20/09/2015 Q&A

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Source: Rita Sobral

Here it is:

– Apparently Wargaming recently acquired a Sentinel tank in the US and are returning it to Australia after restoration;
– According to product manager Maksim Chuvalov, WoT has not reached its peak of popularity yet;
– The total number of players registered in Wargaming products on all platforms together is 150 million;
– Next branch will be Czechoslovakia, there will also be a “Škoda factory” map, Berlin map and Studyanki map (Polish map from the movie Four Tankmen and a Dog);
– The December patch will feature a complete overhaul of the game that will concern all players;
– WG is developing two new maps that will bring unusual and previously unseen environment and elements;
– According to Maksim Chuvalov, WoWs will be a successful game – even now the player increase is akin to the one of WoT, although they don’t expect it to reach the level of success of WoT.

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