200MM KRUPP STEEL BEAST – Porsche Tiger (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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200MM KRUPP STEEL BEAST – ( Gameplay)


  1. my t29 still one shots it… Lol

  2. What I want to see phly is you and baron playing one more time like old times

  3. A real life Tiger Porche would have catched on fire before even leaving the garage…

  4. make the russian great again take out the t34 1942 FOR HISTORICAL REASONS

  5. What other tanks would you say feel like a heavy tank like how you describe the Porsche Tiger? I play mediums and tank destroyers almost exclusively since every heavy I try just feels like a waste of time.

  6. bro…a regular tiger still better u can angle it and boom ur protected as good as the tiger P remember any tank could be destroyed even a maus with a 50cal.

  7. german tanks got so nerfed when they added the pay to win bullshit IS-6

  8. Do a custom battle where bombers try to gun down low tier open top vehicles or low armoured tanks with their turrets.
    Attempt # ilostcount

  9. i enjoyed this video

  10. funny when they call Tiger Porche a tiger when this crazy shit has thick armor

  11. Christian McGarry

    Did anyone else notice Phly forgot to take out the plane with the tiger? He was supposed to take the Do335 with it

  12. An M2A4 matched with tanks like the Porsche Tiger??? That don’t make no sense, lol.


  14. You must be the best history teacher ever!

  15. Kill all tigers

  16. American T34

  17. Ali Goesrawrloloool

    is 7 confirmed

  18. Ali Goesrawrloloool

    t28 tier 2 medium and tiger h1 UHH

  19. Phly there’s is a shortage of vodka and communism amongst the other nations show them the great power and brilliance of these with the Object 268 or ISU 152 and the SU-6

  20. The reverse speed is equal to the forwards speed on the Tiger P. Same with the Ferdinand and the Maus. Why? The electric transmission. Need to go backwards? The motor just spins the other way. A normal internal combustion engine can’t just change direction on the fly (most cannot change direction period without becoming a new engine), but electric motors, yeah, they can. Most of them can. Some are too specialized.

    Also, a funny story from times long past, back in the early days of ground forces being open, after they added the Porsche Tiger, I was playing sim one day, and a Ferdinand Challenged me to a backwards race. I won, but that was because my crew was aced and his wasn’t. We both ended up topping out at the same speed though. Then we just turned and kept on going. At the same speed. Just with out armor facing the enemy this time. We ended up racking up 12 kills between us, 7 from me, 5 from him, but the racing in reverse was still pretty fun.

  21. Plz play the T-44-122 and the Tu-2S-59

  22. Try #20 Have a BR 8.0 in lineup and use a reserve tank to bring out a reserve plane to get 3 ground kills with the plane. Your pick on country.

  23. tomorrows my bday phly

  24. If this was Russian there would be some stupid fucking “radio station” behind those sloped pieces of armour blocking shells from destroying ammo.

  25. Phly the Allies have had air cover for too long. It’s time to fight back. Shilka and mig 17

  26. Taurine Clover11

    Hi phly i just wanted to let you know about a great game called fractured space plz check it out

  27. I played this tank yesterday from warbond test drive, and I was surprised because I really enjoyed destroying 4.7-6.7 tanks as they just cluelessly shot my front armour, and then after laughing cause their shot has no effect to me, I shot them back. I surprised this tank is stronger than I thought. Wish I could get this tank permanently tho.

  28. Playing the LVT is impossible now days with that damn hull break mechanic! I challenge you to play as the LVT on land against enemy tanks.

  29. 10:08 those people who always commanding “attack the D point” tho.. Why on earth gaijin put that command anyway? Never saw any map with 4 points to capture =__=

  30. What cpu and gpu are you using?

  31. Aril, The Random Guy on YouTube

    quite ugly

  32. U shouldn’t angle your armor with tiger p it’s design is just for the enemies from right in front of the tank

  33. Is this the tiger p in wot

  34. I subscribed

  35. Warmthe Awesom711

    Hay Phly try do a ho- Japanese combo

  36. Opens document.
    Dear Joseph,
    we have given you the opportunity to try out our new Ho. 229. We need your feedback and kills. Take out as many enemy planes as you can, good luck soldier. And remember Heil Hitler.
    Attempt #1.

  37. ‘Homo-Genius’

  38. For those of us who are quite new to the game, could you do a sort of beginners guide to Realistic Battles and give tips please?also, id like to see more of the Halifax please.

  39. Give me the Panther D

    I know you like the D

  40. how many times did you get killed by CAS? im going to take a shot in the dark seeing that you are germany at 5.7… So a lot?

  41. 200mm is worthless when you still get 1 shot killed from the front constantly.

  42. The porsche?

  43. i think phlydaily had a orgasm in the intro of the shot

  44. Pijus Babrauskas

    Phly, it’s derp time! Take out the Sturmpanzer II along with He-219 A-7 to the high tier. Show those damn Ruskies Germans are powerfull as well! (Attempt Number 2)

  45. SgtArsekicker PPSH41

    I hate getting uptiered to 6.7 in my Tiger H1 line out :/

  46. The first thing came to my mind when I saw this video was Girls und Panzer.

  47. @PhlyDaily Take out the FV4005 and try not to get one-shot.

  48. Commander Raptor

    does anyone have any advice pz lll j1

  49. i had 75% discount about 2 years ago for this tank and i love this thing. best tank ever!

  50. Phly do the pz IV H and for air support will send you a hs129B a.k.a the duck. For the father land!!!!!

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