2019 Funny Moments Fails & Wins

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Source: PhlyDaily

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  1. Sorry for the DELAY non more copyright strikes so we are doing this!!!!!! Here is to a WONDERFUL 2020 o7o7o7o7

  2. 12:51 what is that game

  3. The poor BT-7, I started Pekokekking.

  4. Were those in game sounds 3:15 ?

  5. What’s the game around the 13:00 mark??

  6. RIP MAUS o7

  7. What an incredible amount of audio and video work. Great job!

  8. Benjamin Montgomery


  9. We want more of these 😂

  10. what has phly done to warthunder

  11. 1:18 that add was so well timed i would have watched 5 in a row

  12. branimir CLASSIFIED

    Man i really miss the “the missile knows where it is by calculating where it isnt” song, that gave me goosebumps when the beat fit perfectly to the lyrics

  13. Communcapitalfascist

    At least it’s here

  14. Poor Mouse :'( uehh hehehehe XD

  15. 7:00 that is so nice Phly!

  16. Do something more like Dunkirk.

  17. Thecc

  18. Have a great 2020 yourself <3

  19. Hmmm not late. Just not early

  20. Dita: oooooooooooooook

  21. Who am I again? Hmm Ok

    17:41 Tanks in naval battles CONFIRMED.

  22. is 20:20 Ace Combat music? Can someone tell me what it’s from?

  23. 1:40 song??

  24. funny as fuck hahahahehehehe good work hehehe

  25. No joke the moment of silence for the Maus made me shed a tear :/

  26. 1:09 I think that it´s me LOL, MicrosoftSamCZ

  27. This guy should make WT memes officially 😂

  28. This was hilarious to watch. Also I now know what Phly looks like, and I am surprised; I pictured a scrawny frat boi, and instead I saw a jock.

    Is WT worth getting back into right now? I played it a little a bit after they had introduced ground vehicles but haven’t touched it since then.

  29. what’s the submarine game at 10:20 ?

  30. TheBlueEyedGamer Wingnut

    oh dear fuck!!!! i forgot about the phly voice pack. AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    Please do that again. make a new one. it still makes me laugh to my core!

  31. Best of those Funny & Fails moments videos that I’ve seen for a very LOOONG time xD.

    Gj Phly xD

  32. Whats rhe gamd name in minute 12:16

  33. Most funny compilaton ever 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  34. whats the game at 11:58?

  35. I have thoroughly enjoyed this during the download of viking fury

  36. 12:00 whats this game called guys?

  37. 7:51
    *Squire has joined the battle*
    *Tea has left the chat*
    “Shit! He drank all the tea”
    Squire: “Yes, yes,yes ,yeeeaeaaasss, yees, yeeaas”

  38. Arthur Glovchynski

    what’s the song from 20:27?

  39. Are you calculating your missle hits with metric?

  40. Please play Armored Wardare it’s not dead it has actually got updates

  41. A person That Does Stuff.

    It’s so annoying when he’s making sound effects so hilarious at the same time! LMAO!!!

  42. 13:11

    …..the chills have returned….

  43. fu** i cried when i saw the memories of the maus 🙁

  44. 2019 was just great👌

  45. The magic schoolbus brought back so many memories

  46. hypergameous suka

    I don’t know if I ‘m happier for the compilation itself or the 2K upload quality 😀

  47. when phly plays the really loud music i almost laugh almost harder almost every time

  48. 20:26 – *F [*]*

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