real lot from your Minecraft videos,
    She blows me away with what she builds is such short time.
    Anyway, Keep up the good work & we’ll keep watching. 🙂

    1AR, ASIA Server.

  190. Will Frampton: QB’s Real Name

  191. Do you know one of those jokes the people laugh about how not funny they are

  192. Do you ever get scared that your poop will make too much sound when it
    splashes into the water, so you just poop in your hand and place it gently
    into the water?

  193. are you ever thought of playing WoT on the xbox 360 I saw you had one I.
    your home tour video and was just woundering if you would try it out

  194. WoT on xbox 360?

  195. Dr.QuickyBaby it hurts when I do this. What should I do?

  196. Hope u upload 2 videos each day so i can watch it.i love the video and the
    way u play wot.my gameplay now is better now thanks for your guide.learn
    from the master.haha.thank u.

  197. Hey QB & Peppy, just wanted to say that I wish you both well in your
    future, and to thank you for making all this videos, I’m sure that there is
    time you just want say, screw it I’m done with this, but you don’t because
    all of us, so yeah, a big thank you again ! The question part hmmmmh, what
    was the biggest fail you have ever done in your entire life? Take your time
    with this one hahaha 😀 Greetings from Zagreb, Croatia

    P.S. If you ever come to Zagreb, try to contact me so I can take you to the
    best ćevapi (minced meat with spices, bun, onion and kajmak) :D

  198. 2:39 lol virgin money giving? 

  199. 200,000 thumbs up to you Quick and your lovely lady also.

  200. GoofyKenny Orlando

    When have you started to play World of Tanks ?

  201. Quickybaby what’s your favorite Star Wars movie?

  202. Wait what… Alpha/beta codes for world of warships?
    Ok then can someone explain to me why people from outside the EU server can
    not get in on the competition?
    Why would it matter at all what server your account is on if they are
    handing out alpha/beta codes for a completely different game?
    The Asia server never gets any love from Quicky or Wargaming…

  203. what is the song when he says play the music ?

  204. +QuickyBabyTV Congratz! 

  205. What is your favorite aspect of World of Tanks? The Realism? Graphics? Any
    stuff like that

  206. why do you only play WOT:)

  207. Quickybaby, when was it when you realized just how big of an impact you had
    in the lives of people and the community?

    Keep up the great vids and streams and congrats!

  208. Keep up the great work! I always look forward to watching your video’s.

  209. Hey, QB, congrats! I am so curious about what your PhD thesis deals with.
    Please go a bit in-depth with the answer… maybe what new idea your paper
    has and stuff. :)

  210. I’m going to crap all over 90% of you with my contest but thank you!

  211. Do you like the t343? Because I bought one about 2 weeks ago and

    I love it

  212. QuickyBaby my question is, Have you always been such a good player at WOT
    and do you have any short tips on how to get better. 

  213. Are you going to record the wedding for us to see

  214. Make more video’s with Peppy in them and you would probably hit 300k pretty

  215. Good Job man i have Been watching your vids for a very long time and it’s
    cool to see how you progress, and a massive grats to you for reaching
    200,000 subscribers!!!

  216. Will you ever change the intro and/or ending of each video? Or are you
    still happy with it?

  217. …so…have you ever taken off all your clothes, covered your self with
    vaseline and pretended that you were a slug?

  218. What 5 tanks per tier and overall do you dislike the most, and for what

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    the QB fails/disaster games video? prove to us your are still human!

  220. Do you work ? 

  221. Have you ever played with anderzel before?

  222. well thank you Mr. Quicky baby for the opportunity to follow you and your
    YouTube channel. it seems like just yesterday you were uploading your
    videos on your tour of Belarus. (I think that’s how you spell it) 

  223. I have an interesting question (maybe more of a comment):
    I am starting my own YouTube channel featuring gameplay mostly from World
    of Tanks and War Thunder as well as a few others. I was wondering if you
    could either help get my channel noticed or maybe give me some pointers on
    how to get my channel noticed and make it successful and good options for
    streaming (interested in that too.) I hope you reply to this comment.


  224. BSM Iron (Panzer) Lawl

    If you could take one tank in the game and drive it into battle in real
    life, what tank would that be? *Barring the Comet, we know you love that
    tank so much :P*

  225. you’re going to college!!!!

  226. Type 59 isn’t rare. I got a more rare tank that it was only on sale 4 years
    ago on April 11 2011

  227. Hi QB,

    Congratulations for all of your achievements…they are all
    epic..especially your thesis and engagement!!


  228. rallienglantia

  229. Is this your last video 

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  231. Do you think with all the nerfing that has been going on that wot will
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    So they got nerffed. Then it was arty. Then Tds. Do you think it will
    continue until every tank is a pos.
    thanks. Love watching you 

  232. First is for to thanks for Quick Baby for to haves best YouTubes channel.
    Is bests for to watch is best for to comments is best for to learns is
    best for to see lots stupids player yes? YES! Is seconds for to thanks for
    to alls for read Claus for to learns for to reply for to makes comments for
    to agrees for Claus for to disagree for Claus is for to learns good? YES!
    Thirds is for to asks question! Is goods for to shows some stupids for to
    play for to watch for to haves laugh for to learns? YES! Is not always for
    have to see tier 10 heavy tank for to have lots armour for to play for
    kills 10 tiers 8 for then say looks me I so goods look me I for to be so
    strong for kills ten tanks for looks me I for to gets 10 kill for post
    reply looks me. Is ok but for not for to learns for too much. Is somes
    time is for to learns for to watch for bloopers. For to watch stupids.
    Yes? YES! Is Claus for to gives example. For watch lives stream for to
    see Quick Baby for play withs Jingle and for IK. Is Jingle is goods player
    yes but for game is distract and is for to drives Lorraine for ins water
    for to drowns for alls by self! YES! Like stupids yes but is can happen
    for even goods player. Is blooper. Is funny parts is for when Jingle die
    is for IK say Jingles looks you you for to be drown for be ins water for
    why you no for to catch for some fish for me and for Quick Baby! LOL! Is
    funny and is goods for to learns. Learns what? Learns for nots to be
    distract and for to dries water! So is sure is for Quick Baby for
    sometimes is for to make mistake likes stupids. For maybe is sometimes for
    to drives offs cliff for to die? YES! So question for Claus is for to ask
    is this. Quick Baby. For can you for to make video for have tops 10
    bloopers? Is easy? Is makes for video for haves tops 10 bloopers for
    explains why so stupids for to haves laugh. IS thens Claus for to explain
    for whats is for to learns! Is Claus is for to writes for too long so is
    for to ask question for be simple. Quick Baby for why nots make video for
    to shows tops 10 bloopers for to be funnies?

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  234. What would you do if you had a 15 kill game? Would you retire?

  235. when is baby quicky coming out ? 

  236. Is it hard for heavy tank players to learn playing medium tanks? And how do
    you learn medium tanks?

  237. What were you like when you were a teenager?sry bad stronklish

  238. Congrats on all your accomplishments and especially your upcoming
    marriage!! God bless you both and keep you well! 

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  244. QB can you do tank rewiew with T-34-2?

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    and prosperous life together :-)

  246. will you sometime play platoon with fans????

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  249. why are humans born

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  253. Marko Vidosavljevic

    What is your favorite scumbag/arty :D

  254. No problem and Thank You 🙂 

  255. Just found you at Researchgate. 😀
    Did not know that your thesis work is so close to biology. this makes us
    almost colleagues. ^^

  256. What is the title of your thesis?

  257. What do you think about “Armored Warfare” ?

  258. Great Job

  259. hi “baby” 😉 i hope you will be lay meny of vedios :)

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  264. QB congratulation for 200,000 sub. on youtube!!! Here are 2 question:
    1) Do there have any hidden data apart from track resistance?
    2) Can you think any things represent the tanks in wot XD
    For example: e25=German cockroach tog II = Bus/Hotdog

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  266. Could I play with you once?^^ I have the same name in game that here^^

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    tournaments? (like esports)
    Also do you do training session with noobs (like me lol) every once in

  268. So now that your thesis was passed, are you now Dr Quickybaby?

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    helps me and my friend a lot in the game. So here is the question for QB:
    What do you think about the Asia Cluster? I keep finding post of people
    saying how asian server player are noobs and sucks. I myself is in the asia
    cluster and want to know what do you think.

  270. Will you ever make a new intro to your videos?

  271. Have you ever visited Australia QB? If not is it because of the threat of
    our wildlife which is a hazard we live with daily, including the infamous
    drop bears, or is it because you’re afraid of being forced to try vegemite?


  272. GJ QB CONGRATULATIONS WITH THE 205K SUB AND 34.472.795 viewings 

  273. QB, I have two questions… Why do you rarely play arty?and What can you
    say about those big derp guns that fire HE shells?(KV2)

  274. QA what setup do you use? nand what program do you use to make videos? keep
    on makeing videos,theyr cool 😀 congratz!

  275. Nemanja Radisavljevic


    Hi QB I’m gonna ask you about how to play some of the tanks, so first up is
    Tiger I, VK 30.01 and tanks like T1 Heavy/M6 since they are similar?

    All the best wishes to you for hitting 200K mark!

    Lord Nexy (SRB)

  276. With the effort/reward ratio in mind, what is more worth doing for you, QB:
    streaming or making Youtube videos?

  277. Does Peppy not play WoT anymore, I have not seen a video of you and her
    playing together on the channel for a year or more. ;(
    The channel needs more Peppy, you two are just such a CUTE couple =)

  278. Hey QB,

    In what country would you like to live in (other than the UK)?


  279. that epic moment in quickys stream when he sais he doesnt deserve our

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  282. Congrats QB 🙂
    GL in 2015!

  283. QB congratulations on your 200,000 subs and i have a question how can i
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  284. And thank you QB for the mod packs!

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    difficult to understand all, but i try.
    Continue, i play better WOT since i see you’re videos!
    Thank you QB

  289. abhirup bhattacharyya

    quickybaby (AKA- quickfingers in WOT) what is your real name ? its enough
    ,now tell us 🙂 please please please.
    i hope you see this question and answer it ! 

  290. hi QB! What do you think about a suggestion that you can transfer
    money,gold,xp or tanks from acc to acc? thx

  291. How was your first kiss?

  292. Petr von Marekstein

    What’s that creepy song from RSOP video footage (when that guy got the
    kill)? :)

  293. well done boss,here’s to the next 50,000 which i’m sure wont take you
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    interesting video’s also from my point of view very informative.


    Al. ps.
    congratulations and best wishes for your big day.

  294. Have you ever been in Finland? :)

  295. Hey QB, good on your for reaching 200K, you always blow me away with your
    great content and very professional game-play and cheers to another 200,000
    more in the future. I do have 1 Question: Where did Quicky Baby come from?
    I know you may have answered many tomes before but I have not heard an
    answer. Thanks.

  296. you have to chek out armourd warefare amazing tank game

  297. Hi QB. Do you remember your biggest rage playing WOT? You seem very calm
    most of the time, however as you’ve mentioned, you’ve had to learn to stay
    calm. Do you remember what caused it or what was your reaction (swear, chat
    rage, TK 😛 )? Do you maybe even have a replay or a screenshot of a chat
    like that? 🙂 Thanks.

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