2016 for World of Tanks(no gameplay)

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  1. I am not a XVM sniper, I use it because I want to have the “G mode” with my
    arties and also I want to see how good my team is and adjust my playstyle.
    I can see who I can trust in a tight situation and I can see if someone is
    just a bot that can be used only as a meat shield.

  2. Damian “Samson” Borson

    Didn’t know there is a borderless window, fucking atleast i can switch
    between screens with less problems and flickering.

  3. my Lowe does not suck as badly, now they need to give the T34 some love

  4. retarded company….how can people dump money into this is beyond me

  5. If Foch says, that 2016 wasn’t “that bad” for WoT, it means, that 2016 was
    fucking amazing. He’s never gonna give you a better compliment :D.

  6. I played a lot of WoT this year. Then the premium power creep and the
    re-release of the e25 kinda just killed all motivation to log in.

  7. All those fuckin changes and the only thing people were clamouring for was
    better match making mechanic and we STILL don’t have it…yeah I know they
    say they will change it soon but remember they say a lot of things they
    don’t actually do


  9. Nice vid Foch. Happy New Year!

  10. Foch, put your face into to the videos!

  11. Happy new year tankistas

  12. till now i have only played twice on paris in random battles

  13. Pointless foul-mouthed rant.

  14. HMC? Have Moist Cunt maybe? ?

  15. Get hyped for WoT E-Sports in 2017 BOIS!!! 25% RNG never get’s boring :D

  16. Happy New Year Foch!

  17. Jacob Tan Jing Hong

    as a clan player, the Kranvagn will almost never be used in CW unless it’s
    maps where Hull down is super useful such as Himmesdoff (idk how to spell)
    to hold the hill. in other cases, Kranvagn is too slow and shitty compared
    to the T110OP5 or an autoloader like the AMX50B. Kranvagn can only do 1
    thing and that’s Hull down which already is pretty bad coz it lacks
    versatility and that’s its main problem

  18. xvm sniping cunt? 80% of them spam gold even into lights. Purple rating is
    more like sticker ‘beware, idiot incoming’. One must get rid of taht shit
    as soon as possible

  19. Happy New Year Sir Foch and warm wishes from Chicago! Love your content and
    salty commentary. Keep ’em coming in 2017 and beyond!!

  20. Fake russkie dev ‘physics’ is….different….from, you know, real physics
    because Stalin’s mustache > all.

  21. Generalissimo Sambo

    2016: Lies and Premium Rental spam.

  22. Could you do this for 2017 too as a preview? Your thoughts about the wg
    plans for next year

  23. The introduction of these OP tanks (namely the Patriot and Liberte, then
    the swedes) made me quit. Got tired of these levels of powercreep,
    especially for premium tanks. It just feels like they’re getting to a point
    where making novel-feeling premiums is too difficult to do, and now they’re
    resorting to making OP premiums so that people will buy them.
    Oh yeah and the jokes that are the Black Friday premiums. That’s just
    I still watch tank videos, and I might still play occasionally, but they
    went and pushed their luck too far with me.

  24. I heard Foch’s complainings about the T110E5, just read WG Wiki and Cons of
    E5 wait weak side and rear( who is showing an unangled side to anyone or
    rear) and Bad speed backwards wait Maus/E100/Type 5/IS7/ T57/ Kranvagen all
    worse Speed backwards Wtf is WG doing!

  25. Happy New Year Foch !
    And you are a piece of shit for not making more youtube videos !

  26. So, is WOT solo still frustrating as before? AFK for a couple of years…

  27. Tier 17 arty the schwerer gustav. lol.

  28. I still dont get what is your beef with the IS-6, with the introduction of
    amx liberte and the new american tier 8 E5 it is totally useless, and even
    before that, okay when you meet tier seven you will have fun, but when you
    meet tanks like E-75, VK B or STI you are totally useless and just wasting
    your time, and even on tier 8 it is way worse than is-3A

  29. So I get it you don’t like sniping and strategy. Why not just play call of

  30. Whats with all the hate towards climbing anyways? It adds something unique
    to Light Tanks but then WG removes LT-only climbs like F6 on Mines but they
    keep E9 on Sacred Valley which is accessible by EVERY SINGLE TANK in WoT.
    Honestly, it feels people are just salty because they can’t do the only
    consistent mechanic in WoT. Idk if people realize but climbing is the only
    thing in WoT that doesn’t involve any RNG at all and people want it removed

  31. Kinda don’t get that is6 rant as 112 is so much better now. Also, is6 armor
    is pure rng, one game it’s immune to tank destroyers driving backwards and
    other game tomato IS snapshots you with AP over and over again penning
    every shot. Oh, didn’t mention how hard it sucks once it sees
    Patriot/Liberte. If you can’t hit Liberte’s cupola you’re dead, gold won’t
    help, unlike 112 heat. (e5 flashback intensifies)

  32. Happy new year foch!

  33. Still no gun smoke.

  34. I don’t use XVM either, but now you got me wondering… Why do you
    associate it with sniping?

  35. Cyka-51 :3

  36. Thx Foch…. thx for bitching through 2016 – can’t wait for a new year when
    WG and other brainless players gets fucked up by the Foch ??

    Keep em up in 2017

    Are you going to talk about WG 2017 schedule? I’m skeptical as hell, but
    lately, they improved their game and listened to the pleb, so there’s

  38. happy new year to the man thx for telling it like it is always stay classy
    sir foch

  39. This video was boring as fuck bro.

  40. Bada Bing Bada Boom

    heisenberg, you retard!

  41. I’m hyped for the t10 lights in 2017, plus also for the T92 light so the
    American tech tree can FINALLY have a light tank crew trainer. (and that’s
    why the T92 shitcliker got renamed to the T92 HMC aka. the T92 i Have a
    sMall Cock)

  42. You said no gameplay but the intro had tanks playing. Aka i have ticked you
    off just a little more, have a nice day Foch thanks for the vid!

  43. 8th

  44. Bada Bing Bada Boom

    In 2017 they will remove arty/SPG from the game, or they will continue
    losing players.

  45. what is xvm sniping ?

  46. canagoran (Cane61)

    Mumbling? ha..you have to hear my english.
    Chears.Hapy New Year!

  47. pullstringgoboom0811

    the moment when an IS6 can’t pen another IS6’s lower plate with a gold
    round. Kappa Kappa you lose.

  48. i commented first

  49. You should do videos like that more regularly. I mean videos where you
    review stuff that has changed, stuff that will change and so on.

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