20,000,000 Wasted or Worth it? | World of Tanks Object 268 Version 5 Auction

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Object 268 V5 Auction for Credits. World of Tanks The Auction 2022 – Rare Offers for Credits, Gold and Free EXP.

And our first offer in the new Auction event is a tier destroyer Object 268 Version 5. Worth 20,000,000 credits or not? Let’s about that!

What do you think?


  1. Wow I love this video

  2. SB Prod. 🇺🇦

    i have 56mil right now should I bet ? I want to wait for a later better offer

  3. 20 million start bid…50k gold basically with the 400/1 conversion…that is over 100 euros! Bonkers. I spent credits on bulking up on consumables at discount. Not spending stupid levels of credits on a tank i wont use even though i am a bit of a collector.

    • That 400/1 conversion is kinda bullshit though. 20m is about the cost of buying every tank in a line so it’s about on par for a tier 10.

    • @toby1248 obj 789 1800 euro 100mil credit war gaming is sus

    • I’m a collector as well but that’s not a tank, it’s a milk-maid dressed as a tank.

    • @Mason De Gaulle tru

    • Buying credits with gold is a known idiotic move. Fomo does make people lose any sanity.
      I got mine for free XP and thankfully I didn’t overspend on gold as I had plenty at the time. I still have a stupid amount of free XP locked behind transition.
      So I’m hoping to buy Christmas boxes for cheap gold then wait for a 1g to 40xp and then I can transform my 3m free XP… Freee heh…

  4. I once spent 23 Mio. for the Deathstar… Wasn’t worth it. So this tank won’t be. Next!

  5. Just get the tech tree 268 for 6M and you’ll be good to go.

    • Well this one Has turret and IT is game changing fact

    • I feel like 60TP gets you closer. you trade in a worser gun, with the 60TP you get a LOT better armor and has better terrain resistance values

    • @phipschi nah driver hatch is like 250 armor. Gets penned by everything

    • @Silencer then hide it!? But how do you hide a barn like 268v5 that is made of rusty steel sheets. Ohh right you sit in a bush and watch your team winning/losing, but you dont need a turret for that kind of gameplay.

  6. Haha this madness 20 mil wtf

  7. They try milk every cent from players …what was the last tank ? That u can bid blueprint gold silver etc !! 😂

  8. wasted.. because tier 10 is nothing but a torture chamber in today’s wot

  9. 20 mil credits start… KEKW
    Also…how can you run out of pixels ? Why 15000 only ? why not 100k ?! why not 1 million

    • Limited numbers to create artificial demand due to FOMO. If you can get it anywhere, any time, it’s not special enough and they probably couldn’t charge as much.

    • It wouldn’t be much of an auction if you had 1 milion tanks for bidding. All of them would go for the minimal bid. It is for credits, so it doesn’t force you to take out your wallet. Why would you mind?

    • thats a load of bullcrap, just put price 20 mil and sell a tank or whatever, artificial scarse is just scare tactics for collectors

  10. Denied 🤣

  11. 20 mil .. hmm is a bit much dont u think xD how can normal players get something like this

  12. For anyone reading the comments, let me inform you now: The Object 268 Version V is terrible. One, it gets auto penned but it’s own gun with AP shells. Two, the mobility isn’t that much better than the actual Object 268. Three, the gun handling isn’t ‘good’, it’s not even comparable to the Object 268’s gun handling. Upside? A rotatable turret made of paper. Not thin enough for HE to penetrate, but thin enough for even Tier 10 lights to pen with standard shells. They could’ve made the gun’s base stats better than the normal 268’s gun to at least make up for the garbage armour and sub-par mobility. It’s a waste of credits, don’t waste your money.

    • Yuh, when I checked out the armour I was like “well now I know how to easily deal with it and _hard pass_ on super inflated milk-maid price”

    • Yeah I got it from last time with free exp because I had over 1 million(3 years with out spending it) and it’s different, you can have fun but is not a “true” tier 10, really hard have good games. Should have more acuraccy and armor at least

    • Holy shit it gets damaged by 303mm of pen and can’t play hulldown? Thats so 2012, this thing sucks, don’t buy it guys, wait for the t8 premium heavy with 300mm hull armor.

      But really guys it sucks don’t buy it, it has to be a premium tank to be somewhat worth 20mio credits, but its not.

  13. Not worth 20 million

  14. lmao I spent 350k free exp on mine hahahaeheehhhh… T.T

  15. title: exactly what I was thinking about…

  16. if i where in your feet not being able to get it before… try it now… 10k people already have it, which where the 10k people willing to give the most on it !!!


    *I’m honestly impressed by the time and effort you put into these videos, Keep it up!*

  18. imo worse E4

  19. Hi, how to get the “DezGamez” camo style??? Please help/ guide. Thanks in advance.

    • these are from a limited time event. you can’t get them unless the event is comming again with dez as a team.

    • hi! I’m from asia server i got the skill and dez camo, just check from time to time the in-game store or prem shop, i got lucky to check it out last time, worth all the gold 😎✨

  20. shit armour interesting gun on a turret. overall no, it’s not worth too much.

  21. i can only smell the greed from wargaming. they better focus on balance the game especially T10 regular tanks. happy player, long live the game.

  22. For death star i will pay for

  23. Totally not worth it

  24. no no no no push

  25. 😏 see you in the battlefield with my 114 sp2

  26. Look at Skills Video 👍🏼

  27. I paid 15 Million for the Russian tier 8 kirovets i yelled even two 10 tanks to afford it and i regret it every day

  28. 10 million I’d buy it, not 20

  29. Lol, and idiots still paying this for it.

  30. it’s apiece of shit. Typical WG stategy, ripping the players off as usual. FUCK em!

  31. Trash thanks killed as you rush it after it fires reload too long

  32. So, first offer is an already exsiting tank, Object 268 V5 which was first released in another auction…
    Long story short, this tank is definitely not special enough to justify 20,000,000 price tag and can be skipped… If you have 200+ mln credits and nothing to do with them, go for it. 🙂
    All in all, average at the best, definitely not something for new players.

    • well it depends. I believe the strength of this tank is very good camo, so if you’re playstyle is camping TD, this one might be special because of the camo values which you can enhance to make it special.

  33. I have over 35 million credits and I wouldn’t spend more than 5 on this thing

    • I don’t know if I’d even buy it from the “collector tree” for 5m, maybe if I’ve bought almost every other tank first…

  34. Interesting reading the comments about this tank on pc. This tank is stupid op on console. I know im console peasant

  35. I got all low roll damage every round every game if it penned WOT hates me

  36. I love the T110E4 so I’d probably love this vehicle too, but do I have that many credits? absolutely not

  37. Yeah I got it last time and I actually really enjoyed it

    • I got it also but is not competitive, if you catch a good team/aggressive team you are done, small maps when you have to show yourself to shit you get auto pen… It’s diferente sure, but I prefer sp2 (ranked td) offers better gun

  38. obj 780 if that comes is better

  39. Very surprised to see WG trying to sell players a TD that is clearly subpar to the tech tree Obj268v4… for 20m credits minimum!!! 🥴

  40. Met that tank the other day. Udes 15/16 firing HEAT at the pole “weakspot” and it was either armor not penetrated or ricochet for 6 shots. So IDK russia bias is a soft armor buff.

  41. 7:40 Nope, that camo was sold for gold but you could get one for free in that brawl mode, the whole thing was just another cash grab with your name/alias slaped on it.

  42. 268 v 4 is way better. I’m skipping this just like last year, I’m saving for the CS63 as well. Ridiculous prices.

  43. Obj. 268 v5 – Not Worth.

  44. gotta ask yourselves first before getting any of it, is WoT still worth it? lmao

  45. here we go again, WG scams are back.

  46. I woke up early on NA for this garbage tier 10. Oh well at least I can save the silver for something else

  47. how much should i bid on it?

  48. I picked it during the under the hammer event. It’s one of my favorite T10 TD’s. I’m happy I got it last time for free xp because I wouldn’t be spending 20mil for it.

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