2014 Cyber Tank

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  1. @DitzyDoo you mean the PL-01? that tank was a concept and never saw production, was also based on the swedes own CV90120 with its 120mm cannon, nothing special there, nonetheless i would like to see it in the game at some point

  2. @Justin Baughman excellent to know. thank you. ^~^

  3. @Ryan Molstad thank you for that. I too would like to see it come out. ^~^

  4. I havent played WT in over a year… but im wanting to get back into it. What is better SU25 OR A-10 I want a good CAS and just something to help grind out rest of those trees.

  5. Truthscaler Rodonovich

    are there any Martian? tanks

  6. seeing this dude hit shots while i cant even see my enemies before i die makes me wanna do the funny rope thing

  7. Another low tear video recomendation on the American F2A-3 or Swedish clone. It’s amazing. One of the best low their fighters.

  8. Day 488: Phly, I challenge you to the conphusing aerial smokescreen challenge. Destroy three enemy aircrapht with smoke shells in a single game. Good luck. o7

  9. 0:30 phly you’ve been playing this game for like a decade or something, wtf is wrong with you? I get it was an accident that you crashed into him but let people play at their own pace, we’re not all premium members and golden eagle buyers. That guys fine where he is, in fact hes pushed past the objective to situate himself against the enemy

  10. Day 2: Asking Phly to revisit the XA-38 premium for America. It was knocked down to 3.7 and it completely dominates the tier. A 75mm with 4 500lb bombs in 3 drops. B-29 engines to get out fast and turrets with 360 degree coverage. Please try it out.

  11. Hey Phly can you play the CCV or the CCRV?

  12. Geovani Zuanazzi

    Phly, I miss you Phlying CAS

  13. Tormented Penguin

    Love how the guy screams about camping.. HALFWAY TO B!!! he was so far out of his spawn, he might as well changed teams!

  14. Did phlys turret ranging auto change when he range found his first enemy?

  15. Militarum Tempestus Scion

    Phly daddy can we plz get a Me 410 video?

    DAY 2

  17. aaahhhh cv camping???? Phyl should have said: ahhhhh noskillz in a tank gotta geta a plane to geta tank kill i seeee

  18. Hey just play played a game with you I’m a dork but I was the guy in the bkan 1c you were in the t29 we were teammates this was at 9:20 p.m. on may11 th 2023

  19. For people who struggle against it. You can MG the turret and kill it

  20. Plz no don’t tell em , my win rate finally going up lmao.

  21. Wheres the discord?

  22. “are you camping” and then proceeds to do the douchiest move possible; a kamikaze attack.

  23. 117-Nadhif saputra

    The fact that the video is exactly 20:14 mesmerized me

  24. The people who complain about “camping” in a tank game are the same people who complain about repair costs.

  25. He called you a camper but when You killed him he wasnt moving. The lesser man revenge bombs.

  26. Playing this tank a lot, because it’s the only Belgian Vehicle in WT.

  27. Su-25s can shrug off tank rounds. A-10s can’t survive changes in wind speed. Fair and balanced, boys… fair and balanced.

  28. It’s hilarious to me how so many players think camping is some kind of WT sin. Daphuk do you think you would do IRL? Of course it’s just a video game. But you’re playing vehicles that are designed IRL to engage targets at considerable distance. A Tiger I could routinely successfully engage T34’s and Shermans at 1500 meters and beyond. Even Pz IV’s with L43 and L48 cannons could do the same at 1000+ meters.

    I get that a lot of WT players grew up as disciples of the Leeroy Jenkins mode. There’s no WT rule that says you have to run around the battlefield like a banshee with your hair on fire going all melee crazy. That type of gameplay completely negates the whole point of the vehicles we are all playing. That type of gameplay also contributes to players dying way more than they should be. It’s a good thing you can respawn 4-5, maybe 6 times a game. Imagine how differently most of you would play ground RB if you were one and done like air RB? I GUARANTEE there would be a whole lotta campin’ going on, and less Leeroy Jenkins insanity. Players would be forced to play smarter, and the matches would be way more competitive and enjoyable.

  29. The salt must flow!

  30. Mathias Montalva

    sweden is awsome. no armour means you have to learn to play. top tier it doesnt matter, top is not fun. lol

  31. ThyUnholySinner

    Bing chillers run rampant lol

  32. Video 12 of asking for the Shenyang-F5 gameplay

  33. How can he keep shooting at 10:25 with a dead gunner, is it because the commander is still alive? Is the switch instant?? And how do I know which tanks or vehicles this happens with?

  34. What intro song?

  35. FireDrake12 Arc

    its sad that the Stryker is he same BR as this with incorrect gun depression, missing suspension, and an incorrect 7.5 second reload…

  36. Who tf is the guy who complained about camping, what is this COD XD

  37. Damn you, i bought. And i dont even play Sweden 😛

  38. Being hit with that non 50% sale hits hard for console

  39. Still never got the Merkava mk4b/m video that you said you were going to release. The thunderbolt ruined everything.

  40. Tristan Olde Riekerink

    holy balls, top tier gameplay is boring af…

  41. KrafnaMLoloGaming XD

    7:25 you really cant blame that player, I have lost many battles in last few days because half of enemy team is in captured vehicles which have few steel panels just glued to the front so usual places dont work anymore
    Loosing from a pay to win is the worst

  42. Did Phly even realise he killed two with one shot on Fields Of Normandy?

  43. Day 1 of asking Phly to play the SPS K

  44. Wait till that guy realizes that entrenching is a thing

  45. Of course the video is 20:14 minutes long

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